TU'IVAKANO (Noble Title)

LOCATION: Tonga (Nukunuku, Matafonua, Vaotu'u, Matahau) AREA: xx sq.km. CREATION: around 1730
TITLE: The Honourable Tu'ivakano HA'A: Ha'a Havea Lahi SEAT: xx

Hon. SIALE'ATAONGA TU'IVAKANOPRESENT TITLE HOLDER: The Honourable Lord Tu'ivakano [Hon. Siale'ataonga Tu'ivakano], 13th Tu'ivakano since 20th January 1986.
educated at Tonga Side School, at Tonga High School, at Wesley College, Auckland in New Zealand, where he was the Head Prefect, Athletics Champion and Captain of the 1st XV (Rugby Union Football); he earned a Teaching Diploma in 1974 from Ardmore Teaching College, New Zealand and in 1991 he earned a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Political Science from Flinders University of South Australia; prior to entering upon a political career in 1996, he taught at Tailulu College Nukunuku Secondary School, then at Tonga High School, as Head of Physical Education; he then had served in the Ministry of Education, for eighteen years, then as Officer responsible for Culture, Youth, and Sports 1992/1996; Member of the Legislative Assembly for Tongatapu 1996/2002; Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga (Parliament) from 2002 to 2004; appointed Minister for Works from March 2005 to May 2006; Minister for Training, Employment, Youth and Sport from May 2006; elected Prime Minister of Tonga [22.12.2010] - [30.12.2014]; Speaker of the Tonga Parliament 2014/-; he succeeded his father to the title of Tu'ivakano on 20th January 1986; President, Tonga National Rugby League; President, Tonga Sumo Association; President, Tonga National Taekwando Association; Vice-President, Tongan National Olympic Committee; married Hon. Joyce Robyn Sanft [Hon. Siosi Kaho], daughter of Lolo Sanft, and has issue.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The founder of the family was Tu'ivakano (lit. king of the borrowed boat), the son of Mataeletu'apiko, 3rd Tu'i Kanokupulu. The estates belonging to this family are, Nukunuku, Matafonua, Vaotu'u and Matahau in Tongatapu. Title holders were...