THAILAND (Kingdom)

TITLE:  HM King RELIGION: Theravada Buddhism
STATE:  Thailand DYNASTY:  Chakri
PRESENT RULER:  HM King Bhumibhol Adulyadej (Rama
                  IX)Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramintharamaha BHUMIBHOL ADULYADEJ Mahitalathibet Ramathibodi Chakkrinaruebodin Sayamminthrathirat Borommanatbophit [HM King Bhumibhol Adulyadej (Rama IX)], 9th King of Thailand of the Chakri Dynasty since 9th June 1946.
born 5th December 1927 in Cambridge, Masachusetts as Phra Worawong Ther Phra Ong Chao Bhumibol Adulyadej, he was crowned King of Thailand on 5th May 1950; married 28th April 1950 in Sra Pathum Palace, Bangkok, HM Queen Sirikit (Formal name and Style: Somdet Phra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Borommarachininat), born 12th August 1932 in Bangkok as Mom Rajawongse Sirikit Kitiyakara, daughter of HH Prince Nakkhatra Mangkala Kitiyakara, Prince of Chanthaburi II, and his wife, Mom Luang Bua Sanidwongse, educated at Rajini School and at Saint Francis Xavier Convent School, she is well-known for her charitable work, and is the honorary president of the Thai Red Cross, a post she has held since 1956; she is the recipient of many awards, medals and honorary degrees from various countries; awards include, CERES Gold Medal (1979), Humanitarian Award (1985), UNICEF Special Recognition Award (1992), Woman of the Year (1993), Louis Pasteur Award (2002); honorary degrees include, Eastern Languages and Cultures from the University of St. Petersburg (2007); and has issue, one son and three daughters.
  • HRH Princess (till 1972) Ubolratana Rajakanya [Thun Kramom Ying Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi], born 5th April 1951 in Lausanne, Switzerland, educated at Chitralada School, at M.I.T., USA and at the University of California (Master's Degree in Public Health), married outside of the Royal family and relinquished her Royal titles on 25th July 1972, she was styled Thanpuying Ubol Ratana Jensen during marriage, and after the divorce and her return to Thailand, she was granted the title of Tunkramom Ying; she acted in the Thai movie "Where The Miracle Happens", released in August 2008; married 19th August 1972 (div. 1998), Peter Ladd Jensen, born 16th February 1951, and has issue.
    • Khun Ploypailin Jensen, born 13th February 1981.
    • Khun Bhumi Jensen, born 16th August 1983, died 26th December 2004.
    • Khun Sirikitiya Jensen, born 19th March 1985.
  • HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, born 28th July 1952 in Bangkok, married 1stly, 3rd January 1977 (div.), HRH Princess Somsavali [née Mom Luang Somsavali Kitiyakara], born 13th July 1957, daughter of Mom Rajawongse Adulyakiti Kitiyakara, and his wife, HSH Princess Bandhu Savali Yugala, married 2ndly, 1994 (div.), Mom Sucharini Vivajrawongse [née Yuvadhida Polpraserth], born 26th May 1962, daughter of Thanit Polprasert, and his wife, Yaovalak, married 3rdly, 30th January 2002 (div.2015), HRH Princess Srirasmi Mahidol na Ayudhya, born about 1971, she was elevated to the rank and style of HRH Princess Srirasmi on 15th June 2005, and has issue.  
    • HRH Princess Dr. Bhajra Kitiyabha (by Somsavali), born 7th December 1978 in Bangkok, educated at Rajini School, at Heatfield High School, at Thammasat University (Bachelor's Degree in Law), at Sukhothai Thammatirat University (Bachelor's Degree in Political Science) and at Cornell Law School, New York State (J.S.D. Degree, 2005); she worked briefly at the Thai Permanent mission to the United Nations, in New York; she was appointed Attorney of the Office of the Attorney General in Bangkok in September 2006, and is currently appointed to the Office of the Attorney General of Udonthani province.
    • HSH Princess Chudhavajra [Mom Chao Juthavachara Mahidol] (by Yuvadhida), born 29th August 1979.
    • HSH Prince Vajaresra [Mom Chao Vacharaesorn Mahidol] (by Yuvadhida), born 27th May 1981.
    • HSH Prince Chakrivajra [Mom Chao Chakriwat Mahidol] (by Yuvadhida), born 26th February 1983.
    • HSH Prince Vajravira [Mom Chao Vatcharawee Mahidol] (by Yuvadhida), born 14th June 1985.
    • HSH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana (née Mom Chao Busyanambejira Mahidol) (by Yuvadhida), born 8th January 1987 in Bangkok, educated at at Chitralada School and currently is studying fashion and textile in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Chulalongkorn University; she is styled Phra Chao Lan Thoe Phra Ong Chao Sirivannavari Nariratana, from 15th June 2005; in sport, she has represented Thailand in badminton at the 23rd South East Asian Games in the Philippines.
    • HRH Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti (by HRH Princess Srirasmi), born 29th April 2005.
  • HRH Princess Dr. Maha Chakri Sirindhorn [née HRH Princess Sirindhorn Debaratanasuda], born 2nd April 1955 at Ambara Villa, Dusit Palace, Bangkok, educated at Chitralada School, at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok), graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History (First Class Honours, Gold Medal) on 15th July 1977, at  Graduate School, Silpakorn University (Bangkok), completing a Master of Arts in Oriental Epigraphy (Sanskrit and Cambodian) in 1979, and a Master of Arts in Pali and Sanskrit at Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok) in 1981, she attained a Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Education from Srinakhainwirot University in 1986;  she speaks English, French, and Chinese fluently, and is presently studying German and Latin; she is an accomplished musician, and plays the trumpet and several Thai traditional instruments, including the ranat (xylophone) and saw duang; she is styled Somdech Phra Debratanarajasuda Chao Fa Chakri Sirindhorn Rathasimagunakornpiyajat Sayamboromrajakumri, which is equivalent to the British Royal Title of The Princess Royal; she has been granted many awards and Honorary degrees both from Thailand and other countries.
  • HRH Princess Chulabhorn Valayalaksana, born 4th July 1957 in Bangkok, married 7th January 1982, Squadron Leader Virayuddh Tishyasarin, born 1st May 1955, and has issue.
    • HRH Princess Siribha Chudhabhorn, born 8th October 1982.
    • HRH Princess Adityadorn Kitigun, born 6th May 1984.
