TITLE: HH Kabaka RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Uganda DYNASTY: Kiganda
PRESENT RULER: HH Kabaka Ronald Frederick Muwenda MUTEBI II, 36th Kabaka of Buganda since 1993.
born 13th April 1955 in Mmengo, Crowned as Ssekabaka on 31st July 1993, educated privately at the palace as well as in Preparatory school in Bugangaizi County, Uganda; Buddo Junior School; Kingsmead Preparatory School, Sussex; Bradford Public School, Reading; studied Law at Cambridge University, England. He married on the 27th August 1999 in St Paul's Cathedral, Namirembe, Sylvia Nagginda Luswata, [HH Queen Sylvia], Nabagereka of Buganda, member of the Omusu Clan, born September 1964 in UK, educated at Lake Victoria Primary School, Gayaza Junior School, Wanyange Girls School, City University (New York) earning an Associates Degree with Honours, New York University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and at the New York Institute of Technology, earning a Master of Arts degree with Distinction, her major field of study was Public Relations, including economics, journalism and corporate communications, worked with the World Bank in Washington, as a Research Consultant at the United Nations headquarters, as a Proposal Writer with MAXIMUS, Inc. and GKA Inc., and as an independent consultant in public relations and business development, daughter of John Mulumba Luswata, and his wife, Rebecca Nakintu, also married in secondary unions (a), H.E. Vanencia Sebudandi, married (b), Edith Nakazana, died 2nd September 2008 in London, and has issue.
  • Prince Jjunju Suna Kiwewa (by Vanencia Sebudandi), educated at King's College, Buddo.
  • Princess Victoria Nkinzi
  • Princess Joan Nassolo
  • Princess Sarah Katrina Ssanalayambogo (by Queen Sylvia), born 4th July 2001 at Queen Charlotte's Chelsea Hospital, UK.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The area that would later be known as Buganda was ruled by a chief known as Bbemba Musota. The area was lost to Kintu Kato, who founded the Kingdom of Buganda and became its first Kabaka in the first quarter of the 14th century. Rulers were...
  1. Ssekabaka NDAULA, married and had issue.
    • Ssekabaka KAGULU (qv)
    • Ssekabaka KIKULWE (qv)
    • Ssekabaka MAWANDA (qv)
    • Prince Musanju, had issue.
      • Ssekabaka NAMUGALA (qv)
      • Ssekabaka KYABUGU (qv)
      • Ssekabaka MWANGA I (qv)

  2. Ssekabaka KAGULU

  3. Ssekabaka KIKULWE, married (amongst others) Nnakabugo, daughter of Mugema of the Nkima clan.

  4. Ssekabaka MAWANDA -/1740

  5. Ssekabaka MWANGA I 1740/1741

  6. Ssekabaka NAMUGALA 1741/1750

  7. Ssekabaka KYABAGGU, 25th Kabaka of Buganda 1750/1780, married and had issue. He died about 1780.
    • Ssekabaka JJUNJU (qv)
    • Ssekabaka SEMAKOKIRO (qv)

  8. Ssekabaka JJUNJU, 26th Kabaka of Buganda 1780/1796, died 1796.

  9. Ssekabaka SEMAKOKIRO [Wasajja], 27th Kabaka of Buganda 1796/1814, married (amongst others) Sikyayinza and Bwayita, daughters of Jjumba of the Nkima clan, and had issue. He died 1814.
    • Ssekabaka KAMANYA [Mukasa] (qv)

  10. Ssekabaka KAMANYA [Mukasa], 28th Kabaka of Buganda 1814/1836, married (amongst others), the following members of the Nkima clan, Basiima daughter of Katesigwa, Kisibyoomunyolo daughter of Jjumba, Mpozaaki daughter of Katesigwa, Mukwano daughter of Mugema, Nabikukku daughter of Jjumba, Nabiswaazi daughter of Jjumba, Siribatwaalira daughter of [not known], and had issue. He died 1836.
    • Ssekabaka SUNA II (qv)
    • Prince Naku
    • Prince Kiterara

