Be ye a pirate or be ye a scurvy landlubber?
It be Talk Like A Pirate day nigh September 19th!

Show ye true colours, run up ye flag and
an extra ration of rum to all me crew!

Attach ye hooks, screw in ye peg leg an`
adjust ye eyepatch! We board now! Polly
does not want a cracker, Polly be wantin
RUM! So Be ye a whoresom` blaggart, or be
ye a bloodthirsty cutthroat pirate? The
19th be ye day!

If ye be disinclined t` acquiesce to me
request, ye will be takin a long walk off a
short plank!

Download the PDF and spread t` word!

www.TalkLikeAPirate.com                                                                                                                                                 Cap`n Keelhauler an` Runnin` Lucy Kidd

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