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To all the users and new visitors of Teen Support Chat:

#TSC (Teen Support Chat) was created a few years ago for the purpose of helping teenagers with problems. It was designed to be a SAFE and welcoming place for all users of the ages 10 - 17 years to talk about their problems openly and have no fear of ridicule or judgment.

TSC has seen a number of website designs, 3 IRC server changes, and over 6-10 thousand hits per day.  It has also significantly made a difference in literally hundreds of people’s lives, including people who are ill, who have suffered abuse, and who may not of known where to go to find help. TSC has also has been a home to a close community of friends who have found TSC to be a cure for loneliness.

By original TSC standards, TSC is no longer the safe place it once was.  It was originally shut down due to the unsafe behaviour of some users and staff members. It became a place where users could not seek help openly, and could not enjoy their chatting experience safely. 

The goals of TSC have always been to maintain a high standard of safety and well being for all its users. That standard was not upheld, and because of that, TSC lost its true meaning and purpose, becoming a common chat room.

There are however other chat rooms on the internet who have copied TSC, some as blatantly as to copy the entire name of this organization. But please be aware that it is NOT in any way affiliated with the original TeenSC (TSC - Teen Support Chat) and is not run by the same rules. The attempted TSC duplicates do not uphold the same morals and safety standards that the original TSC did.

Unfortunately, the original #TSC may never open again. This is due to both lack of staff, and what would seem a lack of user interest.  However, the chat room may some day return, although that depends on both public interest and resources to do so.

The TeenSC website may return, however there will be a considerable delay. Hopefully we will still be able to continue to provide helpful links and even better content that can be used to accommodate people in need of help.

Deepest heart felt sympathy is expressed for all the people who lost the original TSC.  Also, thanks goes out to all those who helped make TSC from an idea into reality. Remember that TSC was only one place to get help, and there are always other places to go. 

Remember TeenSC (teensc.com/.org/.net) is the original Teen Support Chat, and was truly unique in its high standards of safety. Any questions or requests can be emailed to the creator of TeenSC



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24th March 2003:

Thanks to all who have sent the hundreds of emails of support.

Please keep sending those emails and keep an eye out!

We are working hard to bring Teen Support Chat back.

Please direct any comments, suggestions, (massive donations) to Satch@teensc.com


------ 22nd April 2003 -----

- I have received many emails regarding when Teen Support Chat will return. I am working hard to find some hosting for the IRC server, and webspace suitable for the website. At the moment I can't find suitable hosting services that agree with our budget of $0.00. 

I know that many of you would like to see Teen Support Chat return, which is apparent in your many many emails, so if you know of any free dedicated IRC hosting company's, or know anyone who would freely and willingly allow an IRCd on their server, please let me know by emailing me ( mailto:(satch@teensc.com ). Also if you can help in any other way please feel free to let me know and we can hopefully return TeenSC for the people who miss it so much.


I have also received emails about people trying to track down lost friends they have made. I can only personally refer people to those whom I know/speak to. If there is enough public interest I can hold a forum (on IRC/Chat) where those interested parties can attend discuss such matters as TSC returning and any other concerns people have. I would also be willing to remain behind to talk to people after the forum for any other reasons also. 

So if there is enough interest - this might be a possibility. Please email me and let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. (satch@teensc.com).

Thanks - Satch.


30th May 2003 

I have added a chat room that will be open whilst I am online. I must stress this is NOT #TSC and not strictly for the purpose of the Teen Support Chat channel. It is merely a means for an open medium for discussion of the return of this service, and for users to ask any questions or perhaps have a general chat. Many restrictions will apply and the channel will NOT be open at all times. This may give an opportunity for those who are seeking friends they have made whilst chatting in TSC in the past years. 

There are no strict rules as there was with #TSC, (as this channel is ONLY to provide a medium between myself and users.) and there-for chatting there is your responsibility alone.

However having said that, I will expect those users who wish to join to not only follow the servers rules, but also be polite and on their best behaviour at all times. I reserve the right to remove any chatter not adhering to this.

The chat room can be accessed at http://chat.teensc.com/ 

----- October 30th 2003 -----

The above mentioned chat room is no longer monitored (or even exists). I no longer have the time to monitor it and last time I went to the server it was offline. The Java chat console was not a full version and constantly prompted adverts which turned the few users away who did visit.

I have been asked to post some links to direct users to websites that may be beneficial to them, and often i refer people to websites for information that they need. Therefore i am creating a Links page which can be found at:


Please note, that although I try to check any linked websites integrity I can not verify that any information you may find on these websites, or linked pages from those websites are 100% accurate, truthful or in otherwise offensive.
Please note that some websites may contain information which you may find offensive, including but not limited to pictures/language discussion of religion or other content.
So be aware that you take responsibility for the websites you view.
Any content that is on another website other then a TeenSC site is an external website and not directly affiliated with us.

Please feel free to let me know if any linked website has offensive, or illegal content not suitable for linking.
(also it is wise to check with the webmaster of that website also.)

If you have any links please e-mail me and I will see what i can do about adding it.


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