  11. Ssekabaka SUNA II [Kalema], 29th Kabaka of Buganda 1836/1856, married (amongst others) the following members of the Nkima clan, Bayita daughter of Mugema, Gwendisanga daughter of Mugema, Kalaba daughter of Mugema, Kizaala I daughter of Mugema, Kizaala II daughter of Gombe, Mukulukyayogera daughter of Kaliisa, Muzaayirwa daughter of Mugema, Mwanza Muyima daughter of [not known], Nnabiiki I daughter of Mugema, Nnabiiki II daughter of Mugema, Nnakasala daughter of Mugema, Nnakuttanya daughter of Kinyolo, Nalisanga daughter of Kaliisa, Nnassozi daughter of Ttondo, Nnundayalusi daughter of Jjumba, Siriiko daughter of Mugema, Tebandowooza daughter of Mugema, Wabulenseko daughter of Ndagala, and had issue. He died in October 1856.
    • Prince Kajumba
    • Prince Kiyimba
    • Prince Nuhu Mbogo, had issue. He died 1921.
      • Prince Badru Kakungulu Wasajja, born 20th July 1907, married and had issue. He died 1991 (#1).
        • Prince Kassim Nakibinge, fl.2000
    • Prince Dina Nanirembe
    • Ssekabaka Mukabye MUTESA I (qv)
    • Prince Selwola
    • Princess Nassolo
    • Prince Kyebatula
    • Prince Lukanga
    • Prince Wampaba
    • Prince Kato
    • Prince Bairye
    • Prince Nawati 
    • Prince Kiwewa

  12. Ssekabaka Mukabya MUTESA I, 30th Kabaka of Buganda 1856/1884, born about 1837, under the influence of traders and missionaries he converts firstly to Islam in 1868, then to Christianity in 1877 and finally to Animism in 1879; married (amongst others), Mukomutanda, Nnamukasa and Sayi, daughters of Mugema of the Nkima clan, Mugolooba daughter of Jjumba of the Nkima clan, and had issue. He died 10th October 1884 at Kasubi.
    • Prince Junju, died 1882.
    • Prince Luswatta, died 1882.
    • Prince Mawanda, died 1882/3.
    • Kabaga Danieri Basamula MWANGA II (qv)
    • Prince Kimera
    • Ssekabaka KIWEWA (qv)
    • Ssekabaka KALEMA (qv)
    • Princess Clara Nalumansi
    • Daughter, married (div.1905) Semei Lulaklenzi Kakungulu (1869-1928)

  13. Ssekabaka Danieri Basamula MWANGA II Basammula-Ekkere, 31st Kabaka of Buganda [24.10.1884] - [10.9.1888] and [5.10.1889] - [9.8.1897], born 1867, he was overthrown by his bodyguard in 1888 and succeeded by his brother as Kabaka of Buganda; married (amongst others), Lady Evelyn Kulabako, and had issue. He died 1903 in the Seychelles.
    • Prince Kagolo
    • Prince Mere Mazi
    • Prince Yusufu Suna Kiwewa
    • Capt. HH Ssekabaka Sir DAUDI CHWA II (by Lady Evelyn Kulabako) (qv)

  14. Ssekabaka MUTEBI II KIWEWA, 32nd Kabaka of Buganda [10.9.1888] - [21.10.1888], overthrown by the powerful Arab faction; married and had issue, 24 sons. He died 1889.
    • Prince Mazi
    • Prince Siribwa
    • Prince Walulyo
    • Prince Kibuka
    • Prince Nabada
    • Prince Muinda
    • Prince Augustin Tibandeke/Gusito Tebandeka
    • Prince Nasuswa
    • Prince Lulaba
    • Prince Namulenzi
    • Prince Kagunya
    • Prince Lukongwa
    • Prince Kiwanuka
    • Prince Walalyo
    • Prince Gulubagwire
    • Prince Sekamanya
    • Prince Mwanga
    • Prince Kagere
    • Prince Chwa
    • Prince Ngeza
    • Prince Namika
    • Prince Musisi