  1. Chakri EmblemHM King BUDDHA YODFA CHULALOK [Chao Phraya Chakri, Rama I], 1st King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [6.4.1782] - [7.9.1809], born 20th March 1737 in Ayutthaya as Thong Duang, son of Phra Aksorn Sundara Smiantra; he was granted the name and title of Somdet Chao Phraya Maha Kasatseuk by King Taksin in 1776; he took part in a campaign against Vientiane in 1779 and took a daughter of King Suriyavong of Vientiane as his concubine, married (amongst others) (a), HM Queen Amarindra [née Nak], died 1826, Queen Consort of Siam, she was raised to the rank and style of Krom Somdet Phra Amarindramat by her son, and then elevated to Somdet Phra Amarindra Boromma Rajini by HM King Vajiravudh; married (b), Chao Chom Waen [née HRH Princess Kamwaen/Kaewkham of Vientiane], daughter of HM King Bunsan [Suriyavong] of Vientiane, and his wife, the Princess of Nong Bualumphu, she became the first Palace Matron of the Ratanakosin period, overseeing the court ladies and royal children and was known for her strictness in governing the royal princes and princesses, married (c), Chao Chom Manda Thongsuk, daughter of Prince Inthavong of Laos, married (d), Chao Chom Manda Peng Yai, and had issue, seventeen sons and twenty five daughters. He died 7th September 1809 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Princess Chimyai (by Queen Amarindra), married HM King Taksin, King of Siam (at Thonburi). She died 1779.
    • HRH Prince Chim (by Queen Amarindra), he succeeded as HM King Buddha Loet La Nabhalai (Rama II) (qv)
    • HRH Princess Chaemkrachangfaa (by Queen Amarindra), born 1770, the Kromma Luang Sisunthornthep, she died 1808.
    • HRH Prince Chui [Kromma Luang Maha Senanurak] (by Queen Amarindra), born 29th March 1773 as Prince Chui, Vice-King of Siam [7.9.1809] – [16.7.1817] with the style Somdet Phra Bawornrajchao Maha Senanurak, he was granted the title of Krom Khun Senanurak, later he was sent by his brother, to counter the Siamese invasion in 1809, ordered by King Bodawpaya of Burma to invade Thalang (now Phuket), married (amongst others), Princess Samleewan, daughter of HM King Taksin, King of Siam (at Thonburi), she was executed for treason, and had issue, forty children. He died 16th July 1817 in Bangkok.
      • HSH Prince Pavares, born 1809.
    • HRH Prince Raksanaret, died 1848.
    • HRH Princess Prapaiwadi (by Queen Amarindra), born 1777, Kromma Luang Thepayawadi. She died 1823.
    • HRH Prince Kraisorn, died after 1813.
    • HRH Prince Maha Sakdi Polsep (by Mom Nui Yai), 17th child, born 21st October 1785 as Prince Arunotai, Vice-King of Siam [21.7.1824] – [1.5.1832] with the style Somdet Phra Bawornrajchao Maha Sakdi Polsep, he led the Siamese army into Isan to battle with King Anouvong of Vientiane in 1825, he ordered the construction of the Baworn Niwet Temple; married (amongst others), Princess Daravadi, and had issue, twenty children, the families of Kambhu, Kesara, Israsakdi, Anujasakdi, and Nandisakdi. He died 1st May 1832 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Paramanuchit Chinorot, 28th child, born 1790, died 1853.
    • HRH Princess Kunthon (by Chao Chom Manda Thongsuk), married HM King Buddha Loet La Nabhalai, King of Siam (see below).
    • HRH Prince Darakara, the Prince Sri Suthep (by Chao Chom Manda Peng Yai), born 30th June 1792, the thirty-fourth son of his father, and second son of his mother, he was created Prince Sri Suthep during the reign of King Rama III for his outstanding work at the Royal Handicraft Department, which oversaw the production of gold and silver handicrafts as well as other Thai traditional handicrafts; married and had issue, eight children, the Darakara family.
    • HRH Princess Montha
    • HRH Princess Ubon

  2. HM King BUDDHA LOETLA NABHALAI [Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramenthramaha Isarasundhorn Phra Buddha Loetla Nabhalai] [Rama II], 2nd King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [7.9.1809] - [21.7.1824] and Vice King of Siam [1808] - [7.9.1809]; born 24th February 1767 in Amphawa, Samut Songkhram Province, he was a renowned poet and artist; married (amongst others) (a), Chao Chom Manda Riem, Princess Consort of Siam, she was raised to the rank and style of Krom Somdet Phra Sri Sulalai (HRH Princess Mother Sri Sulalai), born 1770 in Bangkok, died 1837 in Bangkok, daughter of Phraya Nonthaburi Sri Maha Utthayan (Boonchan), and his wife, Pheng, married (b), Somdet Phra Sri Suriyendra Boroma Rachini (HM Queen) Sri Suriyendra [née Princess Bunrod], born 1767 as Princess Bunreod, died 1836, daughter of Chao Krua Ngern, and his wife, Princess Sri Sudarak (younger sister of King Rama I), she was posthumously elevated to the rank and style of Krom Somdet Phra Sri Suriyendramataya in 1851, married (c), HRH Princess Kunthon, daughter of HM King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok, and his concubine, Chao Chom Manda Thongsuk, and had issue, thirty eight sons and thirty five daughters. He died 21st July 1824 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Tub [HRH Prince Chesda Bondindra or Krom Meun Jessadabodindra] (by Chao Chom Manda Riem), he succeeded as HM King Nang Klao (Rama III) (qv)
    • HRH Prince Pom (by Sri Sulalai)
    • HRH Prince Noo Dam (by Sri Sulalai), 49th child.
    • HRH Prince (name unknown) (by Sri Suriyendra), born 1801, died 1801.
    • HM King Mongkut (Rama IV) (by Sri Suriyendra) (qv)
    • HRH Prince Chutamani (by Sri Suriyendra), born 4th September 1808 at the Old Thonburi Palace in Bangkok, initially granted the title of Krom Khun Isaret Rangsan, later styled Phrabat Somdet Phra Pinklao Chaoyuhua, Commander of the Front Palace Navy and Second King of Siam [25.5.1851] - [7.1.1866]; he was known for his fluency of the English language and was able to play a part in the negotiation of the Bowring treaty; he maintained his own private army and a navy of several modern ships, took great interest in both western and Lao culture, and was involved in state affairs; married (amongst others), Princess Consort Aim, daughter of Phraya Siri Aiyosavak, and had issue, fifty-eight children. He died 7th January 1866 in Bangkok.
      • HRH Prince Bavorn Vichaichan, born 6th April 1838 in Bangkok, educated in the English language and Modern Sciences, appointed Vice King of Siam [2.10.1868] - [24.2.1875] and Commander of the Front Palace Navy 1865/1875; he opposed the reforms of King Chulalongkorn and on 24th February 1875, he was of all of his powers and forced to abdicate his title of Vice King; styled Phra Ong Chao Yodyingyot Prayurayot Bovorn Rachorod Rattana Rachakumarn 1838/1867, then promoted to Phra Ong Chao Yodyingyot Prayurayot Krom Muen Bovorn Vichaichan 1867/1868 and further promoted to Phra Ong Chao Yodyingyot Prayurayot Krom Phra Rajawang Bovorn Vichaichan 1868/1885; he was awarded the order of Knight of The Most Illustrious Order of the Royal House of Chakri, Knight of The Ancient and Auspicious Order of the Nine Gems and Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of The Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao; married (amongst others), Chao Chom Manda (Princess Consort) Prik Lek, married (b), Mom Leam, and had issue, twenty-eight children. He died 28th August 1885 in Bangkok and was cremated on the field of Sanam Luang on 14th June 1886.
