TU'I PELEHAKE (Noble Title)

LOCATION: Tonga (Pelehake, Ha'atalafale and Ha'atalafale) AREA: xx acres CREATION: xx
TITLE: The Honourable Fatafehi Tu'i Pelehake HA'A: Ha'a Talafale SEAT: circa 1800

PRESENT TITLE HOLDER: HSH Prince Tu'ipelehake (Hon. Viliami Sione Ngu Takaivulai Tuku'aho), 8th Fatafehi Tu'ipelehake since 8th July 2014
born 5th January 1987, he is a military officer with the rank of Lieutenant. in His Majesty's Armed Forces (formerly the Tonga Defence Services); married 19th July 2008 at Polata'ane, Hon. Cassandra Tukuia-a-Purea Vaea, adopted daughter of Hon. Alipate Tu'ivanuavou Vaea, Baron Vaea of Houma, and his wife, Baroness Tuputupu Ma'afu-Vaea, and natural daughter of Hon. 'Alipate Tu'ivanuavou Vaea, and of Siatukimoana Fakafanua, and has issue.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: A High Ranking title second only to the Tu'i Kanokupulu. The Tu'i Pelehake was one of the six most ancient titles of Tonga. The Tu'i Pelehake title goes back to the first Tu'i Tonga, 'Aho'eitu, in the 10th Century. His oldest brother, Talafale, was bestowed the titles Tu'i Pelehake and Tu'i Faleua, backup titles in case the Tu'i Tonga line would die out. The estates belonging to this family are Pelehake and Ha'atalafale in Ha'apai and Ha'atalafale in Vava'u. Title holders were... 
1. "Queen Salote of Tonga : 1900-1965" by Elizabeth Wood Ellem, Auckland University Press, 1999
2. In the Order of Precedence, Lord Tu’ipelehake will follow immediately after Royal Princes and Princesses.