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What our Customers say .......

    "great product, great workmanship, and great experience buying, TY!!!!"
                  Dr. Bob Beck Ultimate Protocol Package.
                    by roball_9. - USA

    "Great Seller. Great Product"
                  Dr. Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser - model X-62.
                    by sob__zr. - Australia

    "Another excellent product. Fast service. Great communication. Thanks."
                  Dr. Bob Beck Zapper & CSG - model KZ-05.
                    by jax8v. - Australia

    "I’m pleased to announce that this new unit is working flawlessly! Very awesome machine and it puts my SOTA brand PEMF device to shame..
So so happy with the unit, top notch device!!."

                  MP-88 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Alex C. - USA

    "Good Product.
Thank you."

                  CS-249 Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by wa-ood-- - Australia

    "The best results I achieved with Dr B.Beck equipment.
Don't waste your $ anywhere else.".

                  Beck Protocol Package-88.
                    by us-m**a - Australia

    "Customer service brilliant. Product brilliant. Can't thank them enough".
                  Beck Protocol Package-88.
                    by 9*4*wendy - Australia

                  Protocol Pckage-88.
                    by sun***ca03 - Australia

    "Well made device with quality and craftsmanship. Thank you!. ".
                  X-62 Magnetic Pulser (5x units).
                    by Chad A. - USA

    "I just want to thank you for the MP-88, this thing is AWESOME.
Works amazing!
I’ll be ordering another soon, my wife wants one after using mine.
Keep up the great work, I love the MP-88! Thank you, ".

                  MP-88 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Adam C. - Canada

    "Nicely done beck Zapper. Love the silver electrodes and overall workmanship".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by cafe-c** - United States

    "EXTRA Great seller !!!! The Best".
                  MP-75 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by mishapg** - Montenegro

    "Excellent, exactly as described. Thanks! will do business again".
                  KZ-05 Zapper/Silver Combo.
                    by swampy**** - United Kingdom

    "Great product, fast shipper. ".
                  KZ-05 Zapper/Silver Combo.
                    by wood*uck19** - United States

    "Great product delivered quickly".
                  MP-70 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by jimmyd**dle - Australia

    "Your Product was far better than Sota ,built like a Tank".
                  Magnetic Pulser & BMC-75 MultiCell.
                    by Nes. - Canada

    "Great seller and product".
                  MP-70 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by m**t_gu*t - Sweden

    "Love this Machine".
                  Model BMC-03 3 in 1 MultiCell.
                    by rso*er*1 - Australia

    "Great A+++++".
                  Model MP-27 BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER - and KZ-03 ZAPPER.
                    by apel**20 - Australia

    "Excellent! Thank you".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by mel***ight - Australia

    "Great Product Great Service Thanks!".
                  MP-08 MAGNETIC PULSER.
                    by p***health******ments - Australia

    "He can walk without a walking stick now thank u . all good cheers rudy".
                    by janiced***ose - Australia

    "5 Star Service".
                 Model BMC-03 MultiCell.
                    by shi**ered - Australia

    "Prompt delivery and communication. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you!".
                  Water/Air Digital Ozone Generator.
                    by f***x - Australia

    "Im happy with the product & I would like to thank youself for all communication".
                  Protocol Package.
                    by c****r****s - United Kingdom

    "7 day fast shipping from Australia, great product".
                 Model MP-06S Magnetic Pulser/Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by ed.el**s - United States

    "Thanks for this item I would deal with you again anytime".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by njwils****79nathan - Australia

    "Dear sir. I want to thank you for the brilliant service you have provided me with my transaction/and your guidance.
                 I am so impressed with your product and your customer service. I am speechless.
                 Your product design is brilliant. I have never seen a magnetic pulser so unique and so simple to use.
                 I have bought other's in the past, a complete waste of money and no customer service.
                 This is definitely the best with 36 months warranty. I can sleep without worrying, but looking at the products and it functions A+++++!
                 I want to warn other shoppers, don't buy crap, this is the best, trust me, I have bought all the other rubbish ".
                  Model MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Mr I.N. - United Kingdom

    "Thanks for quick delivery and great product".
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by njwils****79nathan - Australia

    "Excellent merchant to deal with product is high quality great price".
                  Model MP-06S Magnetic Pulser /Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by sonias****boom - USA

    "Great product, prompt delivery".
                  Model KZ-05, Bob Beck Zapper & Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by ian***aon - Australia

    "AAA+++ Excellent thank you."
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by ifactio** - Australia

                  Model KOZG-002 Water / Air Ozone Generator.
                    by jayne***00 - Australia

    "Very solidly-built unit, looks and works great. Fast shipping. Very Happy."
                  Beck MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by h**ts 1 - Australia

    Hi, This is a gift for my nephew. My generator is brilliant.Many thanx."
                  Model CS-249 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by Terrie H". - Australia

    "Great product with a great price. Thank you".
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by choo1**8 - Australia