        • HSH Prince Karnchananophas Rasmi, the Prince Chanchai Bovornyod (by Chao Chom Manda), married and had issue, the Karnchanavichai family.
        • HRH Prince Rajani Chamcharas, the Prince Bidyalongkorn (by Mom Leam), married (amongst others), HSH Princess (Mom Chao) Barabimalabanna Vorawan, married (b), HSH Princess Pornpimolpan Voravarn, and had issue, the Rajani family.
          • HSH Prince (Mom Chao) Bhisadej Rajani (by Princess Barabimalabanna), born 20th January 1920 in Bangkok, President of the Royal Projects of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, awarded the Knight Cross of the Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao (First class) on 5th May 1988; married Mom Rajawongse Dajriraj Vorawan, and has issue.
            • Mom Rajawongse (Princess) Dajrabimala Rajani
            • Mom Rajawongse (Princess) Bhavari Rajani
            • Mom Rajawongse (Prince) Dhiradej Rajani
          • HSH Princess (Mom Chao) Vibhavadi Rajani (by Princess Pornpimolpan), born 20th November 1920 in Bangkok, she was educated at the Mater Dei School, Bangkok; after graduation, she worked as a secretary for her father, and began her literary career at a young age; appointed a Lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty the Queen when their Majesties went on their first State Visit abroad in 1960; the last years of her life were dedicated to rural development in Southern Thailand under the direction and sponsorship of HM the King; she was killed by machine gun fire when insurgents fired on the helicopter carrying her to Suart Thani; prior to her royally sponsored cremation at Ratchabophit temple, on 4th April 1977, in recognition of her services to the country and to the people, H.M. the King elevated her to the rank of Phra Chao Worawongse Ther Phra Ong Chao (Her Royal Highness) and awarded her the highest level of the most Illustrious Order of the House of Chakri, married (as his second wife), HSH Prince (Mom Chao) Piyarangsit Rangsit, and had issue (see Rangsit). She died 16th February 1977 in Surat Thani, Thailand.
    • HRH Prince Wongsadhirajsanid, born 1808.
    • HRH Prince Deves
    • HRH Prince Pramoj Varachakra (by Amba), 61st child, born 1817, married and had issue.
      • generation
        • Mom Rajawongse Kamrob Pramoj, married and had issue.
          • Mom Luang Seni Pramoj, born 1905.
          • Mom Luang Kukrit Pramoj, born 1911.
    • HRH Prince Mahamala, born 1819 (by Koontul), married and had issue.
      • generation
        • generation
          • Mom Luang Pin Malakul, born 1903.
          • Mom Luang Peekdip Malakul, born 1906.

  3. HM King NANG KLAO [Rama III], 3rd King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [21.7.1824] - [2.4.1851], born 31st March 1788 in Bangkok, married (amongst others) (a), Chao Chom Manda Emnoi, married (b), Princess Consort Sap, daughter of Phra Aksornsombat (Thub), and his wife, Bhong, married (c), Chao Chom Manda Thupya, and had issue, twenty two sons and twenty nine daughters. He died 2nd April 1851. 
    • HRH Prince Siriwongse, the Prince Matayabidaksa (by Princess Consort Sap), born 1812, married (amongst others) (a), Mom Noi, married (b), Chew Kim, daughter of Chew Kuang, and his wife, Taeng, and had issue. He died 1839.
      • Mom Chao Rampoei Siriwongse [HM Queen Debsirindra or Thepsirintra] (by Mom Noi), Queen Consort of Siam 1851/1861, born 17th July 1834 in Bangkok, she was posthumously elevated in 1868 to the rank and style of Somdet Phra Debsirindra Boroma Rajini by HM King Chulalongkorn and further elevated to the rank and style of Somdet Phra Debsirindra Boroma Rajini by HM King Vajiravudh, married 1853, HM King Mongkut, King of Siam, and had issue (see below). She died 9th July 1861 in Bangkok.
      • Mom Chao Ying Chae Siriwongse [Phra Ong Chao Pannarai or Banarai] (by Chew Kim), born 9th May 1838 in Bangkok, Princess Consort of Siam, she assumed the position as the senior queen after the death of her sister in 1861, although she was not elevated to the rank of queen, she ruled over the court ladies and her position as a queen was observed during various banquets for foreign emissaries, she was raised to the rank of Phra Ong Chao in 1900, married 1853, HM King Mongkut, King of Siam, and had issue (see below). She died 22nd June 1914 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Kanechara, Prince Amarendra Bodindra [cr.1845].
    • HRH Prince Ladavalya [Prince Bhumindra Bhakdi], married (amongst others) (a), Mom Chin, and had issue.
      • HSH Princess Bua Ladavalya, born 28th November 1847, died 15th October 1901.
      • HSH Princess Piu Ladavalya, born 26th January 1855, died 21st July 1887.
      • HSH Princess Sai Ladavalya, born 4th September 1863, died 24th June 1929.
      • HSH Princess Ubolratana Narinaka, the Princess Akaravorarajgalya (by Chao Chom Manda Emnoi), married HM King Chulalongkorn, King of Siam, and had issue (see below).
      • HSH Prince Chai Ladavalya, married and had issue.
        • Mom Rajawongse (Princess) Chiat Ladavalya, born 30th October 1873, died 30th June 1958.
      • HSH Prince Perm Ladavalya
        • Mom Rajawongse (Princess) Sadab Ladavalya, born 6th March 1891, died 30th June 1983.
    • HSH Princess Lamom (by Chao Chom Manda Thupya), born 8th March 1818 as the twenty-sixth child of her father and the second child of her mother, she was elevated in rank and style to HRH Princess Sudaratana when she became the tutor of HM King Chulalongkorn, teaching him customs and cultures of the royal court as well as that of Siam, she died in 1896.
    • Phra Ong Chao (HRH Prince) Lakhananukun, married Princess Ngiw, and had issue.
      • Mom Chao Soamanas Vadhnavadi [Somdet Phranangchao Soamanat Vadhanavadi], Princess Consort of Siam, born 21st December 1834 in Bangkok, raised to the rank and style of Phra Ong Chao by HM King Nangklao, married 28th May 1851, HM King Mongkut, King of Siam, and had issue, one son. She died 10th October 1852 in Bangkok.

