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All photographs up to 1993, are by Steve Gill, and are taken from Kodak Photo CD.   Pictures for 1995/96 are by Steve, his mother, and some Balinese friends.   The photos were scanned by Bob Ogden.   The pictures for 1997 are low quality temporary files and will be taken from photo-CD as soon as I get the time.

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Special thanks go to Budi Rahardjo for helping to get this work started, and giving it a place to live.:)

My favourite book about Bali is "BALI  Sekala & Niskala",   © 1990 by Fred B. Eiseman, Jr.  Publisher is Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.   ISBN 0-945971-03-6.

While there are differences between the Adat (the way things are done) in Bugbug and Jimbaran (the place Eiseman has most experience with), I have gained insights and understanding of many areas of Balinese culture and feeling that I doubt I would have learned in ten years of travelling to Bali.

Eiseman has lived in Bali for over twenty years, and has a wonderful way of explaining things, in detail where needed, and with a warmth and sense of humor that make the book a pleasure to read.

This book is not a lightweight overview.   From the back cover:

IN BALI, what you see -- sekala -- is a colorful world of ceremony, ritual, dance, and drama.   What you don't see, what is occult -- niskala -- is the doctrine underlying the rites, and the magic underlying the dance.   In this first of two volumes, author Fred Eiseman explores both tangibles and intangibles in the realm of Balinese religion, ritual, and performing arts.   The essays collected here cover topics ranging from Hindu mythology to tooth filing to modern gamelan  music.   Eiseman's approach is that of a dedicated reporter in love with his subject -- he has the knowledge and patience to explain the near-infinite permutations of the Balinese calendar, and yet he is still moved by the majesty of the great Eka Dasa Rudra ceremony.   The author's 28 years experience on the island shows, and this book rewards close reading -- even by the most seasoned students of Balinese culture.
. . . and I agree.

Volume #1 is subtitled "Essays on Religion, Ritual, and Art";
Volume #2 is subtitled "Essays on Society, Tradition, and Craft".

(2004 April 19)
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