[Picture: Mum in ricefield]
My Nengah, Mum and Suati's Nengah, somewhere near the Elephant Cave.
Back to Bali on Oct 21.   Mum arrived a day or two later, giving us a chance to show her around before our confinement.   We went to Tirtagangga (lunch inside the Water Palace is terrific) and walked through the ricefields to Goa Gajah.   Mum loved the markets in Bugbug and Amlapura.   She and Nengah got on well, although neither could speak the other's language.

Pak Tena had asked that we elope a day earlier than planned, to give him time to inform all the relatives that we had run away together.   Kawin lari  (running away to get married) is a convenient way to "tie the knot" because it takes a lot of responsibility and expense away from the father of the bride (although it is supposed to be done in secret, and the father is supposed to be angry).

So for two days we were confined to Homestay Taruna (my "home") with nothing to do :)

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