amaNDEBELE-kaNDZUNDZA (Tribal Authority)

STATE: South Africa DYNASTY: Mahlangu
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Ndzundza Ndebele are an Nguni people who originated in South Africa in the areas of present day Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Northern provinces, formerly called the Eastern and Northern Transvaal. Ensuing family battles caused one group of Ndebele to go farther north into Zimbabwe, thus creating the Southern and the Northern Ndebele. Of the groups, the Manala and the Ndzundza, stayed in South Africa, it is the latter who are recognized globally as the Ndebele of South Africa. The Ndebele were large land holders and fierce warriors who were able to defend their lands against encroaching Boer farmers. Rulers were...
  • Chief MAFANA, 1st Chief of the united Ndebele, fl.c1630, married and had issue.
    • Chief Mhlanga (qv)

  • Chief MHLANGA, 2nd Chief of the united Ndebele, married and had issue.
    • Chief Musi (qv)

  • Chief MUSI, 3rd Chief of the united Ndebele, a great diplomat, he lead his people to settle among the Tswana and Pedi, intermarry and pursue cultural exchange, after his death his sons each tried to seize supremacy, with only the two oldest sons leaving lasting posterity, married and had issue. He died around 1700.
    • Chief Ndzundza (qv)
    • Skhosana [Masombuka]
    • Mthombeni [Kekana], founder of the Northern amaNdebele.
    • Dhlomu
    • Sibasa
    • Mhwaduba
    • Chief Manala, he led a breakaway group of Ndebele to find their own land, married and had issue, the Mabhena Chiefs.
      • Ingwenyama Ncagu a Manala
  1. Chief NDZUNDZA, initially he was the 4th Chief of the united Ndebele, but became founder of the tribe named after him, the amaNdzundza, married and had issue.
    • Chief Mxetsha [Mrhetjha] (qv)
    • Prince Petha
    • Prince Ndimande
    • Prince Kotheni
    • Prince Qongo
    • Princess Mthisa, given in marriage to her uncle Chief Manala.

  2. Chief MXETSHA, married and had issue.
    • Chief Magobholi (qv)
    • Prince Ntobela
    • Chief Snideni (qv)
    • Prince Bhorholo

  3. Chief MAGOBHOLI, married and had issue.
    • Chief Bongwe (qv)

  4. Chief BONGWE, married and had issue.
    • Chief Mahlangu (qv)

  5. Chief SNIDENI, initially a Regent.

  6. Chief MAHLANGU, married and had issue.
    • Chief Phaswana (Right Hand House) (qv)
    • Prince Marhotjha (Great House)
    • Chief Mgwezana (Left Hand House) (qv)
    • Chief Dzele (Great House) (qv)
    • Chief Mrhabuli (Great House) (qv)
    • Chief Mdalanyana (Great House) (qv)
    • Chief Maridili (qv)
    • Prince Bushela

  7. Chief PHASWANA 

  8. Chief MARIDILI, married and had issue.
    • Prince Zondwako
    • Prince Somalila

  9. Chief MDALANYANA, married and had issue.
    • Prince Nunu

  10. Chief MGWEZANA, married and had issue.
    • Chief Magodongo [Mphekgu](qv)
    • Prince Gembe
    • Prince Mrabheli [SoTshoro]
    • Prince Bayeleni

  11. Chief DZELE

  12. Chief MRHABULI, married and had issue.
    • Prince Irhasa
    • Prince Khunwana
    • Prince Sotjelwani
    • Prince Sogada
    • Prince Sokhanukani
    • Prince Sibatjelwa
    • Prince Sogwena
    • Prince Langabejani

  13. Chief MAGODONGO [Mphekgu] -/c1825, married and had issue. He died about 1825.
    • Prince Bharhuza
    • Prince Mloyi, the designated Heir to his father, married and had issue. He died about 1825.
      • Prince Tjambowe, overlooked in the succession due to a visual disability, married and had issue.
        • Prince Ndlambisa, married and had issue.
          • Prince Qhutjiwe, married and had issue.
            • Prince Josiah, married and had issue.
              • Prince Mkhambi
          • Prince Mahlenga [Sokinga/Sohlungulu], married and had issue.
            • Prince Jim [Joyina]
    • Prince Hlanganisa
    • Prince Mtshabi
    • Prince Siboko (qv)
    • Prince Mgwenyana
    • Chief Mabhoko (qv)
    • Prince Ndaweni
    • Prince Bengwako
    • Chief Somdeyi (qv)
    • Prince Gwalimba

