Please consult your user manual and/or the "Beck Protocol Paper or Bob Beck Video for instructions and the benefits of Magnetic Pulsing.

Through the principle of induction, the magnetic field creates tiny electrical micro-currents in living organic material that contain an electrolyte such as saline.
- Can be used to compliment our zappers and Ionic~Colloidal Silver Generators as part of the Beck Protocol or used independently.
- Targets specific areas.

Never use a magnetic pulser if:
- If you are pregnant / trying to become pregnant.
- If you are wearing a pacemaker or any other implanted device.
- If you have any metal implants.

Q. Which side of the paddle do I use?
A. Our paddles have unique raised circles and marked (N) on ONE side of the paddle face (visually impaired users can easily feel the circles ), that is the side that should be placed against your body.

Q. Does the paddle become hot?
A. Our pulsers are very fast and strong. The faster the pulse speed, the faster the paddle will heat up. A pulser that runs fast and the paddle stays cool has no worthwile strength.
A. Our magnetic pulsers have a unique pre-set, built-in Automatic Timer. The unit turns off automatically after the timer has counted down.
A. The timer is a safety feature also, in the event of the operator forgetting to turn the unit off or falling asleep.

Q. How long should I pulse?
A. Dr. Beck suggested 20 minute sessions (keep in mind the original Beck Pulser only pulsed once every ~5-6 seconds). 20 minutes is more than enough. Using models MP-40/MP-70 Pro session times can be drastically reduced.
A. Our model MP-27 outputs ~27 pulses,sec. Dr. Beck suggested just 3 (three) pulses in one spot would be sufficient.
A. Our model MP-40 outputs ~40 pulses,sec. and is 20% stronger than model MP-27.
A. Our model MP-70 outputs ~70 pulses,sec. and is 20% stronger than model MP-40, and 40% stronger than model MP-27. If you're shopping for the ultimate fast pulser, the MP-70 Pro is the one.
A. Research by personal use has indicated better results with multiple short sessions rather than than one long session.

Q. Do I feel anything when I am pulsing?
A. No, most users don't feel anything when pulsing. You can hear the coil pulsing if placing the paddle close to your ear.

Q. Can PMF be harmful?
A. Some electromagnetic fields may be harmful, for example high voltage transformers and power lines, mobile phone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi and so on.
A.Magnetic Fields generated by a Magnetic Pulser are designed to work with the body's natural energy field by stimulating and rejuvenating the body's natural energy field.
A.Our new models MP-40 and MP-70 Pro feature huge state of the art Transformers that have a lower radiated field and stay cool even at full operating speed.
A.We are not aware of any side effects from the use of our Magnetic Pulsers.