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Online Publishers and Bookshops
Book Stacks Unlimited.

Han-Shan Tang Books Home Page.

The Internet Book Shop.

China Books Periodicals, Inc..

China International Book Trading Corp. Home Page.

Amazon Books.

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Penguin Books USA.

Combined AAUP Online Catalog/Bookstore.

Asian Rare Books


Chinese Culture
China/Chinese home pages at CND (China News Digest).

This is the China Home Page.

Academia Sinica.

Amnesty International's China page.

Chinese Culture Page.

The US Army Handbook China section.

China the Beautiful.

Chinese Astrology.

China Guide.


Chinese Computing
Chinese Computer Terminology.

Chinabyte Home Page.

On-line Chinese Tools.


Chinese Language
Chinese Linguistics.

Internet Distributed Chinese Magazines.

Chinese-Language-Related Information Page.


Other Resources
United Nations Home Page.

The ETEXT Archives.

Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet.

Central Intelligence Agency Home Page.

Lonely Planet Travel Centre.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue.

CNN Interactive.


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