  4. HM King MONGKUT [Rama IV], 4th King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [3.4.1851] - [1.10.1868], born 18th October 1804, Crowned on 25th May 1851, he was an enlightened monarch, he learnt the English language, which enabled him to read books on modern science, geography, history and mathematics; he negotiated the Bowring Treaty of 1855, which was a treaty of commerce and friendship with Britain, which imposed concessions on Thailand that limited tariffs on trade and granted extra-territorial rights to the British; he also established other Bowring-type treaties with the United States, France, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Prussia, Sweden and Italy, married (amongst others), married 1stly, Chao Chom Manda Noi, married (a), 1851, HM Queen Debsirindra, daughter of HRH Prince Mataya Bikasha (see above), married (b), Chao Khun Chom Manda Piam [HRH Princess Piyamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata], the Royal Consort to HM King Mongkut, born 5th March 1838 in Bangkok, died 3rd April 1904 in Bangkok, daughter of Luang (Lord) Asa Samdaeng (Tang Suchritakul), and his wife, Thao (Dame) Sucharit Dhamrong (Nag Suchritakul), she was elevated to the rank and style of Somdej Phra Piyamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata by grandson King Rama VI on his accession, married (c), Mom Hoon, married (d), Mom Klin, married (e), 1851, HH Princess Pannarai, daughter of HRH Prince Siriwongse, the Prince Matayabidaksa, and his wife, Mom Chew Kim, married (f), Princess Soamanas Vadhnavadi, Princess Consort of Siam, born 21st December 1834 in Bangkok, died 10th October 1852 in Bangkok, daughter of Prince Lakhananukun (see above), and his wife, Princess Ngiw, married (g), Mom Pueng Indravimala, daughter of In Indravimala, and had issue. He died 1st October 1868.
    • HRH Prince Nopawongse, Kromma Muen (The Prince) Mahesuan Sihavilas (by Chao Chom Manda Noi), born 6th March 1823, married and had issue, the Nopawongse Na Ayudhya family. He died 25th July 1867.
    • HRH Prince Supradist, the Prince Vishnunath Nipadhorn (by Chao Chom Manda Noi), born 1824, died soon after 1862.
    • Somdet Chaofa (HRH Prince) Soamanas (by Princess Soamanas Vadhnavadi), died in August 1852.
    • HM King Chulalongkorn [Rama V] (by HM Queen Debsirindra) (qv)
    • HRH Prince Krisda Bhiniharn (by Mom Klin), born 1855, Prince Nares Varariddhi; married and had issue, the Kritakara family.
    • HRH Princess Kannikakaew, Krom Khun Kattiyakalaya (by HH Princess Pannarai), born 1855, died 1882.
    • HRH Prince Chaturanta Rasmi Chakrabandhu (by HM Queen Debsirindra), born 1856, Prince Chakrabardibongse; married and had issue, the Chakrabandhu family. He died 1910.
    • HRH Prince Unakan Ananta Norajaya (by Princess Piyamavadi)
    • HRH Prince Devan Udayawongse, The Prince Devawongse I Varoprakarn (by Princess Piyamavadi), forty second child, born 27th November 1858 in Bangkok; he served as the second Foreign Minister of Siam 1881/1923; married 1stly, Mom Yai Devakula na Ayudhaya (née Yai Sucharitakul), married 2ndly, Mom Baab Devakula na Ayudhaya, married 3rdly, Mom Lamai Devakula na Ayudhaya, married 4thly, Mom Poon Devakula na Ayudhaya, married 5thly, Mom Chan Devakula na Ayudhaya, married 6thly, Mom Aob Devakula na Ayudhaya (née Ob Amatayakul), married 7thly, Mom Phook Devakula na Ayudhaya (née Puk Chanthasen/Chandrasen), and had issue, forty children, the Devakul family. He died 28th June 1923 in Bangkok.
    • Field Marshall HRH Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse, the Prince Bhanubandhu Vongsevoradej (by HM Queen Debsirindra), born 11th January 1859 in Bangkok, he held a number of posts in the Siam government, including the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Siamese Army, but he is best remembered as the founder of the Thai postal service; married and had issue, the Bhanubandhu family. He died 13th June 1928 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Sommot (by Mom Hoon), born 1860, married and had issue, the Svastikul family. He died 1915.
    • HM Queen Sunanda Kumariratana (by Princess Piyamavadi), born 10th November 1860, married HM King Chulalongkorn, and had issue, one daughter. She died 31st May 1880.
    • HRH Princess Sukhumala Marasri (by Chao Khun Chom Manda Samli), born 10th May 1861 in the Grand Palace, Bangkok, the fifty second child of her father, raised to the rank of Princess Consort in 1881, and then again in 1910 to the rank and style of HM Queen Sukhumala Marasri, Royal Consort of HM King Chulalongkorn, married 1876, HM King Chulalongkorn, and had issue (see below).
    • HRH Prince Voravarnakara (by Mom Klin), born 1861, Prince Naradhib I Prabhanhabongse; married and had issue, the Voravarn family.
    • HRH Prince Disuankumaan, the Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (by Chao Ghom Manda Choom), born 21st June 1862 in Bangkok as Phra Ong Chao Disuankumaan (HRH Prince Disuankumaan), the fifty seventh child of his father, educated in Thai and Pali by private tutors and in English at the Royal School; he was given posts in the royal administration at an early age, becoming the commander of the Royal Pages' Bodyguard Regiment in 1880; after several years working in building army schools as well as modernizing the army in general he became the deputy commander-in-chief of the army in 1887, he was appointed Minister of Education the same year, then Minister of the North in 1892 (it was changed to the Ministry of the Interior in 1894), as minister, he completely overhauled the provincial administration, and also introduced the formal education of administrative staff; he resigned from his post at the ministry in 1915 and later proposed to the King the founding of the Royal Institute to look after the National Library and the museums, becoming its first President; he was granted the title and rank of Somdej Phrachao Boromawongse Ther Kromaphraya Damrong Rajanubhab by King Prajadhipok in recognition to his works; he is credited as the father of Thai history, the education system, the health system (the Ministry of Health was originally a department of the Ministry of the Interior) and the provincial administration; on the centenary of his birth in 1962, he became the first Thai to be included in the UNESCO list of the world's most distinguished persons; he was author of many books in Thai, including two English translations, viz. Our Wars with the Burmese: Thai-Burmese Conflict 1539-1767 and Journey through Burma in 1936: A View of the Culture, History and Institutions; married and had issue, the Disakul family. He died 1st December 1943 in Bangkok.
