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About the MP-08

The MP-08 Magnetic Pulser is one of the most advanced fast pulsers on the market today,
it offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body's natural electricity for greater well-being.
Can be applied almost anywhere on the body.

- Fully automatic.
- Solid state with variable pulse speed of 1 to 27 pulses/second.
- No need to press a button to charge and fire each pulse.
- Heavy Duty Transformer.
- Heavy duty Paddle made from custom plastic resin is Magnetic Bio-North marked, identifiable even in the dark.
- Adjustable session timer (3 to 90 minutes).
At the end of the pre-set session the timer turns the unit off automatically.
A great safety feature in case the operator forgets to turn the unit off or falls asleep.
- Removable coil paddle for easy storage or extended session times.
- Stylish industrial strength (RoHS compliant) ABS enclosure.
- Heavy Duty Paddle is fully insulated and coil set in a highly durable plastic casing.
- Huge top quality main capacitors carry a manufacturers warranty of 10 years.
- Coil rating is approx. 11 milli henry.
- Mains power: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz. (External step-up/down transformer is NOT required with International orders)
- Spare Parts and Accessories are always available.
- Can be used to compliment our zappers and Ionic~Colloidal Silver Generators as part of the Beck Protocol research or used independently.
Please be advised that results are unique for each user.

What you get ...
1 x Refurbished MP-08 Magnetic Pulser.
1 x NEW Heavy Duty Removable Coil Paddle.
1 x User Manual.
2 x Safety Fuses.
12 Month (RTB) Warranty.

FREE Delivery Australia Wide

Key Features

  • Pulse Speed: 27/second
  • Design : Heavy Duty
  • Transformer: Heavy Duty
  • Enclosure : RoHS compliant
  • Electronics: Solid State
  • Paddle : 11mh - Heavy Duty - Removable
  • Capacitors : German made.
  • Warranty : 12 Month on Internally Mounted Parts. 10 year MF Warranty on Capacitors.
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