  15. Ssekabaka KALEMA Muguluma, 33rd Kabaka of Buganda [21.10.1888] - [5.10.1889], married and had issue, five sons and several daughters. He died 1890.
    • Prince Besemerisi Dimbwe
    • Prince Zimbe
    • Prince Alamalani Ndaula
    • Prince Yuniya Kamuwanda
    • Prince Yozefu Musanje Walugembe
    • Princess Maria Kamuhanda
    • Daughter, married Semei Lulaklenzi Kakungulu (1869-1928) 

  16. Capt. HH Ssekabaka Sir DAUDI CHWA II, 34th Kabaka of Buganda [14.8.1897] - [22.11.1939], born 8th August 1896 in Mengo, C.M.G. (Hon.)[cr.1918], K.C.M.G. (Hon.)[cr.1925], married (amongst others) (a), 14th September 1914 in St Paul's Cathedral, Namirembe (#2), Lady Irene Drusilla Namaganda, born 1896, died 1957 (married 2ndly, 1941, Canon Peter Kigozi, born 1915, died 2010), daughter of Reverend Yonasani Ka'izi, married (b), a sister of Omutaka Nelson Sebugwawo (grandfather of Queen Sylvia), married (c), another sister of Omutaka Nelson Sebugwawo, and had issue, 14 children. He died 22nd November 1939 (#3) in Kampala, buried at Kasubi.
    • Princess Alice Zalwango, born 1914, died 30th November 1953.
    • Prince George William Mawanda-Chwa, born 1919, Prince of Salaama, married and has issue, fl.1999.
      • Princess Victoria Muggale, born about 1952, Nnalinya -/1999, died 7th January 1999, buried 14th January 1999.
    • Prince Lincoln Ndaula
    • Prince Harold Henry Kimera, married (a), married (b), 11th March 1959 in London (sep.'d. in September 1959), Carol Anne Withey, she left for the U.S.A. in the 1960's, and has issue, six children.
      • Prince Andrew Christian Sekamanya Kimera, born in London, U.K.
      • Prince Daudi Muwenda Kimera, born in London, U.K.
      • Princess Barbara Lwantale Kimera, born in London, U.K., married Aggrey Mulira, and has issue, two children.
        • Ayrton Mulira, born 1987.
        • Dionte Mulira, born 1994.
      • Princess Jasmine Naluwembe Kimera, born in London, U.K.
      • Prince Henry Kalemera Kimera, born in London, U.K.
      • Farida Nanchwa Dembe Kimera, born in London, U.K.
    • Princess Victoria Nabaloga, dec.
    • HH Ssekabaka Frederick Edward Mutesa II (qv)
    • Princess Irene, deceased.
    • Prince Henry Suna fl.1979
    • Prince David Alexander Ssimbwa, born 1933, put forward as a rival Ssekabaka in 1999, by a group of dissident Royal Family members, married and has issue. fl.2009
      • Princess Eresi Balilala Nakayenga [Mrs. Edward Kannyo]
      • Princess Elina Zalwango
      • Princess Evelyn Nachwa
      • Prince Joseph Walugembe
      • Prince David Bamweyana
      • Prince Tebandeke
      • Prince Mukuma
      • Prince Muwenda
      • Prince Peter Kayondo, deceased.
      • Prince Kigala, deceased. 
    • Prince George Juko, born 1930, had issue. He died March 1971.
      • Princess Irene Jemaima Ndagire, Nnalinya (Keeper of the Kasubi Royal Tombs), 9th January to 23rd January 1999.
    • Princess Evelyne Nacwa, Nnalinya, aged 76 at 19th April 2001.
    • Princess Elizabeth Nakabiri, Nnaalinya fl.2009
    • Princess Edith Dorothy Nabweteme, Nnaalinya fl.2009, married Kasoma Zake, son of Joshua Zake, and has issue.
      • Prof. Fredrick H.M. Semazzi, born 28th April 1953, married Lucy, and has issue.
        • Dorothy Semazzi, born 1982.
        • Francis Semazzi, born 1987, has issue.
        • Joshua Semazzi, born 1988.
    • Princess Beatrice Muggale, fl.2009