    • Somdech Phra Sri Savarindira Boromma Raja Devi (HM Queen) Savang Vadhana (by Princess Piyamavadi), Princess Consort of Siam 1878/1880 and Queen Consort of Siam 1880/1910, born 10th September 1862 in the Grand Palace, Bangkok, she was raised to the rank and style of Somdech Phra Phan Vasa Ayyika Chao (HM the Queen Grandmother) in 1935; married 1876, HM King Chulalongkorn, King of Siam, and had issue (see below). She died 17th December 1955 in Bangkok and her ashes are interred in the Royal Cemetery at Wat Ratchabophit, Bangkok.
    • HRH Princess Napaporn (by Chao Khun Chom Manda Samli)
    • HRH Prince Chitcharoen, Krom Phraya Narisara Nuvadtivongs (by HH Princess Pannarai), born 1863, married 1stly, Mom Rajawongse Plerm Siriwongse, married 2ndly, Mom Rajawongse Toh Ngonrod, married 3rdly, Malai Savettamr, and had issue, nine children, the Chitrabongse family. He died 11th March 1947.
    • HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri (by Princess Piyamavadi), born 1st January 1864, married HM King Chulalongkorn, and had issue. She died 20th October 1919.
    • HRH Prince Svasti Sobhon, the Prince Svasti Vatanavisishta (by Princess Piyamavadi), thirty seventh son, born 1865, married (amongst others), his step-sister, HSH Princess Abha Barni Gaganang, daughter of HRH Prince Gaganang Yugol (see below), and his wife, Mom Sun Gaganang Na Ayudhya, and had issue, the Svastivatana family. He died 1935.
      • HSH Princess Rambhai Barni Svastivatana, Queen Consort of Siam [25.11.1925] – [2.3.1935], born 20th December 1904, educated at the Rajini School, on her marriage, she was elevated to the rank and style of HSH Princess Rambhai Barni, Royal Consort to HRH Prince Prajadhipok, Prince of Sukhothai, she became Somdet Phra Nang Chao Ramphaiphanni Phra Borommarachini (HM Queen) on 25th November 1925, and was crowned Queen on 25th February 1926, after her husband's abdication, she was styled HM Queen Dowager for the remainder of her life; she shared her husband's life in England and after her husband's death she became involved in politics, and during WWII she used her connections to assist students in organising a resistance movement against the Japanese, she assisted the Free Thai movement through fund raising and lobbying influential Ministers; she returned to Thailand in 1949 and continued to carry out many official duties on behalf of the new King; married 26th August 1918, HM King Prajadhipok, King of Siam. She died sp on 22nd May 1984 and was cremated on 8th April 1985 at Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Jayanta Mongol, the Prince Mahisara Rajaharudaya (by Mom Hoon), thirty eight son, born 1866, married and had issue, the Jayanta family.
    • HRH Prince Gaganang Yugol, the Prince Bijitprijakara (by Mom Pueng), married Mom Sun Gaganang Na Ayudhya, and had issue.
      • HSH Princess Abha Barni Gaganang, married (her step-brother), HRH Prince Svasti Sobhon, and had issue (see above).

  5. HM King CHULALONGKORN [Rama V], 5th King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [1.10.1868] - [23.10.1910], born 20th September 1853 in Bangkok, a worthy successor to his father, he undertook many reforms, the most famous of which, was the abolition of slavery (he pronounced every person born during his reign free), and took steps to liberate the present slaves by creating incentives for their owners; he expanded the communication and transportation system by building the first railroad, post and telegraph services; he also established a variety of public utilities, and improved health and educational standards for the public; he developed criminal and civil courts, a police force, hospitals, universities and a teacher’s college; married 153 wives, including (a), HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri, born 1st January 1864, died 20th October 1919, daughter of HM King Mongkut, and his wife, Piamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata, married (b), HM Queen Savang Vadhana, born 10th September 1862, died 17th December 1955, daughter of HM King Mongkut, and his wife, Piamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata, married (c), HM Queen Sunanda Kumariratana, born 10th November 1860, died 31st May 1880, daughter of HM King Mongkut, and his wife, Piamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata, married (d), HM Queen Sukhumala Marasri, daughter of HM King Mongkut, married 22nd, Chao Chom Manda Nueng (née Mom Rajawongse Nueng Snidvongs), married (e), HSH Princess Ubolratana Narinaka, the Princess Akaravorarajgalya, daughter of Prince Ladavalya, the Prince Bhumindrabhakdi, and his wife, Mom Chin, and had issue, thirty-three sons and forty-four daughters. He died 23rd October 1910.
    • HRH Princess Phong Prabai, born 19th December 1867, died 11th March 1942.
    • HRH Princess Srivilaya Laksana, born 24th July 1868, died 26th October 1904.
    • HRH Prince Isarawongse Vorarajakumarn, born 4th September 1870, died 5th June 1872.
    • HRH Princess Voralaksanavadi, born 12th June 1872, died 18th August 1926.
    • HRH Prince (unnamed), born 13th June 1872, died 13th June 1872.
    • HRH Princess Acharabarni Rajakanya, born 7th July 1872, died 16th November 1910.
    • HRH Princess Chudharatana Rajakumari, born 17th December 1872, died 31st May 1950.
    • HRH Princess Chandra Saradavarn, The Princess of Bichitra [cr.1905], born 15th April 1873, died 21st February 1905.
    • HRH Princess Arabindhu Benyabhag, born 27th April 1873, died 26th January 1936.
    • HRH Princess Suvabaktra Vilayabarn, born 2nd May 1873, died 30th July 1930.
    • HRH Princess Yaovamalaya Narumala Sabasakon Galyani [Somdet Phra Chao Boromwongse Ther Chao Fa Yaovamalaya Narumala Krom Khun Sawankalok Laksanavadi] (by Princess Ubolratana), born 4th June 1873 in the Grand Palace, Bangkok, she was granted the style and title of HRH the Princess of Sawankalok [Krom Khun Sawankalok Laksanavadi] on 21st May 1905 as well as the rank of Krom Khun, the 4th level of the Krom ranks, she was made Dame of The Most Illustrious Order of the Royal House of Chakri and Dame Cross of the Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao (First class) on 26th November 1893; appointed Executive Vice-President of the Red Unalom Society (later Thai Red Cross Society), she died 3rd July 1909 in Bangkok. 
    • HRH Prince Kitiyakara Voralaksana, born 8th June 1874, Prince of Chandaburi [cr.1902]; married 1stly, 21st May 1895, HSH Princess Apsara Samarn Devakul, born 21st October 1877, died 4th May 1939, daughter of HRH Prince Devan Udayawongse (see above), married 2ndly, Mom Chon Vijayabhaya, died 29th December 1924, married 3rdly, Mom Laong Vijayabhaya, born April 1882, died 7th May 1961, married 4thly, Mom Chan Induketu, born 1893, died 10th November 1922, married 5thly, Mom Lamiad Plianprayura, born October 1896, died 5th August 1981, and had issue, the Kitiyakara family. He died 27th April 1931.
