[Pic: young women on parade]
Bugbug youth on parade
This trip turned out to be the perfect honeymoon.  Nengah was really happy to see her family again after three months in Australia (of course :-) and she enjoyed her first trip to Java, even if the 13 hour train trip from Banyuwangi to Klaten did seem a bit long.  And then there was the deluxe bus driver who left us anything but relaxed when he deliberately caused the truck behind to collide with us in revenge for an earlier incident where the truck driver didn't allow us to enter the traffic in front of him.

In all, it was a wonderful holiday, well worth the money we didn't have, and one we won't forget.  Our next Indonesian adventure will probably be next year (1997), as soon as we can afford it.  After that we plan to start a family, and hope to be living in Bali before too much longer.

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