Over the River and Through the Woods
by Matt Kolokowsky
First Draft


The following is a module designed for 5-8 characters with approximately 20,000 experience and 50,000 credits. The ideal party should consist of: 1 Orion, 1 Zen Rigeln, 1 Python Lizard, 1 Cizerak, and 1 Aedronian or Chatelian. They will have to not only be ready for battle, but be able to handle the miscellaneous challenges of life.

The characters will find a wide assortment of skills very useful in the module. If the party consists of inexperienced players, is poorly equipped or trained, or is understaffed, consider free training classes in the following skills: armor repair, bribery, climbing, detect concealment, hopper pilot, infiltration, mapping, navigation (land), and weapon repair (any).

They start out in Benka, a mountainous town on Planet Daeyrieen (Hex 1437 of No Man's Land). The town was recently captured by the capitalist Ptuzma, who are fighting the communist group, the Thalin, in a civil war. The rag-tag Ptzuma army, although winning, is unable to advance across a river due to the presence of a Thalin hopper, so they contacted SSDC. SSDC agreed to send mercenaries in return for mining contracts. The party's mission is to capture the hopper. If unable to do so, the party should sabotage or destroy it. The Ptzuma know that sending a crew of adventurers is cheaper then hiring a spacecraft to bomb the site from space - mercs are paid only if they are successful.

"Emo Cassidy" (real name: Zenkai Fentar) is a Kizanti who got surgery to appear human, and moved to Benka. From his familiarity underground and good work ethic, was readily accepted into the mining community. Through the mining community, he was able to locate a lost passage through the mountain down old mining shafts. With this knowledge, he quickly became an important asset to the local drug dealers, transporting drugs through this route. He knew that knowledge of this route was his livelihood, and so he guarded the knowledge well.

During one evening he was a spectator in a drunken bar room brawl in the Jug Or Not. The fight between an Orion and Raitha Ven-Kanu, an Eridani, over some racial slur, but this no longer matters. When a Phentari, Sessinovious Phentari by name, jumped in against the Eridani, Emo found himself in a unique opportunity of which he successfully capitalized upon - having one less squid in the universe. The Phentari was carrying false SSDC identification - he was actually a Thalin spy. When SSDC found out that someone with SSDC ID was killed, they came to take the corpse. They quickly found out that the ID was fake, and the matter was soon forgotten about. The corpse remains unclaimed and frozen in the SSDC morgue.

Everyone now mistakenly believes that Sessinovious was an SSDC officer. The locals assume that when SSDC asks about a passage through the mountain, they are going after Emo for the murder. Emo was popular in the town. Since the locals protect their own, they are silent.

When Emo found out that he killed an "SSDC officer" and that SSDC was looking for him, he planned to leave through the mine shafts. He didn't know that recently, a black market arms business moved into the abandoned shafts, unaware of the passage or Emo. Emo doesn't have the firepower to go past them. He is thus trapped between the town full of SSDC operatives and the well-armed dealers. Emo has found the dealer's food stores and has been using his displacement ability, getting to and from the mob's stockroom to gain enough food to sustain himself.

Gamemaster Tip: If flame or electricity hit the front of chest armor, there is a chance that grenades on the character will explode. The chance is 50% for smoke, biological and chemical grenades, 35% for phosphorous, and 25% for fragmentation. Plas grenades have a 40% chance to be disrupted. Upon disruption, there is an 80% chance that it will form a jet of plasma away from the character doing 8-48 to anyone who is in the way) and a 20% chance that it will explode normally. Rockets and missiles have a 10% chance for explosion, 15% chance for ignition. Add 1% to all of these chances per point of damage done by the flame. Also check for pulse, omega, and flamethrower tank rupture.


You have been summoned to SSDC regional headquarters. You applied for the job, with the company of last resort, but you never thought you'ld ever work for the meatgrinder - Space Systems Development Corporation.

After your vehicle has passed through the security gates, you are let off at the entrance to this modern building. You marvel again at its sheer size. It must have cost a fortune to build. A Chatelian comes out and escorts you to your meeting.

The room looks the same as your interview, the large 19th story window overlooking the creek running in front of the building, the large table surrounded by the pads that serve as chairs. But somehow it's different - you know you are going to be sent into danger for a couple of lousy credits. Isaiah Blackman, the human who ran your interview, walks in wearing his typical tie died shirt and shades. He greets you:

"Ay Mon. Good to see you again, eh? Well, I be tellin' from you faces that you know what be comin'. We be gottin' a mission for you. How dangerous? Well, that be dependin' on how you act, now don't it? But let me be givin' you a few specifics. We be hired out to help out in a regional conflict on Daeyrieen. It's just a low level affair, and we be winnin'. But they got a hopper that our side canno' down. Got me? So here be our plan. Yous guys go into dee town, and see what yous guys can com up wit'. Based on what yous can come up wit, you lay out a plan and head to the flyin' bucket. Fly it back to us, and we'll pay you off in cold cash. Then we be the ones that got the hopper, and we be kickin' butt.

