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Dr.Bob Beck Wellness Package - Lite.

3 Part Bob Beck Protocol Package.
- Ozonator NOT included.
- Great Warranty and comprehensive user manuals.

Part 1) Ultrapulse-98 Bob beck Magnetic Pulser.
This unit offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body's natural electricity for greater well-being.
Can be applied almost anywhere on the body.

- Fully automatic, solid state with variable pulse speed of 3 to a blazing 98 pulses/second.
- Heavy Duty design.
- State of the art Toroidal Transformer that remains cool even at optimum speed.
- No need to press a button to charge and fire each pulse.
- Heavy duty Paddle is clearly Magnetic Bio-North marked, identifiable even in the dark.
- Continues pulsing at maximum speed.
- (**NEW) Session timer with auto shut-off after pre-set time has expired.
A great safety feature in case the operator forgets to turn the unit off or falls asleep.
- Removable hand paddle for easy storage or extending session times.
- Stylish industrial strength (RoHS compliant) ABS enclosure.
- Heavy Duty Paddle is fully insulated and coil set in a highly durable heat resistant plastic casing.
- German made main capacitors with 10 year manufacturers warranty.
- Coil rating is approx. 11 milli henry.

Part 2)
Model KZ-03 MicroPulser (Zapper)
Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia following the research of Dr. Bob Beck.
Our unique circuit design enables the KZ-03 to operate from a single 9 Volt battery without compromising battery life.
Battery is located in a built-in battery compartment and easily replaced by removing a slide-off lid.
Solid state electronics are housed in a stylish enclosure featuring anti-slip pads and a belt clip.
The unit is light weight, fully portable and can be used as a work/wear unit.
Electrodes cable with silver electrodes for maximum conductivity.
Output monitoring circuit with LED indicator.
Built-in battery monitor.

The KZ-03 kit includes:
1 x Model KZ-03 MicroPulser (Zapper).
1 x Dark glass dropper with bottle, for wetting electrodes sleeves.
1 x Adjustable velcro wrist strap.
1 x Electrodes cable with silver electrodes.
4 x Pure cotton electrodes sleeves.
1 x User manual.
1 x Electrodes cleaning pad.

Part 3)
Ionic-Colloidal Silver Generator
The CS-249 Ionic-Colloidal Silver Generator is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia following the research of Dr. Bob Beck.
Ionic Colloidal Silver has long been considered one of nature's germ fighters.
The CS-249 Ionic~Colloidal Silver Generator is manufactured in Australia based on Dr Bob Beck's research.
It features a Voltage Regulator to maintain constant voltage and produce quality Ionic~Colloidal Silver.
Electrodes are made of .9999 Pure Silver.
Power supply is a 110-240 Volt input x 9 Volt Wall Adapter (included) or a single 9 Volt Battery if Mains Power is not available.

The CS-249 kit includes:
1 x Model CS-249 Generator.
1 x 110-240VAC/9VDC Wall Adapter.
2 x .9999 Pure Silver Electrodes.
1 x Electrodes cleaning pad.
1 x Laser Pen
1 x User Manual

What you get ...
1 x Ultrapulse-98 Beck Magnetic Pulser.
1 x Heavy duty coil hand paddle.
1 x Mains Power Cable.
3 x Spare fuses.
1 x Model KZ-03 Zapper.
1 x Model CS-249 Ionic-Colloidal Silver Generator.
1 x Wall power pack for Ionic-Colloidal Silver Generator.
1 x Set of Fine Silver electrodes for generating Ionic-Colloidal Silver.
1 x Wrist Cable c/w silver Electrodes for maximum conductivity.
1 x Dark Glass Dropper Bottle for wetting Electrodes.
1 x Scourer Pad for cleaning pure Silver Electrodes.
1 x Velcro Wrist Band.
4 x Pure Cotton Wrist Electrodes SLeeves.
1 x Combination laser pen.
4 x Comprehensive User Manuals
36 month Warranty.
Please be advised that results are unique for each user.


Package Features

  • Type : Dr.Bob Beck Protocol
  • Coll.Silver: Yes
  • Zapper : Yes
  • Silver Gen.: Yes
  • Ozone : NO
  • Mag Pulser : Yes
  • Warranty : 36 month on Internally Mounted Parts
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Accessories (included):

Electrodes Cable
Zapper Kit
Coil Paddle
Silver Electrodes
Power Adapter
ZapperElectrodes Covers

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Beck Protocol Package.