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Frequently Asked Questions ....

Q. How long have you been manufacturing K2 Instruments?
A. Since 2007.

Personal use:
Q. Do you use the instruments personally?
A. Absolutely, all family members perform the protocol on a regular basis as part of our wellness program.

Q. Where are the Instruments manufactured?
A. Our instruments are manufactured by our experienced and dedicated family team in Melbourne, Australia.
A. We have in place a never-ending improvement program but will never deviate from the Bob Beck design, after all, they are Bob Beck Instruments.
A. Inferior copies of our instruments are sadly offered at ridicules prices with cheap materials and poor workmanship practices being used as well as nonsense claims being made.
A.Some manufacturers find it necessary to copy even our website content.
A.We ventured into the world of Bob Beck with the aim of helping anyone interested in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Q. Are zappers as per Dr. Beck Specifications?
A. Yes, all K2 Instruments closely follow the research of Dr. Robert Beck.

Q. What is the difference between model KZ-03 and model KZ-05?
A. Model KZ-03 is a Zapper ONLY, it can NOT generate Ionic Colloidal Silver.
A. Model KZ-04 is a Zapper with built in rechargeable battery. Never buy batteries.
A. Model KZ-05 is a Zapper AND Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator combination.

Q. Are accessories available for purchase?
A.Yes, accessories are always available from our websites.

Q. How can I tell if the Zapper is working?
A.Turn the unit ON WITHOUT the electrodes cable plugged in.
A.The red/green LED should be blinking indicating the unit is functioning.
A.If the LED is flashing slowly, or is quite dim, or does NOT flash at all, replace the battery with a new good quality 9 Volt Alkaline Battery.
A.If the LED is still not flashing, please return for repair/replacement.
A.If the LED is flashing, fit the electrodes cable to your wrist c/w wet (not soaking wet) sleeves and plug into the unit.
A.Once the wrist cable is plugged in the LED will EXTINGUISH, this is normal, preserves battery life and directs more current to the electrodes.
A.Gradually increase amplitude. You should feel a tingling sensation.
A.If you feel nothing, try wetting the cotton sleeves with SALINE, COLLOIDAL SILVER, or CONDUCTIVE GEL.
A.If you still feel nothing the electrodes cable may be faulty and should be returned together with the unit for testing.

Q.How should it feel?
A.Dr. Becks answer: Well, you may notice a sting if you don’t clean. There’s the oil,
A.I took a bath before I came here but I feel a little oil on my skin.
A.It’s a matter of contact and if you clean that area with a little swab of alcohol and get good contact, there is no sting.

Q.What amplitude is necessary?
A.You turn it up to the point where it’s basically uncomfortable, then turn it down to where it’s comfortable.
A.In about 10 minutes you’ll find that you’ll acclimate and you’ll have to turn it higher and higher.
A.Your body builds up a tolerance to it”.

Q.Can a Zapper be powered by a wall adapter?
A.We believe it would be irresponsible to offer this option for several reasons.
A.A conditioning circuitry would have to be added to smooth out the 60Hz line frequency so as not to interfere with the pure 30kHz output.
A.The price would increase, something we are trying to avoid.
A.Safety and liability issues.
Q. How often do I need to clean the Silver Electrodes?
A. Wash with warm soapy water after every 4-5 sessions.
Q. How should it feel?
A. How the pulse is felt is unique for each user. Some users need to turn the unit almost all the way up, others only half way. Turn it up until it feels a little uncomfortable, then turn it down to a comfortable level.

Q.How long should I zap?
A.It is important to start SLOWLY, no more than 5-10 minutes/day for the first week.
A.After the first week zap for 2 hours or more.
A.It's very important to drink plenty of water to flush out die-offs.
A.If you experience flu-like symptoms, you are overdoing it, slow down to say 10 minutes, then gradually increase back to 2 hours or more.

Magnetic Pulsers:
Q. Which side of the paddle do I use?
A. Our paddles have unique raised circles and marked (N) on ONE side of the paddle face (visually impaired users can easily feel the circles ), that is the side that should be placed against your body.

Q. Do I need a dirty electricity filter and/or radiation absorption material?
A. Dr Bob Beck did not find it necessary, usually a sales gimmick.

Q. Does the paddle become hot?
A. Our pulsers are very fast and strong. The faster the pulse speed, the faster the paddle will heat up. A pulser that runs fast and the paddle stays cool has no worthwhile strength.
A. Our magnetic pulsers have a unique built-in pre-set Automatic Timer. The unit turns off automatically after the timer has counted down.
A. The timer is a safety feature also, in the event of the operator forgetting to turn the unit off or falling asleep.

