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What our Customers say .......

    "The best results I achieved with Dr B.Beck equipment.
Don't waste your $ anywhere else.".

                  Beck Protocol Package-88.
                    by us-m**a - Australia

    "Customer service brilliant. Product brilliant. Can't thank them enough".
                  Beck Protocol Package-88.
                    by 9*4*wendy - Australia

                  Protocol Pckage-88.
                    by sun***ca03 - Australia

    "Well made device with quality and craftsmanship. Thank you!. ".
                  MP-55 Magnetic Pulser (5x units).
                    by Chad A. - USA

    "I just want to thank you for the MP-88, this thing is AWESOME.
Works amazing!
I’ll be ordering another soon, my wife wants one after using mine.
Keep up the great work, I love the MP-88! Thank you, ".

                  MP-88 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Adam C. - Canada

    "Nicely done beck Zapper. Love the silver electrodes and overall workmanship".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by cafe-c** - United States

    "EXTRA Great seller !!!! The Best".
                  MP-75 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by mishapg** - Montenegro

    "Excellent, exactly as described. Thanks! will do business again".
                  KZ-05 Zapper/Silver Combo.
                    by swampy**** - United Kingdom

    "Great product, fast shipper. ".
                  KZ-05 Zapper/Silver Combo.
                    by wood*uck19** - United States

    "Great product delivered quickly".
                  MP-70 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by jimmyd**dle - Australia

    "Your Product was far better than Sota ,built like a Tank".
                  Magnetic Pulser & BMC-75 MultiCell.
                    by Nes. - Canada

    "Great seller and product".
                  MP-70 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by m**t_gu*t - Sweden

    "Love this Machine".
                  Model BMC-03 3 in 1 MultiCell.
                    by rso*er*1 - Australia

    "Great A+++++".
                  Model MP-27 BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER - and KZ-03 ZAPPER.
                    by apel**20 - Australia

    "Excellent! Thank you".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by mel***ight - Australia

    "Great Product Great Service Thanks!".
                  MP-08 MAGNETIC PULSER.
                    by p***health******ments - Australia

    "He can walk without a walking stick now thank u . all good cheers rudy".
                    by janiced***ose - Australia

    "5 Star Service".
                 Model BMC-03 MultiCell.
                    by shi**ered - Australia

    "Prompt delivery and communication. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you!".
                  Water/Air Digital Ozone Generator.
                    by f***x - Australia

    "Im happy with the product & I would like to thank youself for all communication".
                  Protocol Package.
                    by c****r****s - United Kingdom

    "7 day fast shipping from Australia, great product".
                 Model MP-06S Magnetic Pulser/Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by ed.el**s - United States

    "Thanks for this item I would deal with you again anytime".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by njwils****79nathan - Australia

    "Dear sir. I want to thank you for the brilliant service you have provided me with my transaction/and your guidance.
                 I am so impressed with your product and your customer service. I am speechless.
                 Your product design is brilliant. I have never seen a magnetic pulser so unique and so simple to use.
                 I have bought other's in the past, a complete waste of money and no customer service.
                 This is definitely the best with 36 months warranty. I can sleep without worrying, but looking at the products and it functions A+++++!
                 I want to warn other shoppers, don't buy crap, this is the best, trust me, I have bought all the other rubbish ".
                  Model MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Mr I.N. - United Kingdom

    "Thanks for quick delivery and great product".
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by njwils****79nathan - Australia

    "Excellent merchant to deal with product is high quality great price".
                  Model MP-06S Magnetic Pulser /Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by sonias****boom - USA

    "Great product, prompt delivery".
                  Model KZ-05, Bob Beck Zapper & Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by ian***aon - Australia

    "AAA+++ Excellent thank you."
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by ifactio** - Australia

                  Model KOZG-002 Water / Air Ozone Generator.
                    by jayne***00 - Australia

    "Very solidly-built unit, looks and works great. Fast shipping. Very Happy."
                  Beck MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by h**ts 1 - Australia

    Hi, This is a gift for my nephew. My generator is brilliant.Many thanx."
                  Model CS-249 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
                    by Terrie H". - Australia

    "Great product with a great price. Thank you".
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by choo1**8 - Australia

    "Fast delivery, highly recommended thanks."
                  Bob Beck Zapper Electrodes Sleeves
                    by chom**4 - Canada

    "Excellent service, very satisfied. Thanks!!!".
                  Beck MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by electr***c_km - Canada

    "Fast shipping and in perfect condition."
                  Well made product.
                  Thanks so much. 5 STAR".
                  Beck MP-06 Magnetic Pulser & KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by b*rn-at-**ght - United States

