[Pic: Pak Hasan]
Pak Hasan in Banyuwangi
After a week and a half I set out for Klaten, Central Java, en route to Sumatra, to spend a few days with Mr and Mrs Joedarto and their family, and to see Candi Prambanan again.

On the bus to Gilimanuk I met Agung and his wife, and we chatted a little on the ferry, and later, in Banyuwangi, they invited me to stay at their place and then catch the morning train to Yogya.   Their home was in the kampungs of Banyuwangi, about 30 mins by train from the main station.   They fed me, gave me a place to sleep (with Agung, who explained that they couldn't leave me to sleep alone -- that would be bad manners).

The next morning I bathed at their neighbour's house, where they had prepared some warm water ( ! ) for me.   Then the whole family came to the station to see me off, including the jovial Pak Hasan.   I must say that in all the times I've been to Banyuwangi I have always been treated very well, and have never seen any of the seedy things that I have heard others talk about.

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