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About the KZ-04 RECHARGEABLE Zapper

The KZ-04 outputs gentle microcurrents of electricity.

With rechargeable battery, never buy batteries again. Save $$$$$
Charge from:
- Computer.
- Laptop.
- iPhone charger.
- USB adapter in the car.
A small red light will show when charging is in progress and will extinguish when fully charged.

OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS: The output voltage is a nominal 33 +/- 1 Volts. Micropulsing
Application: Frequency through electrodes is ~3.92 Hz or 1/2 of the Earth Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz (+/-1 Hz) with a Bi-Phasic Square Wave @ 32 Volts (+/- 1 Volt) peak per cycle.
Maximum current through the electrodes is ~8 milliamperes into 1,000 ohms, ~12 milliamperes into a short circuit at 32 Volts peak per cycle.

Battery specifications.
Name: 9V USB rechargeable battery
Material: Fireproof plastic shell
Cell type: A+ Lithium Polymer battery cell
Input: Micro USB(5V)
Output: 9V
Charge voltage: 4.25V
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Energy capacity: 3.6Wh
Battery life: >3000 times
Charge time: 1.5 hours
Compatibility: 9V battery
Size: 48mm*25mm*16mm
Weight: about 25g

1.Replaces dry battery perfectly. Energy-saving and durable.
2.With constant voltage 9V and USB wires for convenient charge.
3.Equipped with Micro USB charge port, which is convenient and efficient.
4.Intelligent power chip inside to make sure the charge up to 99% with constant voltage
5.Cycle life>3000,increase 200% than normal battery which fits the low-carbon life style.
6. Charge it anytime anywhere from your car USB port, Laptop, iPhone charger.
7.Short-circuit protection.

What's in the box ...
1 x KZ-04 Zapper.
1 x Rechargeable Battery.
1 x Battery Charger Cable.
1 x Wrist Cable c/w silver Electrodes for maximum conductivity and minimum skin irritation.
1 x Dark Glass Dropper Bottle for wetting Electrodes.
1 x Scourer Pad for cleaning Silver Electrodes.
1 x Velcro Wrist Band.
4 x Pure Cotton Wrist Electrodes SLeeves.
1 x User Manual.
36 month Warranty.
Please be advised that results are unique for each user.

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Key Features

  • Type : Dr.Bob Beck
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Coll.Silver: No
  • Frequency : ~3.92 Hz
  • Electronics: Solid State
  • Electrodes : Silver - Replaceable
  • Covers : Cotton
  • Warranty : 36 Month on Internally Mounted Parts
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