[Pic: inside the mosque]

From Maumere I flew to Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, on Java (here's the Istiqlal Mosque).   I wanted to find some information about teaching English in Indonesia, and got some. :)

From Bogor to Jakarta takes one hour by bus on the tollway; I thought I would be safer staying outside the big city.   Bogor is a beautiful place (sorry - no photo :( ) and well worth taking the time to visit.

Puncak Pass looked hazy as I passed, so I stayed on the bus to Bandung, where I had lunch as I waited for the train to Yogya.   It's hard to find a cheap losmen in Yogyakarta at 02:30 in the morning, so I paid the Rp15,000 and found a better place the next day. :)

Back to Bali, then home (is Australia still home?).

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