    "Fast delivery, highly recommended thanks."
                  Bob Beck Zapper Electrodes Sleeves
                    by chom**4 - Canada

    "Excellent service, very satisfied. Thanks!!!".
                  Beck MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by electr***c_km - Canada

    "Fast shipping and in perfect condition."
                  Well made product.
                  Thanks so much. 5 STAR".
                  Beck MP-06 Magnetic Pulser & KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by b*rn-at-**ght - United States

    "Very happy, repeat customer".
                  Bob Beck Zapper model KZ-03
                    by electr***c_km - Canadasamm***123 - Australia

    "Very happy".
                  MP-06, BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER
                    by **erce1 - Australia

    "Excellent - thanks".
                  Zapper Electrodes Cable
                    by nnerc** - Australia

    "Great - thanks".
                  Model KZ-05 Zapper/CS Generator
                    by n*er*e1 - Australia

    "Seems very well constructed, medical device quality".
                  Bob Beck Zapper model KZ-03
                    by zippid** - USA

    "Excellent seller. Awesome product. Highly recommended A+++++++++++++."
                  Bob Beck Zapper model KZ-03
                    by wrestlinghead2***-USA

    "Excellent Product Great Communication!"
                  MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by de***es_fulfilled - USA

    "Great seller received product within one day, highly recommended".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by gr*ccio19** - Australia

    "Very satisfied with purchase and overall dealings with seller".
                  Bob Beck Zapper / CS Generator model KZ-05
                    by ***mplacenursery - Australia

    "Perfect ! I will shop again".
                  MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by ***8712 - Bahrain

    "Great seller, will recommend to friends AA++".
                  Bob Beck Zapper & CSG - model KZ-05.
                    by ses1**9 - Australia

    "Awesome communication! Fast shipping! Great product and great seller! A+++++++++".
                  BMC-01 Multi-Cell.
                    by niknik***2 - United States

    "Great product. Thank you".
                  KZ-05 Zapper / CS Generator.
                    by ***mplacenursery - Australia

    "Supreme service and follow-through. always will look forward to dealing with".
                  MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Steve - United States

    "Excellent product! Comprehensive instructions. Fast delivery. Thank you :-)".
                  KZ-04 Zapper CS Generator.
                    by duhrin***06 - Australia

    "Very professional unit! Fast delivery, thank you again :-)".
                  MP-04 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by duhrin***06 - Australia

    "Machine working well, many thanks".
                  KZ-03 MicroPulser
                    by **ear - New Zealand

    "Great items! Thank you AAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++".
                  Protocol Pckage.
                    by z*goo1 - Japan

    "Hi, I bought one of these magnetic pulsers from you this summer.
                 Just want to say that I am very pleased with it.
                 So pleased that I told my mom to buy one".
                  Magnetic Pulser.
                    by L.H. - Norway.

    "Great zapper! Best zapper I've owned... thanks heaps".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by B.R. - New Zealand.

    "I think this zapper is better than my other one".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by K.F. - NSW Australia.

    "Great service. Fantastic little machine. Thankyou very much".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by D.J.P. - Adelaide, Australia.

    "Good Cheap and Quick...this is my forth item".
                  BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER.
                    by Sherman - Malaysia.

    "Great product, Aussie made, good quality, easy instructions, prompt delivery".
                  KZ-04 Zapper.
                    by zolc** - Australia.

    "Very Professionally Made - Quality Product".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Kevin - Australia.

    "Very happy with the purchase. Received item fast. Great seller".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by emilc**ude - Australia.

    "Very happy, many thanks".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by i**le-ockle - United Kingdom.

    "Excellent Quality, Thanks".
                  KZ-04 Zapper - Combo.
                    by *2*1kevin - Australia.

    "Great product, fast shipping. Highly recommended seller!! Thanks :)".
                  KZ-04 Zapper - Combo.
                    by bl**kbrentor - Australia.

    "Great Company, Highly Recommend. Product well packed, arrived quickly. Thanks".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by du**_ous - United States.

    "Brilliant, fast delivery, perfect item A+++".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by li***09 - Australia.

    "Thank you! Very happy with zapper. Will recommend to others".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by jim**ter - Australia.

    "Received with thanks A+++".
                  Bob Beck Zapper - model KZ-04.
                    by nic*lenki**6 - Australia.

    "Good item".
                    by emel***4 - United States.

    "Great unit thanks".
                  KZ-03 Dr. Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by rap1***aroon - Australia.

    "Excellent product!!Excellent service and communication!!".
                  Model MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by **3kaiser*5 - United States.

    "Very satisfied with purchase and overall dealings with seller".
                  Bob Beck Zapper - model KZ-05.
                    by lorra***01 - Australia.

                  Bob Beck Dual Zapper - model DZ-02.
                    by ***nite - Australia.

    "I recommend this shop to all".
                  Voltage Indicator Kit.
                    by bradmrmof** - Australia.

    "AAA+++ as described thanks".
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by smag***9 - Australia.

    More Reviews as they become available..