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There is a rather limited number of electronic mailing lists dedicated to Chinese philosophy, more lists are concerned with China and Chinese culture in general. The greatest number of China related electronic mailing lists are, however, related to Chinese language computing (these are not included here).
This is a list exclusively dedicated to Chinese philosophy. It is located at the BBS. To subscribe to this list send the message "sub chinese-philosophy (your e-mail address)" to Here is a copy of the help file from (it includes a list of the available lists).

This list is not very active. But hopefully when more people hear about it, the list will become more active.
The BBS also has a taoism list. To subscribe to this taoism list send the message "sub taoism (your e-mail address)" to

This list is also not very active. The level of discussion is less formal and is more concerned with, though not exclusively, Daoism as it is encountered in everyday life.


Another excellent electronic mailing list deals exclusively with Daoism. It is located at the Australian National University, Australia. To subscribe send the message "subscribe taoism-studies-l (your e-mail address)" to majordomo@coombs.anu Here is a copy of the welcome message received after subscription.

This list is more active and predominantly concentrates on scholastic aspects of Daoism, Daoist thought, textual interpretation and, to some extent, philological research as centered around the Dao De Jing and the Zhuang Zi.

All messages to taoism-studies-l are archived and are available, via wais (wide area information search), on the World Wide Web at the ANU-Taoism-Studies-L data base.
While still on the subject of Daoism, a less academic list is PATHS. To subscribe send the message "subscribe paths (your e-mail address)" to Here is a copy of the welcome message.

The topics on this list are more to do with the "spiritual" or "everyday" aspects of Daoism.
Princeton University hosts a CHINA list. To subscribe send the message "subscribe china (your e-mail address)" to This list is not open to automatic subscription. After sending this first subscription message you will receive a message asking you to confirm your request for subscription (here is a copy). After you send your confirmation you will receive a welcome message (here is a copy).

The CHINA list caters for academic discussions on all topics related to China and Chinese studies.
Confucius Mailing List. To subscribe, send a message to In the body of the message type the command: "subscribe Confucius <your email address>". Leave the Subject: field blank. The list is also available ia the Globewide Network Academy ( Web archive ( Any questions or problems may be directed to owners Todd Thacker or Joseph Wang joe@MIT.EDU


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