Omega Tech
by Mark Schibeci

Adventure Overview

The players are sent to OmegaTech's largest mining and refining facilities to investigate some unusual transmissions and energy readings. They appear to indicate the presence of a traitor in the refining complex. OmegaTech's intelligence is correct and a group of Alpha Works mercenaries have been sent to recover a cache of weapons left from a now destroyed platoon (origin and nature of cache must be described). It was uncovered by a group of miners who were killed by one of the Ram Python workers. The Python has forced one of the communication technicians to transmit news of this valuable find to the corporation that he spies for. They are now awaiting his signal to move in and recover the cache.

Adventure Background

The players are approached by Leyla Gomez who informs them that their analysis of a transmission from the Rellex Cluster facilities have revealed a series of systematic, encoded algorithms that indicate hidden transmissions. Further, a routine sensor maintenance run detected a series of unusual energy fluctuations in abandoned regions of the asteroid cluster. The company are concerned about the nature of these events. The players are to travel to the Rellex Cluster and investigate, terminating the unauthorised transmissions and eliminating any other collateral threats.

The players are to be sent in as new workers, so as not to alert the traitor to their presence. The only person aware of their role will be the Refinery Manager, Kast Wensley.

Further Details

The spy is one the miners, a Ram Python called Bubba. The stereotypes associated with his race provide him with a brilliant cover, which he plays up to perfection. He seems loud, aggressive and dumb but is in fact frighteningly intelligent for a python. When he stumbled on the cache with a group of miners joy riding around the asteroids, he killed the lot and covered it up as a space craft accident. He then bullied Arnold Mint, one of the communication technicians, to sent the illegal transmissions. He is now biding his time to send the mercenaries in and will react suspiciously and aggressively to the players.


Leyla Gomez
Human Company Representative

Leyla has been in the mercenary business for a long time; firstly as an active one and now as a manager and liaison for OmegaTech. As a result she is more sympathetic than most suits. However, just as in her years as a fighter, she is rather businesslike, efficient and unimaginative. Despite this she knows when to stick to procedural guidelines and when to be flexible (after all they are guidelines!).

Kast Wensley
Gen-Human Refinery Manager

Wensley is a young (about 35), brilliant administrator whose flair for management has seen him in charge of one of OmegaTech's most important facilities. This job has been rather tedious and boring despite this importance and left Wensley frustrated and bored. He knows of the true nature of the players' presence and keen to embrace the excitement and disruption to routine that it represents. As a result he may be over eager and get under foot. He was originally an espionage specialist and may be of help. But it's unlikely.

Rachael North
Orion Rogue Chief of Technical Operations

North is an attractive woman whom is often seen wandering the corridors of the refinery tinkering and occasionally repairing things. She is often prone to generating accidents which has made her something of a liability to OmegaTech. Wensley appreciates her brilliant eccentricity and has supported her post. She is a rather shy woman, a trait which may be mistaken for the fact she is doing something suspicious. Which she of course isn't. Once she warms to the characters she will be very friendly and be able to share her wealth of knowledge on refinery operations.

Mutzachan Chief of Communication and Computer Operations

Jrin'sa is an intense and withdrawn character who is prone to becoming totally absorbed in his work. He is always charging around onto his next job. He loves his routine and will resent the characters' intrusion into his well organised life. Everything must be in its place or otherwise he gets very upset. And kills people.

Ram Python Miner

Bubba is the self elected leader of the miners because he is the loudest and most aggressive person in the whole cluster. Basically even the other Pythons prefer not to argue with him. Despite this he is the mole in the operations as noted earlier.

Alpha Works Mercenaries

Efficient, organised, well paid and well equipped. They will not respond well if their rather organised tactics fail which will be their biggest weakness. Players who are inventive will have a definite edge despite being outnumbered and outgunned. They are lead by a Cizerack called Grinsy.

Potential Flow of Events

  • Initially the players will have 72 hours to examine their surroundings before being required to go to work in their respective roles. In this time they should meet all the characters and have a chance to evaluate the situation.
    • The players will probably meet Bubba in the mess hall where he will be quick to approach the players in a belligerent way. This has all the potential to result in a fight and result in Refinery security being called in.
    • Jrin'sa will first be met running down the corridors despite attempts by Wensley to introduce them. If the players approach him he will be unhelpful.
    • North will first be met when the intruder sensors are activated. After the panic has settled down it will turn out that North accidentally attached them to the auto flush power unit.
  • Possible avenues of investigation
    • Examining the computer will not reveal much. The transmission were too well hidden. Examine the physical layout of the communications terminals will reveal that an older, unused terminal has recently been powered up and Schnapps Drink spillage residue around it.
    • Interviewing general personal will not reveal much except that Jrin'sa has been doing a lot of repair during down hours without assistance. One technician will being very fearful of approach by the players (Arnold, of course). He does drink Schnapps.
    • Arnold was doing the maintenance on the sensors when the energy fluctuations occurred. This is his way of alerting the company to the impending attack.
  • When the players do determine Arnold's role the mercenaries attack and are hopefully repelled by the players. They then discover the weapon cache (or what's left of it). Hopefully the players will go after the mercenaries who are hiding which leads to exciting chase.

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