Q. How long should I pulse?
A. Dr. Beck suggested ~20 minute sessions (keep in mind the original Beck Pulser only pulsed once every ~5-6 seconds). 20 minutes is more than enough.
Session times can be drastically reduced by using our magnetic pulsers.
A. Our model UltraPulse-84 outputs 84 pulses/sec.
A. Our model UltraPulse-98 outputs 98 pulses/sec.
A. Research, by personal use has indicated better results with multiple short sessions rather than than one long session.

Q. Do I feel anything when I am pulsing?
A. No, there is no sensation when pulsing. You can hear the coil pulsing if placing the paddle close to your ear.

Q. Can PMF be harmful?
A. Some electromagnetic fields may be harmful, for example high voltage transformers and power lines, mobile phone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi and so on.
A.Magnetic Fields generated by a Magnetic Pulser are designed to work with the body's natural energy field by stimulating and rejuvenating the body's natural energy field.
A.All models feature huge state of the art Transformers that have a lower radiated field and stay cool even at full operating speed.
A.We are not aware of any side effects from the use of our Magnetic Pulsers.

Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator:
Q. What is Ionic Colloidal Silver?
A. Ionic Colloidal Silver is silver ions and microscopic silver particles produced by electrolysis and suspended in distilled water.
A. There are many good articles about Ionic Colloidal Silver on the internet, research and form your own opinion.

Q.What is Ionic Colloidal Silver used for?
A. Due to Government Regulations we cannot imply that Ionic Colloidal Silver cures any medical condition.
A. There are many applications, such as using it on your plants, sterilizing around the house (toilet etc).
A. A great number of laboratory tests have proven beyond doubt that silver kills bacteria.
A. The internet has many dedicated websites with information and testimonials from all over the world, research, research, and research.

Q.What type of water should I use?
A. Only good quality Steam Distilled Water or Demineralised Water should be used.
A. NEVER EVER use Tap Water!!. Impurities must not exceed 1ppm (total dissolved solids).

Q.How long does the whole process take?
A. Using our CS249. Generator and high quality distilled water;
A. It takes about two (2) hours to make 200ml of 5-10ppm concentration of quality Ionic Colloidal Silver.

Q. What are the deposits forming and/or falling off the electrodes?
A.These deposits are Silver Oxide and it's a normal part of the process.

Q.Why does it do that?
A. Because in the electrolysis process water is split into hydrogen and oxygen.
A. Oxygen is what comes off the positive (+) electrode which interacts with silver ions which then creates silver oxide and oxygen. The black stuff is silver oxide.
A. Once deposits begin to build, switch off the generator and wipe the electrodes using a clean tissue.
A. Repeat as many times as necessary until the process is complete.
A. Final product should then be filtered into a suitable storage container.

Q.So how do I store my Ionic Colloidal Silver?
A. Generally it is suggested that Ionic Colloidal Silver is stored in a dark container
A. And stored in a dark place.
A. From our own experience, good quality Ionic Colloidal Silver will not change colour even in direct sunlight.
A. Do NOT store in metal or plastic containers.
A. Storing in plastic containers can reduce the shelf-life because of the electrostatic charge build up on the bottle.

Q.My solution has turned cloudy....why?
A. Ionic Colloidal Silver is NEVER cloudy.
A. Cloudy solution is usually due to using poor quality distilled water or even tap water.
A. It indicates the presence of bi-products and should be DISCARDED! DO NOT USE!

Q.Can I freeze my Ionic Colloidal Silver solution?
A. NO, never refrigerate your Ionic Colloidal Silver.
A. Most Ionic Colloidal Silver will "fall" out of suspension when frozen.
A. Freezing may also break the glass container.

Q.How often do the silver electrodes have to be replaced?
A. Electrodes may last 3-4 years depending on usage frequency.
A. Frequent rotating of electrodes (plug the red into the black and visa versa)
A. Can also extend the electrodes life.

Q.Can spare electrodes be purchased?
A. Yes, any quantity of electrodes can be purchased from our website at Accessories

BMC-03 MultiCell:
Q. What is the BMC-03-98 MultiCell?
A. The BMC-03 is a Multiple Tool, it contains 3 (three) Instruments in 1 (ONE) housing.
A. 2) It contains our KZ-03 Zapper.
A. 3) It contains the CS-249 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
Q. Does each function have the same output as the individual units?
A. Absolutely, yes, the only difference is they are in ONE housing in lieu of 3 individual housings.
Q. Is the BMC-03 better value for money?
A. The BMC-03 is a cheaper option as there is only one housing.