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Zi yue xue er shi xi zhi bu yi yue hu. You peng zi yuan fang lai bu yi le hu.
Lun Yu (Analects) 1:1


The Master said, "Is it not pleasant to learn with a constant perseverance and application? Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?"

Legge, James (trans.), 1971, Confucius: Confucian Analects, The Great Learning and The Doctrine of the Mean, Dover Publications, New York, p.137.

Confucius (551-479 BCE)

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    Chinese Philosophy Texts.
    Kongfu Zi or "Confucius". The legendary founder of the Ru school of thought.

    Meng Zi or "Mencius". Probably the most famous Confucian after Confucius.

    Xun Zi. The defender of Confucianism from the many other contemporaneous schools of thought.

    Ru Jia or "Confucianism". A loosely related collection of doctrines historically founded by Confucius.




    Xun Zi


    Mo Zi. The founder of the Mohist school. Roughly contemporaneous with Confucius.

    Bie Mo or Neo-Mohists. They developed the doctrines in the Early Mohists, introducing into the philosophical environment what has been called fascinating logical and scientific thought.

    Mo Jia. The greatest of all philosophical rivals of the Confucians.


    Mo Zi

    Bie Mo


      Lao Zi. The legendary author of the Dao De Jing (probably the most misunderstood text of all time).

    Zhuang Zi. A complicated and fascinating text, both for its literary wonder and philosophical insight.

    Dao Jia or Daoists. One of the most misunderstood groups of thinkers from any culture and any time.


    Lao Zi

    Zhuang Zi

      Han Fei Zi. Student of the Confucian Xun Zi, he brought together the existing "Legalist" doctrines synthesising them into his own thought. Fa Jia or "Legalists". Represents an authoritarian reaction to the turbulent times of pre-Qin China. Their political and social doctrines culminated in the repressive Qin Dynasty.


    HanFei Zi



    Ming Jia, School of Names, Logicians or Sophists. Together with the Neo-Mohists they sought to promote argumentative and ‘logical’ discourse into the philosophical environment. MING JIA

    Gongsun Long Zi

    Hui Shi

    Yinwen Zi

    Song Xing



    Yin Yang

    Yi Jing

    Sun Zi

    Guan Zi

    Yin Fu

    Guigu Zi

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