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What's New at K2 ......

January 2019
Available now".
We have reduced the price of our MP-55 Magnetic Pulser from $515 to $479.

January 2019
New Model Mag Pulser:
Available now".
2019 model X-92 is stronger and sligthly faster than our popular MP-88.
It has all the usual functions and other minor improvements

January 2019
New Model TWIN Mag Pulser:
This unit was designed after requests from several customers.
Available now".
2019 model TW-88 is a DUAL Magnetic Pulser.
In other words, it's the same as having 2 x pulsers with the same output as our model MP-88.
Features dual controls, 2 x Paddles, and other minor improvements. Also available with the same output as our new model X-92.
Made to order, please allow 2-3 days before shipping.

November 2017
No more batteries:
Available now".
Our KZ-03 and KZ-05 Zappers will be offered with a rechargeable battery that can be charged from any USB port.
Never buy batteries again.

November 2017
Magnetic Stirres:
Coming soon".
Magnetic Stirrer will be available in December 2017.
A Stirrer with Silver Generator built in will also be available.

November 2016
Magnetic Pulser & Zapper Combo.:
Some of our customers requested a Magnetic Pulser/Zapper Combo Unit.
Consequently we designed our new model MP-75-Z Dual Combo Machine.
This unit is now available from our website.

November 2016
Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator:
We now have 2 models available.
New model CS-249T has a built-in timer set at 1 hour.
Set time can be set to 10 minutes to 10 hours (request your preferred time at time of ordering.)
Please advise preferred timer setting when ordering.
The unit turns off when preset time has expired and can be restarted by simply pressing the "RESET" button.

October 2016
Magnetic Pulser model MP-27:
Model MP-27 is now discontinued but a few units are still available.
The MP-27 outputs 27 pulses/second, still an excellent machine.
These units can be purchased from our SPECIALS page.
This unit is well priced at $448.

Session Timer:
Our Magnetic Pulsers are now fitted with an automatic Session Timer and off switch.
The Timer is pre-set for each model and switches the Pulser off automatically adding convenience and safety.

March 2015
We have finished designing and placed orders for a new stylish Enclosure for our Magnetic Pulsers.
The MP-06 Magnetic Pulser will be re-branded MP-08
The BMC-01 MultiCell has now been re-branded BMC-03