  14. Chief SIBOKO

  15. Chief SOMDEYI, Regent of the amaNdzundza ca1825/1839, died 1839.

  16. Chief MABHOKO a Magodongo, 16th or 13th Chief of the amaNdzundza 1839/1860, married 1stly, Ngendlunkulu (uNaMasilela), the Great Wife, married 2ndly, Ngehlanzini (uNaMasilela), married 3rdly, NgeKhohlo (ngakoNaMgidi), married 4thly, BakoNaNdala, married 5thly, BakoNaMabhena, she was supposed to be the Great Wife according to custom, married 6thly, BakoNaSibanyoni, married 7thly, BakoNaNhlapho wokuthoma, married 8thly, BakoNaNhlapho wesibili, married 9thly, BakoNaNhlapho wesithathu, married 10thly, BakoNaSiluma, married 11th, BakoNaNdala, married 12th, BakoNaHlahla, married 13th, WakoNaMsiza, and had issue, thirty sons. He died about 1860.
    • UMkhephuli (uNyengelele) liDlowu (by the Great Wife) (1859) NgusoQaleni, he succeded as Chief Cornelius I [Mkhephuli Soqaleni Sonyengele Cornelius a Mabhoko Mahlangu] (qv)
    • URhobongo (uNgangazi) yiNyathi (by the Great Wife)(1867) NgusoMunyukazi, he succeeded as Chief Gabongo, Regent (qv)
    • UNyabela (uGijamphezeni) liRudla (by the Great Wife)(1871) NgusoMtjongweni, he succeeded as Ingwenyama Nyabela (qv)
    • UMagelembe (uMkhabela) liGawu [Prince Magelembe] (by the Great Wife) (1875) NgusoRhubukile
    • UMatsitsi (uTjitjimezani) liDzibha [Prince Matsitsi Jonas] (by the Great Wife) (1879) NgusoMtjhatjhana, married and had issue.
      • Prince Somtjhatjhana, Chief of the Ndebele at Kafferfontein, married and had issue.
        • Chief Poni Maphepha I, married and had issue.
          • Chief Jack Mphezulu, married and had issue.
            • Chief Maphepha II
    • UManiki liDzibha (1879) nguSoMalakazi (by 2nd wife)
    • UMavula yiNyathi (1867) nguSoMagindi [Chief Somagindri] (by 3rd wife)
    • UMhlangula liThula (1882) nguSoTipi (by 3rd wife)
    • UMgwazi yiNyathi (1867) nguSoHlanzi (by 4th wife)
    • UPhangweni liDzibha (1879) nguSoMsukelwa (by 4th wife)
    • URhululu yiNyathi (1867) nguSoSbozi (by 5th wife)
    • UPongo liRudla (1871) nguSoMhlekwa (by 5th wife)
    • USigidi liGawu (1875) nguSoTjhawula (by 5th wife)
    • UQhegwana liDlhari (1863) nguSoBukhosibutjha (by 6th wife)
    • UMoniwa yiNyathi (1867) (by 6th wife)
    • UNoMaqwayi liDlaza (1887) nguSoTjhwabana (by 6th wife)
    • UMbila liRudla (1871) nguSoMakomana (by 7th wife)
    • UGama liGawu (1875) nguSoMbumbulu (by 7th wife)
    • UMswazi yiNyathi (1867) nguSoKabapheli (by 8th wife)
    • UNdumana yiNyathi (1867) nguSoNcungu (by 9th wife)
    • UMagadangana liDlaza (1887) nguSoMzenzi (by 9th wife)
    • UBogo liDlhari (1863) nguSoBalayele (by 10th wife)
    • UMadlodlobongo liGawu (1875) nguSoMarharu (by 10th wife)
    • UNdungula liDzibha (1879) nguSoFarigana (by 10th wife)
    • UGubhuzela yiNyathi (1867) nguSoThukani (by 11th wife)
    • UMsizi liThula (1882) (by 11th wife)
    • UNyawana yiNyathi (1867) nguSoCitha (by 12th wife)
    • UMaqengezi yiNyathi (1867) (by 12th wife)
    • USijkejike liDzibha (1879) nguSoMjikeni (by 12th wife)
    • UQwamanzi liDzibha (1879) nguSoMaketlu (by 13th wife)

