TAHITI (Kingdom)

TITLE: Ari'irahi (HM King or Queen)
ANNEXATION: 29th June 1880
STATE: Tahiti RELIGION: Catholic

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Le titre de Chef de la famille royale de Tahiti est sujet à controverse notamment depuis le milieu du XXè siècle. Transmis au fils unique du prince Tuavira, dernier fils de la reine Pomare IV, les descendants de ce dernier se disputent la succession au trône. (Source: French wikipedia)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The numerous districts of the island of Otaheiti (called Tahiti by the Europeans), each ruled by an ari'i, most descended from partly legendary rulers of the whole island, came under the loose leadership of an ari'i rahi (called king by the Europeans) in 1791, it became a French protectorate in 1842, the Queen assumed the style of Queen of the Society Islands and their Dependencies in 1847, annexed by France in 1880. Rulers were...
  • Ari'i Tutaha, Chief of Arue and Pare, born about 1680, married and had issue.
    • Ari'i Ta'aroa Manahune, Chief of Arue and Pare, born about 1705, married and had issue. He died before 1767.
      • Ari'i Tuniueaia Teu, Chief of Arue and Pare, born about 1728, married (amongst others), Ari'i Tetupaia, and had issue. He died 1802/1803.
        • Ari'i Teari'i navahoro, born about 1749, married Ari'i Teri'irere, Chief of Papara. She died before 1789 (or 1805)
        • Ari'i Ari'ipaia Vahine, born about 1750, died after 1790.
        • Ari'i Vaira'atoa Tu Pomare I (qv)
        • Ari'i name unknown, she died young.
        • Ari'i Ari'paia, born about 1758, married Ari'i vahine Matua, born about 1762. He died 1796/1797.
        • Ari'i Vaetau, born about 1763.
        • Ari'i Au'o, born about 1768, married Ari'i Mahau. He died 1808.
        • Ari'i Tapau III, born about 1770.
      • Ari'i Mauaro'a, died 1792.
      • Ari'i Tefanamua
    • Ari'i Tutaha, born about 1708, died 1773.

  • Ari'i rahi Vaira'atoa Tu POMARE I, 1st King of Tahiti 1791/1803 and High Chief of Porionu'u (Arue and Pare) 1802/1803, born 1745/1752, married Ari'i Itia Tetuanui Reia'iterai, died 16th January 1814, daughter of Ari'i Teihotu, and his wife, Ari'i Vavea Tetuanui, and had issue. He died 3rd September 1803.
    • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Teri'inavahoro'a, died of tuberculosis in 1792.
    • Ari'i rahi Tunuieaiteatua Pomare II (qv)
    • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Teri'inavahoro'a i Taiarapu, died 19th June 1803.
    • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Tehama'itua
  • Ari'i rahi Tunuieaiteatua POMARE II, 2nd King of Tahiti 1791/1821, born 1774 (#1), baptized 18th May 1819, married 1stly, Ari'i Tetua, died 1806, daughter of Ari'i Auau, and his wife, Ari'i Teri'itapunui, married 2ndly, 1807, Ari'i Terano II, born about 1791, daughter of Ari'i Mahau, married 3rdly, Ari'i rahi Teri'ito'itera'i Teri'imoimoi Teravahine, born about 1792, died 1867, daughter of Ari'i rahi Tamatoa IV, High Chief of Raiatea and Taha'a, and his wife, Ari'i Turai'ari'i Tetua vahine, married 4thly, 1811, Ari'i Teri'itaria II Ari'ipaia vahine, born 1790, died 1858 in Pape'ete, Regent of Tahiti and Queen of Huahine, daughter of Ari'i rahi Tamatoa IV, High Chief of Ra'iatea and Taha'a, and his wife, Ari'i Turai'ari'i, and had issue. He died 7th December 1821.
    • Ari'i rahi 'Aimata Pomare IV (by Terito'otera'i) (qv)
    • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Teinati (by Teri'itaria II), born 1817, died 1819.
    • Ari'i rahi Teri'i tari'a Pomare III (by Teri'itaria II) (qv)
  • Ari'i rahi Teri'itari'a POMARE III, 3rd King of Tahiti 1821/1827, born 1819, died 11th January 1827.