    • HRH Prince Nabhanga Nibaddhabongse, born 8th August 1874, died 17th September 1876.
    • HRH Prince Rabi Badhanasakdi, born 21st October 1874, Prince of Rajaburi [cr.1899]; married 1stly, 1896, HH Princess Orabaddha Prabai Chakrabandhu, born 30th May 1880, died 16th July 1930, daughter of HRH Prince Chaturanta Rasmi Chakrabandhu (see above), married 2ndly, Mom Orn, born about 1877, died 4th May 1935, married 3rdly, Mom Daeng, died about 1939, married 4thly, 10th November 1918, Mom Rajawongse Saanga Pramoja, born 19th February 1898, died 1st February 1976, daughter of HH Prince Gamrob Pramoj, and had issue, the Rabibadhana family. He died 7th August 1920.
    • HRH Prince Pravitra Vadhanodom, born 27th May 1875, married 1stly, 4th December 1905, Mom Juen Kalyanamitra, born 5th June 1885, died 27th September 1934, elder daughter of Chao Phraya Surasih Visishthasakdi, married 2ndly, Mom Joy Kalyanamitra, born 7th August 1890, died 28th September 1971, younger daughter of Chao Phraya Surasih Visishthasakdi, and had issue, the Pravitra family. He died 9th December 1919.
    • HRH Princess Bandharavarna Varobhas, born 25th November 1875, died 15th May 1891.
    • HRH Prince Chirapravati Voradej, born 7th November 1876, Prince of Nakorn Jaisri [cr.1900], married 1stly, 12th August 1898, HSH Princess Pravas Svasti Sonakul, born 25th December 1883, died 11th December 1902, daughter of HRH Prince Sonabandhit (see above), married 2ndly, 28th April 1904, HSH Princess Sumornmalya Sonakul, born 14th April 1888, died 22nd February 1940, daughter of HRH Prince Sonabandhit (see above), and had issue, the Chirapravati family. He died 4th February 1914.
    • HRH Princess Beatrice Badra Yuvadi, born 5th December 1876, died 30th September 1913.
    • HRH Princess Suddhadibya Ratana (by HM Queen Sukhumala Marasri), born 14th September 1877, Princess of Sri Ratana Kosindra [cr.1903]; died 2nd January 1923.
    • HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajirunhis (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 27th June 1878 in Bangkok, he was the first Crown Prince of the Chakri Dynasty of Siam and was styled from 14th January 1886 as Somdet Phra Boromma-orasathirat Chao Fa Maha Vajirunhis Sayammakutrajakuman. He died of typhoid on 4th January 1895 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Karnabhorn Bejraratana (by HM Queen Sunanda Kumariratana), born 12th August 1878, died 31st May 1880.
    • HRH Princess Bahurad Manimaya (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri), born 19th December 1878, died 27th August 1887.
    • HRH Princess Charoen Sri Jonmayu, born 31st March 1879, died 24th December 1916.
    • HRH Princess (unnamed), born 13th June 1879, died 13th June 1879.
    • HRH Prince Isariyalongkorn (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 4th September 1879, died 25th September 1879.
    • HRH Princess Praves Varasamaya, born 2nd December 1879, died 31st May 1944.
    • HRH Prince (unnamed), born 31st May 1880, died 31st May 1880.
    • HRH Prince Abhakara Kiartiwongse, born 19th December 1880, Prince of Jumborn [cr.1904]; married 1stly, 28th February 1901, HSH Princess Dibya Sambandhu Bhanubandu, born 17th May 1885, died 26th July 1908, daughter of HRH Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse Bhanubandhu (see above), married 2ndly, Mom Kim, born 22nd December 1886, died 27th May 1963, married 3rdly, Mom Chalaem, born 27th March 1888, died 6th July 1976, married 4thly, Mom Mian Bhakdi, born 15th January 1891, died 31st October 1974, daughter of Luang Brahma Bhakdi, married 5thly, Mom Joy Vichitranuja, born November 1890, died 30th January 1974, married 6thly, Mom Chaem Bhakdi, born 16th July 1894, died 29th March 1962, daughter of Luang Brahma Bhakdi, and had issue, the Abhakara family. He died 19th May 1923.
    • HM King Maha Vajiravudh [Rama VI] (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri) (qv)
    • HRH Princess Vichitra Chiraprabha (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 21st April 1881, died 15th August 1881.
    • HRH Princess Sasibongse Prabai, born 26th April 1881, died 31st May 1934.
    • HRH Princess (unnamed), born 10th June 1881, died 11th June 1881.
    • HRH Prince Paribatra Sukhumbandhu (by HM Queen Sukhumala Marasri), born 29th June 1881, Prince of Nakorn Savarn [cr.1901]; married 1stly, 17th August 1903, HSH Princess Prasongasom Jayanta, born 12th December 1886, died 21st June 1956, daughter of HRH Prince Jayanta Mongol, married 2ndly, Sombandhu Palakawongse, born 29th November 1905, died 8th February 1980, and had issue, the Paribatra family. He died 18th January 1944.
    • HRH Princess Bismaya Bimalasatya, born 20th December 1881, died 6th February 1937.
    • HRH Prince Purachatra Jayakara, The Prince of Kambaengbejra [cr.1906], born 23rd January 1882, married 1stly, 16th November 1904, HRH Princess Prabhavasiddh Narumala Chakrabandhu, born 11th June 1885, died 15th February 1963, daughter of HRH Prince Chaturanta Rasmi Chakrabandhu (see above), married 2ndly, Chao Ladakham Na Chiang Mai, born 7th December 1896, died 15th June 1984, daughter of Prince (Chao Rajawongse) Noi Lao Kaew na Chiang Mai and grand-daughter of Phra Chao Inda Varoros Suriyawongse, King of Chiang Mai, married 3rdly, Mom Bian Suragupta, born 1st September 1899, died 14th July 1938, married 4thly, Mom Phuad Peungrakwongse, born 1906, died March 1984, married 5thly, Mom Buaphuad Indrasuta, died 5th April 1911, married 6thly, Mom Chamlong Jalanugraha, born 8th September 1913, died about 1968, married 7thly, Mom Euam Arundat, born 1909, died 16th February 1948, and had issue, the Chatrajaya family. He died 14th September 1936.
    • HRH Prince Tribej Rutamadhamrong (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri), born 8th February 1882, died 22nd November 1887.
    • HRH Prince Sommatiwongse Varodaya, The Prince of Sri Dharmaraj [cr.1892] (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 9th June 1882, died 17th June 1899.
    • HRH Prince Benbadhanabongse, The Prince of Bijaya [cr.1908], born 13th September 1882, married 1stly, 30th October 1903, HSH Princess Varna Vilaya Kritakara, born 1st August 1888, died 20th December 1933, daughter of HRH Prince Krisda Bhiniharn (see above), married 2ndly, Mom Thiem Gajaseni, born November 1890, died 24th April 1964, and had issue, the Benbadhana family. He died 11th November 1909.
