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Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation (BAFF)
Subject:  Fluoridation for Geelong & Ballarat announced.
Date:  Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:53:02 +1100
From:  "DAVID MCRAE" <djmcrae@ncable.net.au>
Web site;  http://www.baff.org.au/
FLUORIDATION Bulletin - 26-3-08

Hi all
No doubt you are all aware of the announcement of fluoridation for Geelong
and Ballarat today.
Funny thing, I didnt see anything in Geelong Advertiser when I scanned thru it
this AM, but here on the website is a story:

The advertiser came to our BAFF fluoridation press conference today, so there
should be something on our side of the story tomorrow.

The story was really broken by the Age newspaper this morning with a front
page story, which makes the 100% false statement that the community was
consulted!! - "yes, the DHS ran some information only sessions last month"
and at least 95 percent of attendees spoke up telling Dr Carnie that they do not
want fluoridation and demanding that he do something to protect their health
and that of their children from fluoride toxicity
BAFF spokespersons were interviewed by WIN TV this morning - should be on
WIN news tonight, which unfortunately is hard to get in Geelong, but will be
seen across Ballarat and Warrnambool and Western Vic.
We had a good interview on ABC 774 (Jon Faine show) this morning,
debating with a crazy dentist who really came across quite badly.

And of course, I hope some of you saw the fantastic Today Tonight segment
on Channel 7 last night (Tuesday 25). It presented Prof Paul Connett,
Dr Andrew Harms the Adelaide former dental Assoc president, and others
explaining all the reasons why fluoridation should end!
We will try to get hold of DVDs of it, and get it posted somewhere online and
let everybody know. It was certainly about the best current affairs piece on the
subject for years, and should help Melbourne people to wake up to the
garbage they are being fed in their water.

Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation ( QAWF Inc )


This email is intended for those who are opposed to having water fluoridation
forced upon them.

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receive further emails.

 On behalf of Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation ( QAWF Inc ) I would
like to thank the many people who have recently contacted us saying that they
do not want fluoridation forced on them and also the many hundreds of peolpe
who have sent us copies of complaint letters that they sent to
Queensland Politicians or the Chief Health Officer.

Many people may not be aware that the BILL  that will mandate water
fluoridation on almost all of Queenslands public water supplies was passed
through the Queensland Parliament late Thursday night 13 th March.
The BILL as passed, additionally removes any liability from the government,
politicians, Councils and water authorities.

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Date:  Thu, 10 Jan 2008 11:27:48 +1000
From:  "QAWF MEDIA RELEASE" <MediaRelease@qawf.org>
To:  "MEDIA RELEASE QAWF" <mediarelease@qawf.org>


Dear Premier

On the 20 April 2005, you and 38 current Labor Party MPs  voted
against Jean-Paul Langbroek's  Private Members Bill for mandated water

According to Hansard  these are the 39 Labor MPs who have previously
voted against mandated water fluoridation   ~

Julie Attwood, Anna Bligh, Michael Choi, Peta-Kaye Croft, John
English, Gary Fenlon, Simon Finn, Andrew Fraser, Carolyn Male,
Andrew McNamara , John Mickel,  Jo-Ann Miller,  Michael Reynolds,
Neil Roberts, Stephen Robertson, Robert Schwarten, Desley Scott,
Kerry Shine, Christine Smith, Judy Spence, Barbara Stone,  Karen Struthers,
Carryn Sullivan,  Craig Wallace, Rod Welford, Dean Wells and Geoff Wilson.

Although some of these members spoke in favour of water fluoridation, all
rejected the Bill, many saying it was because of the
process of forcing fluoridation.

The Local Govt Assn in 2005 commissioned a survey on water fluoridation
which reported that 73 % of respondents favoured fluoridation.

This result was not unexpected because it was a push poll that employed a
leading preamble and a leading question,
but even despite this the survey found ~

* 64% of people want a state-wide referendum
* 56 % of people said a local referendum should be mandatory before
fluoridation commenced locally.

As Constituents have shown they want a Referendum,  Labor MPs cannot
vote for mandated fluoridation even if the Premier orders them to vote for it.

Since 2005, tooth decay in Queensland children has not worsened, children
from Qld with less than 5% water fluoridation, compare very favourably with
children from very heavily  fluoridated states; the latest national children's
dental survey published December 2007 shows ~

* Qld children now have less decay in baby teeth than children from
the Northern Territory
* Qld children have less decay in permanent teeth than children from
the ACT and very similar to those from Tasmania.

Since 2005 , there has still been no evidence to show water fluoridation is
safe, but there has been many reports linking adverse health
effects to the practice;

* National Research Council 2006 report " Fluoride in Drinking Water"

* Lancet publication defining  Fluoride as an emerging Neurotoxin

* Chinese studies linking Fluoride to lowered IQ

* "Cancer, Causes Control" publication linking Osteosarcoma in boys to
    water fluoridation

* American Dental Association & Centre for Disease Control 2006 advisories
that infants under 12 months of age not consume fluoridated water.

Premier, even if you want your family to swallow fluoride, it is not your right to
force this on 4 million Queenslanders and it not your right to order all the
Labor MPs to vote for mandated fluoridation. Queensland Members of
Parliament have been elected to represent their Constituents,
not to force fluoridation on them.

Premier, you are invited to address the Rally Against Forced Fluoridation
commencing at  9am Tuesday 12 th February, Parliament House, George St.

Rally organisers   Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation Inc,
Fluoride... My Choice,  Australian Fluoridation Information Network
contact M Haines QAWF Inc  mob 0418 777 112  info@qawf.org

If you are opposed to forced fluoridation, It would be really appreciated if you
could copy / paste this email and forward on to as many contacts as you can.
We cannot afford the full- page fluoridation promotion ads in the Courier Mail,
ads in the regional newsapers and the ads on radio and TV that the
goverment has been doing with taxpayer funds.

Please see  www.qawf.org  in " tools " for an easy way to email all 89 Qld MPs
to let them know that you do not want your water supply to be fluoridated.

Please keep watching the website for details of a " MY WILL " petition
campaign and about the rally on the morning of Tuesday 12 th February.
Many thanks QAWF Inc
NOTE;  A petition is a request from the Living Souls to the Parliament.
A Will or Mandate is a command from the Living Souls to the Parliament.
The "MY WILL, petition campaign"
is not correct and tells me that these Living Souls, do not understand the
difference between a MY WILL and a petition.
Remember we Living Souls are the Electors, they depend on our votes,
the Members of Parliament are our Representatives.