Battlelords of the 23rd Century


Campaign Material

New Items
by Matt Kolokowsky


Early last year, Dr Yoki Tokagawa was working to develop his plans for a teleporter - a device that would exchange an equal amount of different items from large distances. For example, 5 kg of food from one area would be exchanged with 5kg of paper from another. As no mass would actually move any large distance, this would require much less energy than transporting it. The invention was far from completion. Dr. Tokagawa was having difficulty in locking onto objects and tracking them - the correct atoms would appear at the target location, but in random locations - what should be paper would be random combinations of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, just as the food would wind up being. Dr. Tokagawa was found splattered in his laboratory one morning. People were surprised that he would try the device on himself without perfecting it first. ARM had come into his office that evening, and used the device on him, and then stolen the plans. They had another idea for his invention, the teleporter weapon. This device will attempt to teleport every object within a spherical area to where it already is. It will do this poorly, scattering atoms randomly. When applied to living beings, microscopic bits of fingernail wind up in the shoulder, bits of kidney appear in the knee, and so forth. Some races consider the effects to be gruesome, but Phentari generally find the effects to be thrilling.

The weapon causes all targets to lose 10% of their starting body points, and constitution (round up). The damage is too diffuse to do any critical wounds, and constitution comes back at 1 point per day. Armor loses 10% of its current AR, and 20% of its current AI (round up). If a force field is in the area of effect, the shot does not fire, and the feedback has a 50% chance to damage the weapon. Otherwise, damage is done to every object in the area of effect. Listed damage is the radius (in feet) of the attack. The listed to hit is the chance for the laser range finder to hit and lock in. Like a grenade, the shot will hit somewhere. Full damage is done at all ranges. To get the correct range, a laser range finder fires on the first turn. The weapon will fire to that range on the second turn. If the range finder either hits something that will include the wielder in the area of effect, or did not hit anything within its range, the weapon will fire to a pre-determined range, and the range finder will fire again that same turn. If the range finder hit something, unless over-ridden by the wielder, the range finder will continue to fire at that same range. The wielder can also designate a range. This takes 2 turns to dial in. The range can be on the other side of walls or other physical barriers. The area of effect is visible as a spherical flurry of mist and dust. Cost is what the market will bear - there are not many teleporters in existence.

Mist Ball:
Q: 20
Dam: 10
Dust Ball:
Q: 40
Dam: 15
Q: 60
Dam: 25

New Weapon

by Matt Kolokowsky


This is an experimental weapon that is working out surprisingly well. This device fires a beam that temporarily neutralizes the negative electric charge of the electrons at the target. The electrons are neutral, the neutrons are neutal, and the protons are positive. As like charges repel, the target explodes. All damage is concussion, ignoring threshold. AI damage is 1/2 of the AR damage. Magnetic fields greatly distort the beam path. Subtract 15 from to chance to hit for each thunderbolt generator, omega, or gauss weapon is firing within 50 meters. Due to the thunderbolt generator's supression field, this weapon can not hit within 5 meters of one that is firing. Subtract 5 from chance to hit for each laser or pulse weapon within 50 meters.

Q: 50
ROF: 1
Dam: 5-50
Cost: 25,000

More variations are in the design stage.

Armor Option
by Matt Kolokowsky

Rubber Coating

Cost: 575

Space: 0

Weight: .3

This is a thin layer of rubber that is put on the suit. It has many beneficial effects.

  1. It softens the noise created by the armor, helping stealth checks by 25%.
  2. It reduces the magnetic signature of the armor, reducing the chance of mag munitions to hit by 8%.
  3. It confers an additional +50 to SMRs vs acid attacks.
  4. Prevents electrical damage. Electricity may arc to an unprotected slob of a team-mate next to you however.

Note: even slight tears in the rubber will render benefit 4 useless. On each attack, before threshold, note the AI damage that would be done. This is the maximum electical damage that can be done in that location. Multiple hits are (of course) additive.

New Grenades
by Matt Kolokowsky


This biological grenade is sometimes mis-diagnosed as a blessing - the injured refuse treatment . . .

Contagion percentage: 50%.

Diagnosis: level 5.

Effects: These bacteria speed up the body's metabolism. Strength goes up 10 points, Agility up 5 points, and Aggression up by 10 points. Sleep is not required or possible - the body is running on double time. Unfortunately, the body is eatting itself to make all of this power - the effected creatures lose 1 point of strength and 2 points of Constitution per hour until dead. Half of the losses are permanent. Needless to say, the benefits stop if cured.

Acid gas

This grenade is initially indistinguishable from an ordinary smoke grenade. The smoke is slightly thinner, but is highly acidic. For each person inside of the smoke, the acid does 1/2 of the victim's size class in damage to AI to each piece of armor, 1/4 to arms and head. This damage occurs every round. If there is no armor in that area, half of that damage becomes body damage in horrible acid burns.

Cost: 250 cr.


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