  17. HH Ssekabaka Edward William Frederick Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula MUTESA II, 35th Kabaka of Buganda [23.11.1939] - [24.5.1966], President of Uganda 1963/1966, born 19th November 1924 in Kampala (#4), married (a) 19th November 1948 in Namirembe Cathedral, Queen Damali Nnakawombe Kisosonkole, born 26th September 1930, died 12th July 2010, member of the Nkima clan, Nnaabagareka of Buganda; elder daughter of Christopher Sekkuuma Kisosonkole, and his wife, Victoria Nalwanga Mukasa, educated at Buddo Junior School, at Kings College, Buddo and later at Shabon College, U.K.; she was the first president of the Girl Guides Association in Uganda; married (b), Omuzaana Kabejja Sarah Nnalule Kisosonkole, born 1931, died 1974, younger daughter of Christopher Sekkuuma Kisosonkole, and his wife, Victoria Nalwanga Mukasa, married (c), Omuzaana Nalwoga, married (d), Lady Magdalene Lubuga Buwomyaki, married (e), Lady Eriosi Nalwoga, married (f), Princess Kaakako Rwanchwende of Ankole, married (g), Princess Winifred Keihangwe of Ankole, married (h), Lady Nesta M. Rugumayo, a Batoro, married (i), Princess Beatrice Kabasweka, daughter of daughter of Omukama Daudi Kasagama Kyebambe IV of Toro, married (j), Princess Katherine Karungu, niece of the former Omukama Gasyonga of Ankole, and had issue. He died 21st November 1969 in London, buried 4th April 1971 in Kasubi.
    • Prince (Omulangira) Suna Frederick Wampaba (by Lady Damali Kisosonkole), killed in 1972 while on duty at the northern military outpost of Bondo.
    • Prince Robert Masambwa Kimera Kiwewa (by Lady Nesta Rugumayo), born 1950, educated at St. Maryís College, Kisubi; he has worked in various professions, including teaching and veterinary medicine, currently he is involved in his Geophysics profession in Canada.
    • HH Kabaka Ronald Muwenda MUTEBI II (by Lady Sarah Kisosonkole) (qv)
    • Prince Henry Kalemera (by Queen Damali Kisosonkole), born 1955, studied Aeronautical Engineering in Ethiopia and is now working as a flight engineer for the American Airlines; married Eva Zake, and has issue, two daughters and a son.
    • Prince Daudi Ssimbwa Kazibwe Golooba (by Lady Magdalene), born 4th April 1955, grew up with his sisters, Sarah Kagere and Agnes Nabaloga, at the home of Mr. Bulasio Kalinabiri Kavuma, a former Saazza Chief and Minister of Finance in the Buganda Government; educated at King's College, Budo 1961/1971, matriculating with three "A" levels, and at Makerere Universty studying Economics and Political Science (B.A. Hons. 1976); represented the school in Football, Athletics, Tennis, Volley Ball and captained the School cricket team (winning a Cricket Cup), married Lady Mariana Nagawa Lubogo, daughter of Justice David Kunya Luboga, and his wife, Sarah Lubogo, and has issue.
      • Princess Nakayenga Ndagire, educated at Makerere University (Economics and Statistics), employed with Centenary Bank; married Godfrey Kyagulanyi, Surveyor for Umeme (formerly the Uganda Electricity Board), and has issue, two daughters.
      • Princess Zalwango Kamuwanda, a designer, married Edward Bakojja, Headmaster of Kawempe Moslem Secondary School, Lecturer in Mathematics at Kyambogo University and Mengo Secondary School, and has issue, a daughter and a son and a set of twins.
      • Prince Simbwa Sekamanya Arnold Simeon Cuthbert Elvis, educated at Makerere University (Library and Information Science), formerly employed as a Bursar at Kabojja Primary School, presently (2007) employed with Yellow Pages Express Ltd (a courier company); married Hadija Bisirikirwa, educated at Makerere University (B.A. Education), sometime teacher at Kabojja Secondary School, presently (2007) working with Pride Microfinace as branch manager, Jinja; and has issue, two sons.
