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About the UltraPulse-92 Magnetic Pulser

The UltraPulse-92 Magnetic Pulser is the 2019 addition to our family of Bob Beck Magnetic Pulsers.
In 2019 we improved output, paddle design, as well as other improvements.
This unit offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body's natural electricity for greater well-being.
Paddle can be applied almost anywhere on the body.

- It's faster
- It's stronger.
- Shorter Session Times.
- New Heavy Duty Coil Paddle.
- Extra long Coil Paddle Cable.
- Fully Automatic, easy to use.
- Heavy Duty Design.

- Fully automatic.
- Solid state with variable pulse speed of 3 to a blazing 92 pulses/second.
- New state of the art Toroidal Transformer that will stay cool even at optimum speed over long periods.
- New heavy duty Paddle design is Magnetic Bio-North marked, identifiable even in the dark.
- Due to it's speed and improved output much shorter session times are possible.
- This unit is one of the fastest pulser on the market today.
- Built in pre-set session timer.
At the end of the pre-set session the timer turns the unit off automatically.
A great safety feature in case the operator forgets to turn the unit off or falls asleep.
- Coil paddle is removable for easy storage or when travelling.
- Stylish industrial strength (RoHS compliant) ABS enclosure.
- Heavy Duty Paddle is fully insulated and coil set in a highly durable plastic casing.
- Huge, highest quality main capacitors that carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.
- Coil rating is approx. 11 milli henry.
- Spare Parts and Accessories are always available from our websites.
- Can be used to complement our Zappers and Ionic Colloidal Silver Generators as part of the Beck Protocol research or used independently.
Please be advised that results are unique for each user.

Q. Do I need a faster pulser?
A. Absolutely not. Keep in mind that the original Bob beck Pulser only pulsed every 3-3-1/2 seconds and it did the job it was designed for.
We opted out of the speed race in favour of strength and other improvements. We do not include gimmicks that are totally unnecessary and inflate prices.

What's in the box ...
1 x UltraPulse-92 Magnetic Pulser.
1 x Heavy Duty Removable Coil Paddle.
1 x Instruction Manual.
1 x Mains Power Cable.
3 x Safety Fuses.
36 month (RTB) Warranty.

FREE Delivery Australia Wide

Key Features

  • Pulse Speed: 92/second
  • Design : Heavy Duty
  • Transformer: Toroidal
  • Enclosure : RoHS compliant
  • Electronics: Solid State
  • Paddle : 11mh - Heavy Duty - Removable
  • Capacitors : High Quality - German made.
  • Warranty : 36 Month on Internally Mounted Parts. 10 year MF Warranty on Capacitors.

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    Accessories (included):

    Coil Paddle

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