  17. Ingwenyama CORNELIUS I, 17th Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 1860/1865 or 1865/1873, born 1820/1825, married and had issue. He died about 1865 at Nomtshagelo, near Roossenekal, Transvaal.
    • Ingwenyama Fene [Mabusabesala I] (qv)
    • Prince Sokhabo, married and had issue.
      • Prince Mphalali, married and had issue.
        • Prince Mthunjwa, Chief of the Ndebele at Steenskoolspruit.

    GABONGO [Rhobongo/Ngangasi] 1860/1863 (Regent of the amaNdzundza) or (1873/1879)

  18. Ingwenyama NYABELA, Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 1879/1902, born 1825/1830 at Nomtshagelo, in autumn 1883, intense war occurred between the Boers and the Ndzundza under Chief Nyabela, who valiantly fought for five years and finally held out in the famous Caverns of Mapoch for over eight months before starvation and lack of fresh water brought them out of their enclave. Chief Nyabela was sentenced to life in prison (though released in 1899), his kraal was dynamited, and all Ndebele land holdings confiscated and parceled out to Boer farmers, and the Ndzundza people were indentured as servant labour for the farmlands, supposedly for a period of five years. He married and had issue. He died 19th December 1902 at Wamlalaganye, Hartebeestfontein near Pretoria.(#1)

  19. Ingwenyama FENE, Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 1902/1921, married and had issue. He died 1921.
    • Ingwenyama Mayitjha I Cornelius II Mahlangu (qv)
    • Sikhwindi
    • Bakhuliselwa (mntazana)
    • Banengi (mntazana)
    • Qaleni (mntazana)
    • Mandlelize
    • Mapholisa
    • Bandezeni
    • Dambile (mntazana)
    • Mfungelwa
    • Vimba
    • Kaziwa (Nwana)
    • Mandwani
    • Mahlenga
    • Nomrhubo (mntazana)
    • Thurhuthani (mntazana)
    • Dwabani
    • Mjanyelwa
    • Besabakhe
    • Khuziwe
    • Hlophani (mntazana)
    • Madlayedwa
    • Magadangana
    • Namduli (mntazana)
    • Namseli (mntazana)
    • Kaloboli (Somvalelwa)
    • Leleti
    • Nabhobho (mntazana)
    • Nokonjani (mntazana)
    • Mhlamunye
    • Nomatombeni
    • Dina Mahlangu (by Sibiya), married Kgalabi Msiza and had issue.
      • Hlangane Speelman Msiza [Cornelius Speelman]

