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Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.

The CS-249 Ionic~Colloidal Silver Generator is manufactured in Australia and generates quality Ionic~Colloidal Silver.
Ionic Colloidal Silver has long been considered one of nature's germ fighters.
This unit features a Voltage Regulator to maintain constant voltage and produce quality ionic~colloidal silver.
Electrodes are made from 4x9 Fine Silver.
Power supply is a Wall Adapter or a single 9 Volt Battery if Mains Power is not available

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CS-249 Key Features

  • Type : Dr.Bob Beck
  • Power Source: Wall Adapter or 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Electronics: Solid State
  • Electrodes : Silver - Replaceable
  • Warranty : 36 month on Internally Mounted Parts
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Accessories (included):

Silver Electrodes
Power Adapter

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Brand: K2 Instruments