    "Very happy, repeat customer".
                  Bob Beck Zapper model KZ-03
                    by electr***c_km - Canadasamm***123 - Australia

    "Very happy".
                  MP-06, BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER
                    by **erce1 - Australia

    "Excellent - thanks".
                  Zapper Electrodes Cable
                    by nnerc** - Australia

    "Great - thanks".
                  Model KZ-05 Zapper/CS Generator
                    by n*er*e1 - Australia

    "Seems very well constructed, medical device quality".
                  Bob Beck Zapper model KZ-03
                    by zippid** - USA

    "Excellent seller. Awesome product. Highly recommended A+++++++++++++."
                  Bob Beck Zapper model KZ-03
                    by wrestlinghead2***-USA

    "Excellent Product Great Communication!"
                  MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by de***es_fulfilled - USA

    "Great seller received product within one day, highly recommended".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by gr*ccio19** - Australia

    "Very satisfied with purchase and overall dealings with seller".
                  Bob Beck Zapper / CS Generator model KZ-05
                    by ***mplacenursery - Australia

    "Perfect ! I will shop again".
                  MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by ***8712 - Bahrain

    "Great seller, will recommend to friends AA++".
                  Bob Beck Zapper & CSG - model KZ-05.
                    by ses1**9 - Australia

    "Awesome communication! Fast shipping! Great product and great seller! A+++++++++".
                  BMC-01 Multi-Cell.
                    by niknik***2 - United States

    "Great product. Thank you".
                  KZ-05 Zapper / CS Generator.
                    by ***mplacenursery - Australia

    "Supreme service and follow-through. always will look forward to dealing with".
                  MP-06 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Steve - United States

    "Excellent product! Comprehensive instructions. Fast delivery. Thank you :-)".
                  KZ-04 Zapper CS Generator.
                    by duhrin***06 - Australia

    "Very professional unit! Fast delivery, thank you again :-)".
                  MP-04 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by duhrin***06 - Australia

    "Machine working well, many thanks".
                  KZ-03 MicroPulser
                    by **ear - New Zealand

    "Great items! Thank you AAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++".
                  Protocol Pckage.
                    by z*goo1 - Japan

    "Hi, I bought one of these magnetic pulsers from you this summer.
                 Just want to say that I am very pleased with it.
                 So pleased that I told my mom to buy one".
                  Magnetic Pulser.
                    by L.H. - Norway.

    "Great zapper! Best zapper I've owned... thanks heaps".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by B.R. - New Zealand.

    "I think this zapper is better than my other one".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by K.F. - NSW Australia.

    "Great service. Fantastic little machine. Thankyou very much".
                  Model KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by D.J.P. - Adelaide, Australia.

    "Good Cheap and Quick...this is my forth item".
                  BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER.
                    by Sherman - Malaysia.

    "Great product, Aussie made, good quality, easy instructions, prompt delivery".
                  KZ-04 Zapper.
                    by zolc** - Australia.

    "Very Professionally Made - Quality Product".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by Kevin - Australia.

    "Very happy with the purchase. Received item fast. Great seller".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by emilc**ude - Australia.

    "Very happy, many thanks".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by i**le-ockle - United Kingdom.

    "Excellent Quality, Thanks".
                  KZ-04 Zapper - Combo.
                    by *2*1kevin - Australia.

    "Great product, fast shipping. Highly recommended seller!! Thanks :)".
                  KZ-04 Zapper - Combo.
                    by bl**kbrentor - Australia.

    "Great Company, Highly Recommend. Product well packed, arrived quickly. Thanks".
                  MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by du**_ous - United States.

    "Brilliant, fast delivery, perfect item A+++".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by li***09 - Australia.

    "Thank you! Very happy with zapper. Will recommend to others".
                  KZ-03 Zapper.
                    by jim**ter - Australia.

    "Received with thanks A+++".
                  Bob Beck Zapper - model KZ-04.
                    by nic*lenki**6 - Australia.

    "Good item".
                    by emel***4 - United States.

    "Great unit thanks".
                  KZ-03 Dr. Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by rap1***aroon - Australia.

    "Excellent product!!Excellent service and communication!!".
                  Model MP-03 Magnetic Pulser.
                    by **3kaiser*5 - United States.

    "Very satisfied with purchase and overall dealings with seller".
                  Bob Beck Zapper - model KZ-05.
                    by lorra***01 - Australia.

                  Bob Beck Dual Zapper - model DZ-02.
                    by ***nite - Australia.

    "I recommend this shop to all".
                  Voltage Indicator Kit.
                    by bradmrmof** - Australia.

    "AAA+++ as described thanks".
                  Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper.
                    by smag***9 - Australia.

    More Reviews as they become available..