  20. Ingwenyama MAYITJHA I CORNELIUS II, Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 1921/1961, married eleven wives, (a), Ngebunene of the Right Hand House, married (b), Ngekhohlo of the Left Hand House, married 1stly, NaMasilela (indlukulu), the Great Wife, married 2ndly, NaMasilela (ihlanzi), married 3rdly, NaTjhabangu, married 4thly, NaThubana (uThelametsi), married 5thly, NaSibanyoni (uRobhani), married 1stly, Natjhili (uNdlala), married 2ndly, NaMasango (uLwandle), married 3rdly, NaNdala (uNamduli), married 4thly, NaNtuli, and had issue, 26 children. He died 1961.
    • HM Ingwenyama Mabusabesala II [David Mabusa Mabhoko Mahlangu] (by NaMasilela)(qv)
    • Ngwenya Mahlangu (by NaMasilela)
    • Hloli Mahlangu (by NaMasilela)
    • Khuphekile (Kosazana) (by NaMasilela)
    • Tupezana (Kosazana) (by NaMasilela)
    • Sophalani Mahlangu (by NaMasilela)
    • Mhlahlwa Mahlangu (by NaMasilela)
    • Godrich Mahlangu (by NaTjhabangu)
    • Msuthu (Kosazana) (by NaTjhabangu)
    • Balwaphi (Kosazana) (by NaTjhabangu)
    • Nadzubha (Kosazana) (by NaTjhabangu)
    • Pepe Mahlangu (by NaThubana)
    • Mcenyanana Mahlangu (by NaThubana)
    • Ntazana (Kosazana) (by NaSibanyoni)
    • NaNdala (Kosazana) (by NaSibanyoni)
    • Lisani (Kosazana) (by NaSibanyoni)
    • Nukani (by Natjhili)
    • Benzeni(Kosazana) (by Natjhili)
    • Ngonengani (by Natjhili)
    • Mbiritjani (Kosazana) (by Natjhili)
    • Sulele (Kosazana) (by Natjhili)
    • Nangwana (Kosazana) (by Natjhili)
    • Zwelabo Mahlangu (by NaMasango)
    • Makwakhe (Kosazana) (by NaMasango)
    • Momotho (Kosazana) (by NaNdalai)
    • Rogo Mahlangu (by NaNtuli)

  21. HM Ingwenyama MABUSABESALA II, Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 1961/1992, married (amongst others), Queen Johanna Selepi, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 6th July 1992.
    • HM Ingwenyama Mayitjha II Cornelius III Mahlangu (by Queen Johanna) (qv)
    • Prince James Senzangakhona Mahlangu (by Queen Johanna), born 3rd February 1953 at Weltevrede, Groblersdal, Chief of the Ndzundza-Mabusa Tribal Authority at Waterval, named by King Mayitjha on 17th March 2001; Chief Minister of KwaNdebele Homeland 30th April 1990 to 26th April 1994; Founder Member, Intando Yesizwe Party, educated at Mapoch Primary School, Weltevrede, in 1960; then at Ndebele Primary School at Waterval where he completed Standard 6 in 1970 before going on to Mayisha High in the same area. Here he completed his JC in 1972 and matriculated at Bhekuzulu High School in 1974. In 1975 he went to study Administration at the University of Zululand. In 1976, because of the national uprisings following the Soweto shootings, his studies were disrupted. He resumed his classes in 1978 at the University of the North, where he completed a BA Administration. He was a founder member of Contralesa in 1986, formed the Intando Yesizwe Party, originally founded as a semi-clandestine organisation in 1984, but was officially launched in 1990, a member of the Victory Fellowship World Outreach Centre, he enjoys football, "excessively", and choral music, married Georgina Busi and had issue, two children. He died August 2005 in Pretoria.
      • Chief Sipho Etwell Mahlangu, succeeded his father as Chief of the Ndzundza-Mabusa Tribal Authority at Waterval.
    • Princess Adelaide Mahlangu (by Queen Johanna)

