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Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser, Zapper, Protocol Package, and more.

NEW X-92
Magnetic Pulser

☆☆ It's faster, it's stronger.


•Up to 92 Pulses/second.
• Heavy Duty design.
• Toroidal Transformer
• Solid State Electronics
• Stronger Removable Paddle
• Built-in Timer
• 11mh Heavy Duty Paddle
• 36 month Warranty
• Free Delivery within Australia.

NEW Model KZ-04 Zapper
Model KZ-04 Zapper

** Rechargeable USB Battery **


This unit is a Zapper ONLY, it can NOT generate Ionic Colloidal Silver.
• SAVE $$$$$$$$.
• Battery included.
• Charger Cable included.

• 36 month Warranty.
• Free Delivery within Australia.

Wellness Package
Protocol Package

Includes all Protocol Tools.


• MP-88 Magnetic Pulser
• CS-249 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator
• KZ-03 Zapper
• K2-OZO-REM Water/Air Ozonator
• All Accessories & Manuals
• 36 month Warranty.
• Free delivery within Australia.

Welcome to Our Website.

K2 Australia P/L offer all Instruments required to experiment with the Bob Beck Protocol including:
• Magnetic Pulsers.
• Zappers.
• Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
• Water/Air Ozonator.
• Our popular 3 in 1 BMC-03 MultiCell.
• The unique TW-88 twin Pulser.
• Parts and Accessories are always available.

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FREE delivery Australia wide.
• Discounted International Shipping.
• A great 36 month (RTB) Warranty.

Frequently asked questions .....


     ☆ FREE Shipping Australia Wide             -            ☆ 36 month Warranty

KZ-05 Zapper
Model KZ-05
Zapper/Silver Combo.


- Zapper/Silver Combination.
- This unit is a Zapper And Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.
• All Accessories are included.
• Robust design.
• Easy to use.
• Instruction Manual.
• 36 month Warranty.
FREE Shipping Australia Wide.

BMC-03, MultiCell
Model BMC-03 MultiCell

3 in 1 MultiCell


This unit is a 3 in 1 Cell.
Function 1: Magnetic Pulser.
Function 2: Zapper.
Function 3: Silver Generator.
Heavy Duty Design.
36 month Warranty.
Extensive User Manual.
All Accessories included.
FREE Shipping Australia Wide

Protocol Package Lite
Protocol Package Lite

3 Protocol Tools.


• MP-88 Magnetic Pulser
• CS-249 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator
• KZ-03 Zapper
• All Accessories & Manuals
• 36 month Warranty.
• Free delivery within Australia.

Dr. Bob Beck Interview.

"You will never miss work again. This is the best investment that you can make in your health. It is taking back your power from the doctors and the pharmaceutical houses who have had it for generations. And we guarantee it. We have stacks of testimonials, hundreds of astounding spontaneous remissions, and we have medical records to prove it. It will work. Not maybe. It is the most valuable information that I have ever seen." - Leading Edge Magazine, Interviewing Dr. Robert C. Beck. ________________________________

About Us.

K2 Australia P/L have manufactured Dr Bob Beck Instruments and Protocol packages since 2007.
Our Magnetic Pulser and Zapper schematics are state of the art designs using the best materials available.
Our products have been well received worldwide and are used in many clinics, naturopath, and some hospitals as well. More and more Horse and Greyhound Trainers are benefitting from the Beck technology as well.
Most of our instruments are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia by our dedicated and experienced team of our family business and have in place a never-ending improvement program.
Quality components are sourced from local and o/s suppliers. Our units are of heavy duty design, easy to use, durable, safe, and value for money.
We offer ongoing after sales service and a great 36 month (RTB) warranty.
Constant research ensures we are using the latest technology. We welcome our customers feedback and suggestions.
Shipping within Australia is FREE and wee offer discounted international shipping.

Our products.

Our products are primarily Dr. Bob Beck type instruments including arange of Magnetic Pulsers, Zappers, also known as Blood Electrifiers, Ionic Colloidal Silver Generators, Water,/Air Ozonator, and our new unique TW-88 TWIN Pulser as well as our awesome 2019 model X-92 Pulser.
Parts and Accessories are always available from our Website.
We offer various Beck Protocol Packages and are happy to mix and match to suit your needs and/or budget.
And what about our Ultimate Package
All Dr Bob beck Instruments are usually available ex-stock and shipped on the same or next business day.

Our magnetic pulsers are extremely fast and of heavy duty design. After pulsing over 60,000 pulses the coil will be luke warm. Please keep in mind that the original Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser only output around 17 pulses/MINUTE, and it did the job it was designed for.
Don't pay more for gimmicks you don't need.

In 2019 we decided to opt out of the speed race and direct our efforts toward improving our current instruments making them stronger, reliable, easy to use and value for money.. There is absolutely no need to make our pulsers faster.
Our MP-55 Magnetic Pulser is popular with the budget minded customers and it's a great unit. The MP-88 is very popular, even with the arrival of our X-92 Pulser. Then there is the X-92, we think it's an awesome machine.

Our new model KZ-04 RECHARGEABLE Zapper features a state of the art USB Battery and will save you heaps on Batteries. Can be charged from any USB port. A great money saver.

We now offer a 5% discount if payment is made by EFT (Bank Deposit) rather than by Paypal. Paypal charges us a fee, we prefer to pass on the savings (not having to pay the Paypal fees) to our customers.


* K2 Australia Instruments are designed for research, relaxation, well-being and complementing a healthy lifestyle.
* Our instruments are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition.
* For medial/health conditions, please consult a qualified health practitioner.
* Please understand that results are unique for each user.