Kinergetics & Kinesiology! Kinesiology healing energy!


is a creative system of Kinesiology that uses healing energy as the only correction. 

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Philip Rafferty, a Melbourne kinesiology practitioner and instructor, developed Kinergetics in 1991 and then RESET which balances the jaw. Kinergetics and RESET have helped thousands of people around the world to relieve pain and ailments.

Kinergetics is a fast, non-invasive, simple, effective method of releasing pain and stress and locating and correcting some of the emotional and metaphysical causes of disease.

As with other Kinesiology sytems, Kinergetics uses muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress, imbalance, or disfunction of the body's energy systems. By accessing the cause and working with natural healing energy, imbalances are cleared at a deep level, to bring about lasting change to our energetic and physical being.

Contact can be made with Kinergetics Practitioners Instructors and Consultants throughout Australia and Internationally.

The Kinergetics National Association (KNA) also offers assistance through the KNA Office, and the State Representatives. The KNA produces a quarterly Newsletter and has worldwide membership.

Philip is dedicated to the expansion of Kinergetics and kinesiology and will do his best to organise free demonstrations of Kinergetics, Kinesiology and RESET almost anywhere in the world. [Example - German Demo] He has demonstrated Kinergetics internationally at many Kinesiology Conferences, Kinesiology Schools, Kinesiology Open Days, Hospitals, Festivals etc.


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