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BMC-01, 3 in 1 MultiCell

Model BMC-01, 3 in 1 MultiCell

About the BMC-01

Ex Demo 3 in 1 MultiCell.

The BMC-01 is all that is required to research the Bob beck Protocol.
This unit offers 3 functions in one housing. Magnetic Pulsing, Ionic Colloidal Silver, and Zapping.
- Fully automatic.
• It is possible to Zap, or use Magnetic Pulser whilst generating Ionic Colloidal Silver at the same time.
• Solid state with variable pulse speed of 3 to 27 pulses/second.
• No need to press a button to charge and fire each pulse.
• Heavy duty Paddle made from custom plastic resin is Magnetic Bio-North marked, identifiable even in the dark.
• Removable paddle for easy storage or extended session times.
• Industrial strength (RoHS compliant) ABS enclosure.
• Huge top quality German made main capacitors carry a manufacturers warranty of 10 years.
• Coil rating is approx. 11 milli henry.
• Spare Parts and Accessories are always available.

• The KZ-03 outputs gentle microcurrents of electricity stimulating the body's natural electricity for more energy and better health.

The output voltage is a nominal 32 +/- 1 Volts. Micropulsing Application: Frequency through electrodes is ~3.92 Hz or 1/2 of the Earth Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz (+/-1 Hz) with a Bi-Phasic Square Wave @ 32 Volts (+/- 1 Volt) peak per cycle.
Maximum current through the electrodes is ~8 milliamperes into 1,000 ohms, ~12 milliamperes into a short circuit at 32 Volts peak per cycle.

Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator
The CS-249 Ionic~Colloidal Silver Generator is manufactured in Australia and generates quality Ionic Colloidal Silver.
Ionic Colloidal Silver has long been considered one of nature's germ fighters.
This unit features a Voltage Regulator to maintain constant voltage and produce quality ionic colloidal silver.
Electrodes are made from 4x9 Fine Silver.
Power supply is a Wall Adapter or a single 9 Volt Battery if Mains Power is not available.
Please be advised that results are unique for each user.

What's in the box ...
1 x BMC-01 MultiCell. (Ex trade-in)
1 x Heavy Duty Hand Paddle.
1 x Set of Fine Silver Electrodes
1 x Silver Electrodes Mounting Plate.
1 x Wall power pack (to power ICS Generator)
1 x Wrist band.
4 x Pure cotton electrode sleeves.
1 x Dark glass dropper bottle.
1 x Scourer pad.
1 x Combination Laser Pen.
1 x Extensive User Manual.
2 x Safety Fuses.
30 Days Warranty.

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Key Features

  • Pulses : 27/second
  • Transformer: Leaf Type
  • Enclosure : RoHS compliant
  • Electronics: Solid State
  • Paddle : Heavy Duty - Removable
  • Capacitors : German made. 10 year MF Warranty
  • Warranty : 30 Days on Internally Mounted Parts
  • Web ID: BMC-01-TRADE-w1

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