TUPUA TAMASESE (Chiefly Title)

TITLE:Tupua Tamasese RELIGION:
STATE: Samoa DYNASTY: Sa Tupua

PRESENT TITLE HOLDER: Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese TAISI TUPUOLA TUFUGA EFI, Tupua Tamasese since 1st July 1983
born 1st March 1938, Tui Atua, 4th Prime Minister of Western Samoa [24.3.1976] - [13.4.1982] and [18.9.1982] - [31.12.1982], Deputy Prime Minister 1982/1988, Member of the Council of Deputies, 2nd Head of State (O le Ao o le Malo) for Samoa, elected 15th June 2007, officially confirmed 18th June 2007; he holds the following titles: Tupua title of the SaTupua 'royal' family, the Tamasese title of the Tama-a-Aiga, the Tui Atua Fa'asavali title of Tafaifa; the Tupuola title.
  • Tupua FUIAVALILI, married Toelupetu, and had issue.
    • Tafa'ifa GALUMALEMANA (qv)
  • Tafa'ifa GALUMALEMANA, married Galuegapapa, and had issue.
    • NOFOASAEFA (qv)
  • NOFOASAEFA, married and had issue.
    • MAEAEAFE (qv)
  • MAEAEAFE, married and had issue.
    • Tupua Leasiolagi MOEGAGOGO (qv)
  • Tupua Leasiolagi MOEGAGOGO, married Ta'eleumete, married and had issue.
    • Tupua Tamasese TITIMAEA (qv)
  • Tupua Tamasese TITIMAEA -/1891, born 1830, married Leafineali'i, and had issue. He died 18th April 1891 in Mulinu'u, buried in Lufilufi.
    • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA I (qv)
    • Taesega, she married and had issue.

  • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA I 1891/1915, married (amongst others), (a) Va'aiga 'Asi, married (b), Sipaea, married (c), a daughter of Tupuola in Leulumoega, and had issue. He died October 1915.
    • PU'EMALO (by daughter of Tupuola)
    • Meatuai Solialofi (by Sipaea)
    • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA II (by Sipaea) (qv)
    • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA III (by Va'aiga) (qv)
    • Tupua Tamasese PETER MEA'OLE (by Va'aiga) (qv)
    • MATAIA EUROPA (by Va'aiga), born 17th February 1912 in Vaimoso, married Laloifi, died 19th December 1983, and had issue. He died 27th May 1974.
      • Afioga Mataia Visesio Europa, Deputy Head of State, died May 2002 aged 60, buried 8th June 2002 in Vaimoso.
  • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA II 1915/1918, born 1883, married (a), 9th June 1906, Leataotusi Leauanae, married (b), Faimafili-o-Atua Maualaivao, and had issue. He died 1918.
    • Ulupoa'o Tamasese (by Leataotusi Leauanae)
    • Saialala Tamasese (by Leataotusi Leauanae), born 1st December 1910, married 1stly, Faaninimo, married 2ndly, Toalima Fautua, and had issue, 14 children. He died 9th September 1965.
      • Fuatino Tamasese (by Faaninimo), born 4th August 1934, married and had issue. She died 20th February 1990.
      • Aserota Tamasese (by Faaninimo)
      • Lanu Tamasese (by Faaninimo)
      • Ipuauro Tamasese (by Faaninimo)
      • Moegagogo Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Nofoasaefa Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Falefeausiga Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Lealofi Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Fetulima Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Leataotusi Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Tusipua Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Taeleumeke Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Mariama Tamasese (by Toalima)
      • Suliveta Tamasese (by Toalima)
    • Fa'alaniga Tamasese Ariu Sio (by Faimafili-o-Atua Maualaivao), born 22nd May 1911, married 1930, Ariu Sio, born 1st August 1898, died 30th June 1967, and had issue. She died 12th April 1976.
  • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA III 1918/1929, married Alaisala, and had issue. He died 29th December 1929 in Apia.
    • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA IV (qv)
    • Puemalo Tamasese Manuleleua, she married and had issue.
  • Tupua Tamasese PETER MEA'OLE 1929/1963, born 3rd June 1905 in Vaimoso, Joint Head of State of Samoa 1962/1963, married 1934 Irene Gustava Noue Nelson, born 29th May 1910 in Matafele, daughter of Olaf Frederick Nelson, and his wife, Rosabelle Edith Moors, and had issue. He died 5th April 1963.
    • Tupua Tamasese TAISI TUPUOLA TUFUGA EFI (qv)

    INTERREGNUM? 1963/1965
  • Tupua Tamasese LEALOFI-O-A'ANA IV 1965/1983, born 8th May 1922, Tui Atua, Prime Minister 1970/1973 and 1975/1976, married Laura Aileen Marjorie Wilson, and had issue. He died 1st July 1983.
    • Marie Tamasese, born 15th October 1946 in Apia, died 22nd January 2003 in Auckland, N.Z.
  • Tupua Tamasese TAISI TUPUOLA TUFUGA EFI (see above)