    • HRH Princess Ornonga Argayuba, born 27th October 1882, died 20th February 1883.
    • HRH Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanath, The Prince of Bisnulok [cr.1892] (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri), born 3rd March 1883, married 1stly, 12th February 1906, Ekaterina Ivanovna Desnitskaya [Mom Catherine), born 9th May 1886, died 3rd January 1960,  married 2ndly, HSH Princess Javalit Obhas Rabibadhana (see Rabibadhana family), born 11th February 1904, died 18th June 1932, daughter of HRH Prince  Rabi Badhanasakdi, and his wife, Mom Orn, and had issue. He died 13th June 1920.
      • HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse, born 28th March 1908, married 30th September 1938, Elisabeth Hunter [Mom Elisabeth], born 29th November 1915, died 27th November 1971, and had issue. He died 30th December 1963.
        • Mom Rajawongse (Princess) Narisara Chakrabongse, born 2nd August 1956 in London, married 1stly (div.), Allen Levy, married 2ndly, Kausvasti Svastivatana Tomson, son of Gary Thomson, and his wife, Mom Rajawongse Sai Svasti Svastivatana (see Svastivatana family), and has issue.
          • Chulachak Chakrabongse (by 1st marriage)
          • Bhusvasti Chakrabongse (by 2nd marriage)
    • HRH Prince Yugala Dighambara, The Prince of Lopburi [cr.1892], born 17th March 1883, married 22nd November 1907, HRH Princess Chalermkhetra Mangala Bhanubandhu, born 10th March 1893, died 23rd January 1957, daughter of HRH Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse Bhanubandhu (see above), and had issue, the Yugala family. He died 8th April 1932.
    • HRH Prince Vudhijaya Chalermlabh, The Prince of Singha [cr.1912], born 5th December 1883, married 1stly, 1st March 1906, HSH Princess Brahma Braobarna Diskul, born 9th December 1888, died 4th September 1924, daughter of HSH Prince Damrong Rajanubharb (see above), married 2ndly, Mom Prabandha Jatarung, born 4th March 1909, died 27th December 1983, and had issue, the Vudhijaya family. He died 18th October 1947.
    • HRH Princess Valaya Alongkorn, The Princess of Bejraburi (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 16th April 1884, died 15th February 1939.
    • HRH Prince Dilok Nabarath, The Prince of Sarn, born 3rd May 1884, died 12th January 1913.
    • HRH Princess Nabhachorn Chamras Sri, born 5th May 1884, died 31st August 1889.
    • HRH Prince Suriyong Prayurabandhu, born 29th July 1884, Prince of Jaya [cr.1914]; married 1stly, about 1906, Mom Juen Bunnag, born about 1887, died 25th March 1925, married 2ndly, Mom Chong, died about 1968, married 3rdly, Mom Renée Fusco, born 10th August 1896, died 3rd December 1979, married 4thly, Mom Sawong, born about 1898, died in June 1965, married 5thly, Mom Reni Fusco, born 1899, died 1934/1935, and had issue, the Suriyong family. He died 2nd May 1919.
    • HRH Princess Yaovabha Bhonghsanids (by Chao Chom Manda Nueng), born 28th August 1884, died 13th June 1934.
    • HRH Princess Oraprabandha Rambai, born 7th July 1885, died 25th May 1933.
    • HRH Princess Malini Nobhadara, The Princess of Sri Sajanalaya, born 31st July 1885, died 26th December 1924.
    • HRH Princess Prabha Barnbilaya (twin), born 13th August 1885, died 8th September 1948.
    • HRH Princess Prabai Barnbilas (twin), born 13th August 1885, died 17th November 1886.
    • HRH Prince Rangsit Prayurasakdi, Prince of Jainad/Chainat [cr.1922] (by Chao Chom Manda Nueng); born 12th November 1885 in Bangkok, styled Somdej Phra Chao Boromawongse Ther Krom Phraya Jainad Narendhorn; married 28th August 1912 in London, Mom Elisabeth Rangsit na Ayudhaya (née Scharnberger), born 15th September 1892, died 29th September 1973, and had issue, the Rangsit family. He died 7th March 1951 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Prince Siriraj Kakudhabhandha (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri), born 27th November 1885, died 31st May 1887.
    • HRH Princess Nibha Nobhadol, The Princess of Udong, born 4th December 1886, died 29th January 1936.
    • HRH Princess Komala Saovamarl, born 19th September 1887, died 19th April 1890.
    • HRH Princess (unnamed), born 13th December 1887, died 13th December 1887.
    • HRH Princess Sirabhorn Sobhon (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 19th July 1888, died 28th May 1898.
    • HRH Prince Khechorn Chirapradishtha, born 23rd July 1888, died 7th October 1888.
    • HRH Prince Samaya Vudhivarodom, born 13th September 1888, died 9th December 1889.
    • HRH Prince Isriyabhorn, born 21st October 1888, died 22nd September 1892.
    • HRH Princess Adorn Dibyanibha, born 21st April 1889, died 23rd March 1958.
    • HRH Prince Asdang Dejavudh (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri), born 12th May 1889, married Than Puying (Grand Dame) Paew Snidvongsseni. He died 9th February 1925.
    • HRH Princess Vimala Naganabisi, born 2nd October 1889, died 21st February 1893.
    • HRH Princess Abbhantri Paja, born 31st October 1889, died 18th February 1935.
    • HRH Princess Adisaya Suriyabha, born 14th February 1890, died 27th January 1963.
    • HRH Princess Dibyalangkarn, born 17th January 1891, died 4th June 1932.
    • HRH Princess Suchitra Bharani, born 6th February 1891, died 26th October 1918.
    • HRH Princess Varpi Busbakara, born 25th June 1891, died 15th December 1982.
    • HRH Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, the Prince of Songkhla (by HM Queen Savang Vadhana), born 1st January 1892 in Bangkok, married 10th September 1920 in Bangkok, HRH Princess Sangvalya Jukramol, born 21st October 1900 in Thon Buri, died 18th July 1995, granted the titles of Somdej Phra Sri Nakarindra Baromraj Chonni Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromrajajoni, and had issue. He died 24th September 1929.
      • HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, born 6th May 1923 in London, married (as his second wife), 24th September 1969, HH Prince Varananda Dhavaj (see above).
      • HM King Ananda Mahidol [Rama VIII] (qv)
      • HM King Bhumbibhol Adulyadej [Rama IX] (qv)
    • HRH Prince Anusara Siriprasadhana, born 21st February 1892, died 6th May 1900.
    • HRH Princess Lavard Varaonga, born 30th March 1892, died 5th December 1893.
