VAEA (Noble Title)

LOCATION: Tonga (Houma) AREA: xx CREATION: 17xx
TITLE: Baron Vaea of Houma HA'A: Ha'a Havea Lahi SEAT: Houma

PRESENT TITLE HOLDER: The Paloni Vaea (Hon. 'Alipate Tu'ivanuavou Vaea), 16th Vaea and 2nd Baron Vaea of Houma since 2009.
born 18th September 1957, installed as the 16th Vaea on 13th June 2009 and 2nd Baron Vaea of Houma; he enlisted in the Tonga Defense Forces in 1980; served as A.D.C to His Late Majesty King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV 1981/1984; Commanding Officer at Velata Base in Ha'apai 1984/1985; Administrator Officer at Masefield Naval Base at Touliki 1987/1988;Commissioner for the Constitutional and Electoral Commission; appointed Secretary for the Tonga Traditions Committee at the Palace Office on 26th April 1995; married Hon. Siatukimoana Tu'utangahunuhunu Fakafanua, daughter of Hon. Kinikinilau Lelea 'a Fafine Fakafanua [The Noble Fakafanua], 6th Fakafanua, and his wife, Hon. Kalolaine Lataifalefehi 'Ahome'e, and has issue, six children, as well as further issue. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The estate belonging to this family is that of Houma. The founder of the family was Vaivai, son of Mata'eletu'apiko, 3rd Tu'i Kanokupulu, and his second wife, 'Umukisia. Title holders were...
VACANT 1939/1942
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