TUNGI (Noble Title)

LOCATION: Tonga (Mu'a, Ha'atakalaua, Fua'amotu, Kai'avale and Ha'atui) AREA: xx sq.km. SEAT: Mu'a
TITLE: The Honourable Tungi HA'A: Ha'a Vaea CREATION: ca 1887

PRESENT TITLE HOLDER: HSH Prince Tungi Sitiveni 'Alaivahamama'o Polu Le'ulingana Tanusia Ma'a Tonga Tuku'aho, 4th Tungi since 19th July 2008.
he was elevated to the rank of Prince, as a hereditary distinction, with the style of Serene HighnessIn the Order of Precedence, Lord Tungi will follow immediately after Royal Princes and Princesses., by HM King George Tupou V on 19th July 2008; he was appointed Lord Bearer of the Crown [14.7.2008];

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The estates belonging to this family are, Mu'a but not to include Havelu, Fatumu and Lavengatonga but it shall include Ha'atakalaua to Fua'amotu and Kai'avale and Ha'atui, also that part of Navutoka that was divided by Malupo and Toi. Title holders were...
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