(Established 1980)

Patron: John Bennett (ACLU)

Reg Watson - Author, Researcher and Journalist

Ph. 03 62438597  Fax: (03) 62438599

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- A Tasmanian-founded Heritage Group.

The Society has its origins back in June 1980 when it was launched at a special function in Hobart, Tasmania as the Anglo Saxon Society.

The Society was founded by Tasmanian historian and author, REG. A. WATSON, who was concerned that the heritage of the majority was deliberately being suppressed in favour of the overseas introduced programme of multiculturalism.

In early 1981, the name of the Society was broadened to the ANGLO-SAXON-KELTIC SOCIETY (ASK) using the Greek "K" instead of the Latin "C". In August 1998 the Society had another minor name change to the current, THE ANGLO-KELTIC SOCIETY. (TAK)

The TAK Society sees itself defending and promoting those institutions which made and make Australia great; but too, the Society works to unite Anglo-Kelts world-wide for our common good.

The TAK SOCIETY is now a recognised Pubblishing House publishing historic works that have become sought after nation-wide and overseas.

Details of published works can be found here.

Annually held events:

January 26th. Australia Day Barbecue; April 23rd. St George's Day; June - Queen's Birthday; September 3rd - Australian National Flag Day; November - In honour of Prince Charles; December - various Christmas functions - besides other events.

The TAK Society has close links with similar groups throughout the world.

It also has a sister relationship with the UK SETTLERS SOCIETY, (Victoria).

October 2010