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KZ-03 - Dr.Bob Beck Zapper.

The KZ-03 outputs gentle microcurrents of electricity stimulating the body's natural electricity for more energy and better health.
Please note: This unit does NOT generate Ionic~Colloidal Silver.

The output voltage is a nominal 32 +/- 1 Volts. Micropulsing
Application: Frequency through electrodes is ~3.92 Hz or 1/2 of the Earth Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz (+/-1 Hz) with a Bi-Phasic Square Wave @ 32 Volts (+/- 1 Volt) peak per cycle.
Maximum current through the electrodes is ~8 milliamperes into 1,000 ohms, ~12 milliamperes into a short circuit at 32 Volts peak per cycle..

What's in the box ...
1 x KZ-03 Zapper.
1 x Electrodes Cable for maximum conductivity and minimum skin irritation.
1 x Dark Glass Dropper Bottle for wetting Electrodes.
1 x Scourer Pad for cleaning wrist/ankle Electrodes.
2 x Velcro Wrist Bands.
4 x Pure Cotton Wrist Electrodes Sleeves.
1 x User Manual.
36 month Warranty.
Please be advised that results are unique for each user.

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KZ-03 Key Features

  • Type : Dr.Bob Beck
  • Power Source: 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Frequency : ~3.92 Hz
  • Electronics: Solid State
  • Electrodes : SS
  • Covers : Cotton
  • Warranty : 36 month on Internally Mounted Parts
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Accessories (included):

Electrodes Cable
Zapper Kit

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