    • HRH Prince Chudadhuj Dharadilok (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri), born 5th July 1892, married 1stly, Mom Laor Sirisambandha, born 9th May 1907, married 2ndly, Mom Ravi Kayananda, born 16th October 1904, married 3rdly, 25th August 1922, HSH Princess  Bunchiradara Jumbala, born 10th August 1897, died 19th March 1980, daughter of Prince Jumbala Sombhoj [Sarnbasiddhi Prasonga], and had issue. He died 8th July 1923.
      • HH Princess Suddhasiri Sobha (by Mom Laor Sirisambandha), born 16th December 1921, educated privately in the Grand Palace, and then at the Queen's school, Rajini School, she was involved in many projects and charities throughout her life, and also took a great interest in the preservation of old monuments of historical importance to Thailand; married 15th March 1943, HSH Prince Suvinit Kitiyakara (see below), and had issue. She died 2nd February 1998.
      • HH Prince Varananda Dhavaj (by Mom Ravi Kayananda), born 19th August 1922, married 1stly, 10th June 1950, Pamela Smee [Mom Pamela], born 28th May 1929, married 2ndly, HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, born 6th March 1923 in London, daughter of HRH Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, and his wife, HRH Princess Sangvalya Jukramol, born 21st October 1900 in Thon Buri, died 18th July 1995, and had issue. He died 14th September 1990.
        • Mom Rajawongse (Prince) Dilok Nicholas Chudadhuj (by Mom Pamela), born 9th May 1953, married 19th March 1982, Jane Bishop [Mom Jane], born 26th August 1960, and had issue, two children.
          • Mom Luang Dilok Nicholas Chudadhuj, born 14th January 1983.
          • Mom Luang Katharine Chudadhuj, born 16th July 1984.
        • Mom Rajawongse Dara Jane Chudadhuj (by Mom Pamela), born 8th January 1956.
    • HRH Princess (unnamed), born 13th December 1892, died 25th January 1893.
    • HRH Princess Hemavadi, born 12th January 1893, died 17th October 1972.
    • HRH Prince Urubongse Rajasombhoj, born 15th October 1893, died 20th September 1909.
    • HM King Prajadhipok Sakdidejana [Rama VII] (by HM Queen Saowabha Phongsri) (qv)
    • HRH Princess (unnamed), born 9th November 1893, died 16th November 1893.

  6. HM King Maha
                      Vajiravudh, 6th King of SiamHM King MAHA VAJIRAVUDH [Rama VI], 6th King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [23.10.1910] - [26.11.1925], born 1st January 1881 in Bangkok, Prince of Debdavaravadi [cr.1889]; married 1stly, 27th October 1921, Phra Sucharit Suda Pruang Sucharitakul, born 13th November 1895, died 6th March 1982, elder daughter of Chao Phraya Sudharm Montri [Pluem Sucharitakul], and his wife, Kimlai Tejakambuja, married 2ndly, 1st January 1922, HM Queen Indrasakdi Sachi (Prabai Sucharitakul), born 10th June 1902 in Bangkok, died 30th November 1975 in Bangkok, younger daughter of Chao Phraya Sudharm Montri [Pluem Sucharitakul], and his wife, Kimlai Tejakambuja, she was later demoted to the rank of Princess Consort, married 3rdly, 27th August 1922, HRH Princess Laksmi Lavan Voravan, born 3rd July 1899, died 29th August 1961, daughter of HRH Prince Voravarnakara [Prince Naradhib I Prabhanhabongse (see above)], married 4thly, 10th August 1924 at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Phra Nang Chao Suvadhana [née Kreuakaew Abhayavongsa], born 15th April 1905 in Bangkok, died 10th October 1985 at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, daughter of Phraya Abhaiyabhupesa [Lueam Abhaiwongse], and his wife, Lek Bunnag, she was elevated to the rank of minor consort in April 1924, renamed Suvadhana, and was later married the same year and raised to the rank of Royal High Consort Suvadhana, when she was pregnant she was further elevated to the rank and style of HRH Princess Suvadhana, Princess Consort on 11th October 1925 and further elevated to the rank and style of HRH Princess Suvadhana, Royal Consort of HM King Vajiravudh on 16th November 1925, she and her daughter emigrated to the U.K. in 1938, and during WWII the Princess volunteered for the British Red Cross, donating winter clothes and equipment to British soldiers, she later received a letter of recommendation from the organization, they returned to Thailand permanently in 1957, and built the Ruenruedi Villa Palace, in her later years she carried out many royal duties and became patron of many charitable organizations, and had issue, one daughter. He died 26th November 1925 in Bangkok.
    • HRH Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda (by Phra Nang Chao Suvadhana), born 24th November 1925.

  7. HM King Prajadhipok
                      [Rama VII], 7th King of SiamHM King PRAJADHIPOK [Sakdidejana] [Rama VII], 7th King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [26.11.1925] – [2.3.1935], born 8th November 1893, Prince of Sukhodaya [cr.1906]; like his brother he abandoned polygamy and only married one Queen, when the revolutionary Government refused to accept the King's ancient power of pardon, he abdicated on 2nd March 1935 due to the political quarrels as well as due to health problems; after the abdication the Royal couple moved to England, staying firstly in Kent, then Surrey, Devon and Powys in Wales, married 26th August 1918, HM Queen Rambhai Barni, born 20th December 1904, died 22nd May 1984, buried 8th April 1985, daughter of HRH Prince Svasti Sobhon (see above), and his wife, Princess Abha Barni Gaganang, and had adoptive issue. He died of heart failure sp on 30th May 1941.
    • HRH Prince Chirasakdi Sakdidej Bhanubhandhu, born 1917, son of Field Marshall HRH Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse, the Prince Bhanubandhubongse Voradej, and his consort, Mom Lek Yongchaiyudh, he was adopted by HM King Prajadhipok, and his wife, HM Queen Rambhai Barni, and became the founder of the Sakdidej Bhanubhandhu Royal Family, which became exgtinct on his death, he served as a RAF fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain. He died sp on duty in 1942.

  8. HM King Ananda Mahidol
                      [Rama VIII], 8th King of SiamHM King ANANDA MAHIDOL [Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramentharamaha Ananda Mahidol Phra Atthama Ramathibodindara, Rama VIII], 8th King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty [21.3.1935] - [9.6.1946], born 20th September 1925 in Heidelberg as Mom Chao Ananda Mahidol Mahidol; in 1927, he was elevated to the rank and style of Phra Worawong Ther Phra Ong Chao, he was elected by the National Assembly of Siam and government to succeed his uncle, King Prajadhipok as the Eighth King of the Chakri Dynasty on 2nd March 1935. He died unmarried on 9th June 1946 in Bangkok.

  9. HM King BHUMIBHOL ADULYADEJ [Rama IX], 9th King of Siam of the Chakri Dynasty (see above)