        • Prince Nasser Kakungulu Kezekia Golooba
        • Prince Nadeem Lukanga Kajumba Nakibinge
      • Prince Daudi Chwa Tebandeke Mbogo, presently (2006) studying Economics and Business Administration at Reading University.
      • Princess Nabaloga Nagawa Tebatagwabwe, presently (2006) studying her "A" levels at St. Dominic's Catholic College, Harrow-on-the-Hill, in her final year.
      • Prince Ssuuna Kisakye Mukabya, presently (2006) studying at Pinner Park Middle School, Harrow.
    • Prince George Michael Ndawula (by Lady Eriosi Nalwoga), born 1956.
    • Prince Herbert Kateregga (by Princess Kaakako Rwanchwende of Ankole), born 1964; works for the local administrations sector in London; has issue, one son by a Masaka businesswoman.
    • Prince David Kintu Wasajja (by Princess Winifred Keihangwe of Ankole), B.A., born 1966, appointed executive underwriter for Pan World Insurance; retail regional manager for Celtel; Member, Buganda Land Board.
    • Prince Michael Ndaula (by Lady Muzaana Nalwoga)
    • Prince Patrick Nakibinge Suna (+)
    • Prince Richard Walugembe (+) (by Lady Sarah Kisosonkole), studied Journalism in Ghana, then worked in fashion and advertising. He is buried on Kasubi hill, near the tomb of his father.
    • Princess Dorothy Namukabya Nassolo (by Lady Damali), born 1952, educated at Calne School, U.K. and at Nairobi University (B.A. in English and History); worked at the Ugandan Embassy in the U.S.A. and is currently Under-Secretary at the Health Service Commission, married and has issue, three children.
    • Princess Sarah Anna Kagere (by Lady Sarah Kisosonkole), born 1952, educated at Nairobi University (B.A. in Political Science); owner and manager of a chain of menís salons; married Bbale Mugera, and has issue, three children.
    • Princess Dr. Christine Agnes Nabaloga (by Lady Sarah Kisosonkole), has a Ph.D. in Linguistics, married Peter Bjornsen, and has issue.
    • Princess Dina Kigga Mukarukidi (by Princess Beatrice Kabasweka), presently working at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa; married Robert Ikobo, a Permanent Secretary in Idi Aminís government.
    • Princess (Omumbejja) Alice Namaganda Zalwango (by Lady Edith Kasozi Bumennya), born 10th March 1960, educated at Gayaza Junior School, at Gayaza High School, at Kibuli Secondary School and at Makerere University; she worked for East African General Insurance for eight years, before joining Uganda Commercial Bank for two years; Nnalinya of the Kabaka Mwanga tomb at Kasubi, married and had issue, four children. She died 23rd March 2005 in East Pretoria, buried 31st March 2005 at Kasubi.
      • Richard, born 1980.
      • Victoria, born 1987.
      • Ethel (Goody), born 1995.
      • (name unknown), born 2002.
    • Princess Dina Teyeggula (by Princess Katherine Karungu), born October 1966, married (sep.'d.) Robert Kannuma, Passports Control Officer in the Immigration Department. 
    • Princess Nalinya Stella Alexandra Serwamutanda Ndagire (by Zibiah Ngatho, a Kikuyu lady), a Speech and Language Pathologist. (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)
INTERREGNUM 1966/1993, Throne vacant [24.5.1966] - [8.9.1967], abolished 8th September 1967 and restored 24th July 1993.
  1. HH Kabaka Ronald Frederick Muwenda MUTEBI II (qv)

  • Prince Earnest Kayima Mpadwa, Ssaabalangira 1950/1953
  • Princess Catherine Nkinzi, cousin of Ssekabaka Mutesa II
  • Princess Beatrice Namikka, Nnalinya, installed 23rd January 1999.
  • Prince David Nnamugala

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