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Candida Overgrowth ( Candidiasis ) Overview

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Candida is a fungus. It is all around us, normally found on skin, in the mouth, gut, and other mucus membranes. It causes infection when antibiotics or other factors reduce ournatural resistance to its overgrowth. Most Candida infections are superficial, limited to mucus membranes.

Disseminated infection by Candida of internal organs can occur in severely immunocompromised patients, such as those with cancer, serious burns, or AIDS. This is a much more serious condition than superficial Candida infection.

Top Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth

  • Dry, itchy, flaky skin
  • Oral thrush
  • White Coating on tongue
  • Recurring cystitis/vaginal infections
  • Reduced concentration ( "Brain Fog" )
  • Anxiety
  • Indigestion
  • Lethargy
  • Food and environmental allergies
  • Recurring irritability or mood swings
  • Heartburn
  • Joint soreness
  • Acne or other skin problems
  • Migraine headaches
  • Premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems
  • Fungal Sinusitis
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It is estimated that 70 percent of people have
Candida Overgrowth in their intestines ,
mouths or on their skin...

...In most cases, the organism is commensal — it does not harm people, even though it depends upon them for food.
However, colonies of Candida sometimes grow too large, as happens in the case of yeast infections. The oral form of Candida infection, known as thrush, is a common problem for infants and Adults alike.

We have found that a surprisingly large proportion of people around the world suffer from a number of these symptoms simultaneously or periodically over a period of time and who may never find out what the cause is. Those that do eventually find out (often by chance or through coming across a book or website like this), have often lived for years, even decades felling really awful a large amount of the time.

Apart from feeling physically ill and lifeless they often also suffer from the psychological pressure of constantly wondering what on earth is wrong with them in light of the fact that the Doctors keep telling them that they "test out okay" and eventually recommend them to a psychotherapist! Does this sound familiar?

Candida Albicans may be affecting
millions of people in a very dramatic way

When present in your body in an out-of-balance state it has the potential to cause any number of the above symptoms. Obviously, not everyone with fatigue, mood swings, central nervous system problems, or headaches etc suffers from Candida Albicans infection, but it is of significant prevalence that it is well worth examining in people who have reoccurring intractable problems of this type.


What causes Candida imbalance?

The organism ( Candida ) may become pathogenic ( capable of causing disease ) when the systems' ability to contain this organism proves ineffective and proliferation of the yeast results in overgrowth.

This can happen internally and externally on the skin and in or around the oral and vaginal cavities. Most of the medical information pertaining to Candidiasis would appear to relate to external forms of Candida infection.

We believe, as do many other Health Practitioners, that internal Candida infection is very common, often undiagnosed, and quite possibly the cause of many external infectious Candida conditions, along with a wide range of other chronic, acute, and degenerative disorders.

The current increase in the incidence of Candidiasis appears to parallel the widespread use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, both as therapeutic agents and within the food supply.

There are many factors which may
Contribute singly or jointly
to the overgrowth of Candida.

  • Use of antibiotics
  • Ingestion of antibiotics from meat and animal products
  • Use of oral contraceptives
  • Excess consumption of sugar and sugar containing products
  • Use of corticosteroids
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Immunosuppression
  • Mercury from mercury amalgam dental fillings
  • Chlorine from drinking and bathing/swimming water

The Candida-Lactobacillus connection.

In the intestines of our body, Lactobacillus ( a friendly bacteria ) feeds on Candida keeping its numbers low.

Antibiotics, by eliminating competitive and protective bacteria (probiotics), help facilitate Candida proliferation, since the yeast is not itself attacked by antibiotics. Furthermore, antibiotics have been postulated to inhibit phagocytosis, irritate the gut mucosa, and cause B-vitamin deficiencies by eradicating the bacteria involved in their production. The bottom-line is that antibiotics are an aggressive drug that should be used sparingly when no other sound alternative exists.

"Antibiotics help facilitate
Candida proliferation,
since the yeast is not itself
attacked by antibiotics"

Steroids , including birth control pills , have a suppressive effect upon the immune system. This appears to cause delay in the activation of phagocytes (a vital component of the immune system). Evidence indicates that not only are patients taking corticosteroids more susceptible to virulent strains of Candida (which are normally non-pathogenic), but also that these less virulent strains may produce disease when normally they would not have done.

Candida is now in an "overgrowth" status. It slows down neurotransmitters to the brain, causing the person affected to have reduced concentration, to be forgetful and confused, irritable, and to sleep poorly.

Other problems experienced include fatigue, low stamina, low libido, weight gain or loss, aching legs or other muscles (Candida overgrowth can affect calcium/phosphorus/magnesium balance), aggravation of PMS, menopausal or gynecology syndrome, and a general malaise of the immune system. Craving sugar (a major Candida food source) is also a common symptom.


Gluten / Lactose factor

An interesting theory is that these recurring Candida infestations could not happen without gluten or lactose intolerance. Sure, antibiotics kill off the "friendly" bacteria but that should be a very temporary event, followed by re-colonization of the gut, by bacterial cultures.

So what stops the
Return of the Bacteria?

It is likely that a condition in the small intestine where billions of tiny "finger-like" projections called villi (through which absorption of food takes place) are clubbed and flattened due to junk food, all-cooked food, alcohol, drugs, and especially gluten and dairy products - consistent use of these health-destroying foods all cause decay of food in the intestine due to malabsorption. In that case, the Candida is provided with food so it can continue to proliferate.

If gluten and casein [wheat and dairy] are eliminated from the diet, frequently the malabsorption syndrome will be eliminated. Eliminating, or at least greatly reducing, the intake of junk food, alcohol, all-cooked food, and drugs will also allow the gut wall to regenerate and limit the growth of Candida.


The solution to Candida overgrowth

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Most Candida health protocols will generally assert that it will take months of serious dieting, use of fungicides such as nystatin, and total elimination of any sugar, honey, fruit juices and even fruit, grains and most carbohydrates.

Threelac, is the alternative to the "impossible" Candida Diet.

By simply following the dosage suggestions provided with the product, combined with a "sensible" diet, unbalanced Candida is reduced to levels required for a healthy lifestyle.

PDF, safety Sheet
Safety Sheet for E Faecalis strain

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Benefits of Threelac

  • ThreeLac™ helps maintain intestinal flora that are essential for efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
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  • ThreeLac's effectiveness is due to the micro-encapsulation process that gets the live bacteria safely past the acidic environment of the stomach and into the intestines.
  • ThreeLac’s oxygen-friendly bacteria go to work supporting a healthy intestine.
  • ThreeLac may offer relief from typical yeast/fungi symptoms, which may include depression, anxiety, recurring irritability, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, extreme food and environmental allergies, acne, dry, flaky, itchy skin, jock itch, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/ vaginal infections, premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems.
  • ThreeLac’s support may be detected as early as the first few days for some but should be noticed within seven to ten days for most people.
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