  • Ari'i rahi 'Aimata
                        Pomare IV, Queen of TahitiAri'i rahi 'Aimata Pomare IV, 4th Queen of Tahiti 1827/1877, born 28th February 1813, married 1stly, in Decmber 1827 (div. 1829), Ari'i rahi Tapoa II, High Chief of Bora Bora, married 2ndly, 3rd December 1832 in Pirae, Ari'i Ari'ifa'a'ite Tenania a Hiro, born 10th January 1820 in Huahine, died 6th August 1883 in Fa'a, and had issue, all by the second husband. She died 17th September 1877 (#1).
    • Ari'i (HRH Crown Prince) Ari'iaue, born 12th August 1838 in Motu'uta, Crown Prince of Tahiti, died unmarried on 13th May 1855.
    • Ari'i rahi Ari'i aue Pomare V [Teri'itaria Teratane] (qv)
    • Ari'i rahi Teari'imaevarua II, Queen of Bora Bora.
    • Ari'i rahi Tamatoa V, King of Raiatea and Taha'a.
    • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Punuari'i Teri'itapunui, born 20th May 1846 in Ra'iatea, Chief of Afa'ahiti from birth, he served as President of the Tahitian High Court (To'ohitu), and as such was one of the notables who countersigned on 29th June 1880, the Act of Cession of Tahiti to the French Republic; married 1stly, in July 1869, Ari'i Teri'inavahaiva, born 1850, died 7th December 1918 in Pape'ete, daughter of Ari'i Tera'imano a Mai, and his wife, Ari'i Ahu'ura Mano vahine, married 2ndly, in June 1872, Ari'i Teri'inavahoroa a Ma'i (#5), and had issue, two daughters. He died 17th September 1888 in Pape'ete.
      • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Teri'inavahoro'a Pomare, born 15th April 1873 in Pare, died 12th April 1874 in Pare.
      • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Tuaraenuiatera Pomare, born 13th April 1883 in Arue, died 5th September 1883 in Pare.
      • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Edith Marie Pomare, born 3rd February 1882 in Eimeo, engaged on 8th December 1898 (#2) in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, to HM King George II of Tonga. She died 1899 without being crowned Queen Consort of Tonga.
    • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Teri'itua Tuavira Joinville Pomare, Ari'i of Hitia'a, born 17th December 1847 in Pape'ete, at his birth, he was adopted by Ari'i Teri'itua, Cheifess of Hitia'a, who had no children, and on her death he succeeded to Hitia'a and additionally assumed her name; at the request of his mother and by agreement of the French Governor, he was sent to France and educated there from 1862 to 1865, where he became fluent in the French language and knowledgeable in Tahitian affairs; married (morgantically) 17th June 1868 in Pape'ete, HRH Princess Isabelle Vahinetua (née Shaw), Ari'i of Arue, born 19th December 1850 in Mo'orea, died 4th December 1918 in Arue, daughter of William Shaw, and his wife, Teina Tohi, had issue. He died 9th April 1875 in Pape'ete.
      • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Teri'ihinoi'atuaiteraimateata Pomare, Crown Prince of Tahiti and Head of the Royal Family of Tahiti 1891/1916, born 2nd August 1869 in Arue, married 1stly, 9th January 1884 in Bora Bora (div.1887), Ari'i rahi Teri'imaevarua II, Queen of Bora Bora, married 2ndly, 1892, Katu, married (a), Peaumatari'i Tuheiava, born 1878, died 1921, married (b), Ruta Ahu'ura Avae, married (c), Tetumarere Tuheiava, born 1881, and had issue. He died 28th May 1916 in Arue.
        • HRH Princess Teri'iatua Pomare (by Teri'imaevarua II), born 4th December 1884 in Pare, died 8th December 1884 in Pare.
        • Prince Ari'iaue Tevahitua Pomare (by Katu), born 1893, died 1894.
        • Princess Teri'itehamaiatua Tetuanui Tarahoi Moearu Patutoa Pomare (by Katu), born 13th November 1896 in Pape'ete, married 7th March 1914 in Arue, William Isaia Cowan, born 15th April 1893 in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, died 22nd October 1957, and had issue. She died 14th February 1939.
        • Prince Ari'ipaea Tetupuiariki Pomare (by Ruta), born 1st February 1898 in Pape'ete, married 11th October 1919 in Mataiea, Louise Moeari'i Haerera'aroa-Temari'i, born 6th August 1900, died February 1965 in Tahiti. He died July 1946.
          • Lolita Denise Pomare, born 1919, married and had issue, a daughter. She died 2004.
            • Yvannah Lolita Tetuanui Marereva Pomare, candidate in the municipal elections at Pirae in 2008.