  22. HM Ingwenyama MAYITJHA II CORNELIUS III, Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 1992/2005, born 2nd June 1947, married 1stly, 1975, HM Kosikazi Siphila Mahlangu [HRH Princess Siphila Dlamini of Swaziland], married 2ndly, HM Kosikazi Lena Masilela, married 3rdly, HM Kosikazi Nomsa Sanny-flora Mstweni, married 4thly, HM Kosikazi Gabisile Elizabeth Mabona (+), married 5thly, HM Kosikazi Nomsa Daphane Mdaka, married (according to customary tribal law, taken in her position as the fourth wife, not married while the Late HM Kosikazi Gabisile Elizabeth was still alive), HM Kosikazi Lizzy Pumzile Mabona (cousin of the fourth wife), and had issue, 20 children, as well as further issue by five informal liaisons. He died 30th June 2005.
    • HRH Prince Mabhoko Mbusi Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Siphila), Heir Apparent, succeeded as HM Ingwenyama MBUSI (qv).
    • HRH Prince Sive Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Siphila)
    • HRH Princess Sakhe Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Siphila), has issue, one son.
      • Langalakhe Lister
    • HRH Princess Lomcebo Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Siphila), has issue, one son.
      • Nsansa Musonda
    • HRH Princess Simangaliso Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Siphila), has issue, one son.
      • Sphephiso Masuku
    • HRH Princess Busisiwe Rosta Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Lena), has issue
      • Sifiso Mayisela
      • Nokululeko Mstweni
      • Thembekile Madonsela
    • HRH Princess Ntombizodwa Nomasonto Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Nomsa Sanny-flora), has issue.
      • Sikhanyiso Nkosi
    • HRH Prince Victor Mbuso Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Gabisile), has issue.
      • Gabisile Mahlangu
      • Thando Nobayeni Mahlangu
    • HRH Prince Dumisani Gift Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Gabisile), has issue.
      • Sikhanyiso Mahlangu
    • HRH Princess Fikile Nobantozile Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Gabisile)
    • HRH Princess Mbali Thlobisile Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Gabisile)
    • HRH Princess Lindokuhle Banengi Mahlangu  (by HM Kosikazi Lizzy Pumzile), last born child.
    • HRH Prince Vusimuzi Sipho Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Nomsa Daphane), has issue.
      • Nkosinathi Mahlangu.
    • HRH Princess Nokwazi Mpumelelo Mahlangu (by HM Kosikazi Nomsa Daphane)
    • HRH Prince Nakekelo David Mahlangu (by HM HM Kosikazi Nomsa Daphane)
    • HRH Prince Oupa David Mguni
    • HRH Princess Reshoketso Zanele Memory Mogafe
    • HRH Princess Pinky Mbi Mahlangu
    • HRH Princess Lebogang Mahlangu
    • HRH Prince Simphiwe Mahlangu
    • Child (one of the above), born 27th May 1986.

  23. HM Ingwenyama MABHOKO III, Ingwenyama of the amaNdzundza 2005/2007, born 1985.

  24. Prince Sililo Johannes Mahlangu, Regent of the amaNdzundza in 2007, born 1952.

  25. Prince Chillies Mahlangu, Regent of the amaNdzundza 2007/-, born 1970.
  • Prince Maphepha Mahlangu, married and had issue.
    • Inkosi (Prince) Klass Makhosana Mahlangu [Makosana Klaus Mahlangu], married Princess Nonhlanhla Orah Zulu, died 17th May 2002 in Nhlazatshe, Vryheid, eldest daughter of King Cyprian Bhekuzulu of kwaZulu, and has issue.
      • Prince Matsitsi Dumezweni C. Mahlangu, married and has issue.
        • Prince Kuhlekokekosini Mgholiwesjtshaba Mahlangu
        • Prince Buhlebekosini Kwenzokuhle Mahlangu
      • Princess Nompumelelo C. Mahlangu Radebe, married and has issue.
      • Princess Nabusobekomo Mahlangu, married and has issue. 
      • Princess Nathlarina T. Mahlangu aKuwaza, married and has issue.
      • Princess Nakhanyile P. Mahlangu, married and has issue.
      • Prince Buyisisizwe Mjtshajtshane Mahlangu (+), married and had issue.
        • Prince Ghumutso A. Mahlangu
        • Princess Makhosazane Amahle Mahlangu
      • Prince Sabelwe Khonzanani Mahlangu, married and has issue.
        • Prince Sbongakoke Mahlangu
        • Princess Sonwabile Mahlangu
  • Prince Colin Mahlangu
  • Prince Andries Mahlangu
  • Prince Majozi George Mahlangu, born 1951, Chief Minister of KwaNdebele Homeland 27th November 1986 to 3rd February 1989.
  • Prince Elias Mahlangu
  • Prince Jonas Masana Mabena, Chief Minister of KwaNdebele Homeland 3rd February 1989 to 30th April 1989.
  • Prince Thomas Mabhena
  • Francina Mahlangu, born 13th December 1940, internationally renowned artist, married Daniel Ndimande and has issue.

1. Dictionary of South African Biography, W.J. de Kock then D.W. Kruger (Eds), Volumes 1 to 5, 1972, vol.I p.598