baLOBEDU (Bantu Tribe)

TITLE: Modjadji (Rain Queen) RELIGION:
STATE: South Africa (Northern Province) DYNASTY: Monomatapa
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The ancestors of the Rain Queens were initially the Rulers of Monomatapa, a grandson of one of these Mwene Mutapas was Dzugudini fl.1589, eponymous founder of a tribe which flourished till the early 1800's, Mugodo, the ruling chief fathered the first Rain Queen purportedly by his own daughter. Subsequent Rain Queens have been descended from the first Queen, though a rival faction of the royal house has applied to the ANC Government to have the original male line of their family restored which was by-passed with the enthronement of Modjajdji I in 1800. It is likely, however that the ANC will maintain the line of Rain Queens. The baLobedu comprise  132 villages and 128 headmen, scattered over 88 square kilometers. At the last count, the area was inhabited by just more than 500,000 people (Census 2006). Rulers were...
  • Queen Maselekwane MODJADJI I 1800/1850 or 1854

  • Queen Masalanabo or Mankhatene MODJADJI II 1850/1894 or 1895

  • Queen Khesetoane MODJADJI III 1894/1959, born 1869, married and had issue. She died 1959.

  • Queen Makoma MODJADJI IV 1959/1982, born 1905, married Andreas Maake and had issue. She died 1982.
    • Queen Mokope Modjadji V (qv)

  • Queen Mokope MODJADJI V 1982/2001, born 1936, married Clement Modjadji, and had issue. She died 28th June 2001
    • Prince Hecks Modjadji, member of the Lebowa homeland parliament.
    • Princess Makheale Modjadji, died 25th June 2001 aged 37.
    • Mokgomana (Prince) Masopha Edwin Modjadji, died aged about 40 years on 10th August 2005 at the Makweng Hospital in Limpopo, buried 14th August 2005 at the Lovedu Royal Cemetary at Maolwe.
    • Princess Maria Modjadji, married and had issue. She died before 2001.
      • Queen Makhobo Modjadji VI (qv)
      • Prince Mpapatla Modjadji (qv)

  • Queen Makhobo MODJADJI VI, 6th Queen of the baLobedu [28.6.2001] - [12.6.2005], born 1978, installed 11th April 2003 at Duiwelskloof in the Limpopo province, had issue by David Mohale, a commoner, one daughter, and one son by another ineligible partner (#1). She died 12th June 2005 at Polokwane, and was buried 18th June 2005 at the Lovedu Royal Cemetary at Maolwe.
    • Princess Masalanabo Modjajdji, born 2004, and will be enthroned as Queen Modjadji VII, when she turns 18 years old (#2).

  • Prince Mpapatla Modjadji, Regent of the Lobedu tribe since 2005 (#3), educated at Polokwane High School; born 1981, married (his cousin), Princess Mokgawa Modjadji, and has issue, one daughter.
    • Prince Matarapane Modjadji, born 2004.
    • Princess (name unknown) Modjadji, born 27th March 2007 in Modjadjiskloof.

1. Mother of one daughter and one son both by commoners, who are therefore not strictly eligible for the Lobedu succession. Her daughter has been accepted as heiress for now, though this may change before the daughter turns 18.
2. Her succession rights have not been universally accepted by the Modjajdji Royal Council since her father, David Mohale, is a commoner of questionable reputation.
3. Prince Mpapatla has recently had a daughter by his cousin of the royal Modjajdji line. Consequently, a faction of the royal Council would prefer to enthrone Prince Mpapatla's daughter when she comes of age. He however, maintains, that his late sister's child is the true heir (Princess Masalanabo).