          • Marie Louise Henriette Elvina Pomare, married 1stly, Anthelme Joseph Lucien Buillard, married 2ndly, Maurice Boucard, and had issue.
          • Degironde Marcel Pomare, married Noeline Alva Teheiura Johnston, and had issue.
            • Joinville Pomare, born 1953, he is apparently the son of Noeline by an earlier union and was adopted by her second husband, Degironde Pomare; on 28th May 2009, he was proclaimed King of Tahiti under the name of Pomare XI, which provoked unfavourable reactions from other members of his family and the polynesian population; married Zoë Taerea.
            • Wilfrid Marama Toi'ifenuaura Pomare, elected in the municipal elections at Pirae in 2008.
            • Andrée Pomare
            • Maud Pomare
          • Roselyne Eugenie Moe Pomare, born 26th November 1925 in Pirae.
          • Yolande Pomare
          • Nora Maeva Pomare
          • Ti'ia Pomare
          • Henri Pomare
          • Teri'i Hino Katua Alfred Pomare, born 27th March 1928 in Pirae, died 8th February 1952.
          • Léopold Pomare, born 1935, married Michèle Larsonneur, and has issue.
            • Stellio Pomare, born 25th May 1966, married 14th August 1999, Gabrielle Hemery, and has issue, two children.
              • Alice Pomare, born, born 20th August 2003.
              • Sylvain Pomare, born 18th August 2005.
            • Cédric Pomare, born 27th September 1971, married Anne Le Guennec, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
              • Titouan Pomare, born 19th January 2000.
              • Elouen Pomare, born 3rd February 2002.
              • Maelis Pomare, born 10th June 2006.
          • Narcisse Pomare
          • Marinella Pomare
          • Jean Claude Richard Ari'ioehautu Vaira'atoa Pomare
          • Calixte Corneille Henri Pomare, born 8th April 1932 in Pirae, Tahiti.
          • Louis Ari'iaue Pomare, born 13th April 1934 Pape'ete, married 18th July 1953, Edwige Teiefano Chebret, and had issue. He died 26th March 1965 in Tahiti (#3).
            • Marc Teari'itinorua Pomare, born 1954.
            • 'Aimata Pomare, born 1958.
            • Ivanui Pomare, born 1960.
            • Fara Hinano Pomare, born 1962.
            • Marianne Pomare, born 1963.
            • Moeari'i Pomare, born February 1965.
  • HM
                    King Pomare VAri'i rahi Ari'i aue POMARE V, 5th and last King of Tahiti [17.7.1877] -[29.6.1880] and Head of the Royal Family of Tahiti, [29.6.1880] - [12.9.1891], born 3rd November 1839 in Taravao, he succeeded to the title of Ari'iaue following the death of his elder brother on 13th May 1855, crowned as King of Tahiti on 24th September 1877 in Pape'ete, married 1stly, 11th November 1857 in Huahine (div. 5th August 1861), Ari'i Te Mari'iateurura'i Maihara Teuhe, born 1838, died 21st August 1891, Queen of Huahine and Maia'o, married 2ndly, 28th January 1875 (div. 25th January 1888), Ari'i rahi Joanna Marauta'aroa Tepa'o, born 24th April 1860, died 2nd February 1934, daughter of Alexander Salmon, and his wife, Ari'i Ari'ioehau Ari'ita'ima'i (see Papara), and had issue. He died 12th June 1891 in Pape'ete.
    • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Hinoi Pomare, born 1858, died 1860.
    • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Tenania Pomare, born 1859, died 1861.
    • Ari'i (HRH Prince) Temari'ia Pomare, died young.
    • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Teri'inui-o-tahititevahinetaera Pomare, born 9th March 1879 in Pape'ete, she was her fathers heiress, she died sp on 20th October 1961 at Fa'a.
    • Ari'i (HRH Princess) Ari'imanihini Takau Pomare, born 4th January 1887 in Pape'ete, married a Frenchman, and had issue, one daughter. She died 12th June 1976.
      • Ari'i Monique Salmon Pomare Vedel, died 12th June 1999 aged 84.
    • Ari'i (Prince) Ernest Albert Pomare (#4), married Josephine Brander, daughter of Winifred Teri'itinorua Marama Brander, and his wife, Joséphine Charles.

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2. Her parentage and very existence seems to be conjectural.
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4. His status as a legitimate son of his parents has been questioned in various sources.
5. Both these ladies, may be only one individual, with marriage dates being June 1862, July 1869 or June 1872.