2004 September 24

When did I promise to update this site? 

We have a 3 year old son, Kadek Antony William.  Putu Karen is now 7 and in year one at Eden Hill Primary (and doing very well too!).

We lived in Bali for two years, through the tourism crises following Sept 11 2001 and the Kuta bombing in Oct 2002. 

We've been back in Australia for a year and a half!
I worked in a helpdesk call centre for 8 months then was made redundant
Now I work at the Internet Service Provider that these pages are hosted on.  I've been an iiNet member since 1994 and now I work here!

I'll be putting in the updates to my Indonesia story here first,  then integrating them with the rest of the story, or maybe redesign the whole site!  Stay tuned. . .

(2004 April 19)
Zack Olsson just introduced himself and his web site to me.  He has a lot of info about Bali and its culture, along with some personal photos.  I'm putting in a link to Zack's site in the hope that you'll find it interesting.

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