Now here be the up side. You get 1,000 for the attempt, 10,000 for finding out where the flying bucket is kept, 10,000 for preventing the hopper from attackin', be it blown up or what, and 14,000 if you come back flyin' in the hopper. All these are per guy returnin'."

At this point he hands a folder to the character with the highest military leadership.

This is an aerial photo of the area around Benka. The character with the highest military leadership will be in charge under Corporal Shina. Be you be gottin' questions?

Izeah's language and dress are a ruse. He is a intelligent person who does his best when being underestimated. He answers any reasonable questions. The characters have 24 hours prior to take-off for library trips, store visits and the like.

Your flight to Daeyrieen is uneventful. You descent into the area makes it obvious that the area is in a war zone. You make a high speed drop from the sky into a mountainous area, and then stay in valleys and skim the ground for what seems to be hundreds of miles. Finally, you slow down. In front of you is a river that has eroded through the jagged mountain peaks. Below you is a flood plain on which a town has been built. About 10 miles south of the town is your destination, an obvious army base. As the door to your ship opens, you are smacked by the high heat of the area. You immediately notice the SSDC logo is on every item in sight.

Corporal Nikita Shina, a Cizerak, greets your ship and offers you quarters.

"Listen. I don't care who you are, because I'm running this show. Do your job quick and efficient, and I won't get on your case. Otherwise we might have a few. . ." She bares her claws "disagreements. Listen. This town ain't much economically. Typical small mining town, and there's not much steel left in the mines. But whoever controls the town controls the river, and that's what we want secured. The townspeople aren't sure whether of not to trust us yet. When we ask anything, all we get is stony silence. After we leave, they must notify someone that we're looking, 'cause we're always feeling we're a step behind something. So that's where you guys come in. The townspeople don't know you. You can start with a fresh slate. If you need anything, give me a call, I'll see what I can rig up, 'cause I know that the Thalin took a lot from the town. If you want to hold armor or weapons here, I guarantee their safety."

As you pick up your weapons and armor from the hold of the ship, you find that someone has painted the SSDC logo across the chest section.

Nikita Shina is a bit embarrassed that she was unable to gather the information, and is thus giving the characters a large leash with which to roam for the time being. If the characters do not perform well, or if they do not report to her for three days without her permission, they will find that she is a very demanding boss. It will take a major screw up to earn a party a black mark. If the party does not learn, the second one will take considerably less. After that, Shina will give black marks for what may seem as minor offenses. If the characters run out of money, Nikita will give them loans against their 1,000 credits for the attempt. This will earn a black mark for the team leader (regardless of who asks).

If asked, Shina will inform the party that only those bearing the SSDC logo will be allowed into the camp. The mark can be scraped off (and will be with 10 points of AI scraping damage to the chest), and will be indistinguishable if the chest takes flame or acid damage. Actually, one SSDC logo and a good persuasion check will get the whole party in. Anything left with Shina will be safe. SSDC people will be able to read Elmo's disk if she receives it. Treat each round-trip to and from town as a full day.

Experience: 100 if the entire party enters town without armor on.


Below are a few of the more important buildings and encounters in the town. The unmarked buildings are residences, the post office, the phone company, and other buildings extraneous to the adventure.


Read this only if the characters walk into town in armor or openly wearing SSDC insignia.

As you walk down the street, a single shot rings out.

The local postal worker, adamantly against SSDC, decided to take a shot at the characters. He is armed with an AK-57, and will shoot at the largest target. He has a 63% chance to hit size class 4. (level 1 skill, 82 MD, braced, and aimed.) The AK-57 is broken, and will only fire in single shot mode. If the characters continue to wear armor and/or insignia, this encounter has a 25% chance to be repeated per day. Future encounters, if any, will vary location from day to day. The worker is almost impossible to find, taking a shot and then ducking back, not showing his face again, then moving to another building a few days later.

Experience: 300 for killing him.

Tucket Inn

Saying that this small hotel has all the niceties of home is a bit of an overstatement. It does seem to have electricity and running water though. The beds are worn, but the owners try to keep out the vermin.

The cost is only 80 credits per room per night. The rooms sleep up to 16 size class.

Such as one Ram Python, and 2 size 4 Humans.

The following encounter will happen on the third night of the character's stay here.

As you enter the Inn, you hear a shout from the stairs. Two Orions come barreling down the stairs, a comely Orion female chasing a male, who is carrying a small piece of silky cloth. Before you can react, the guy bounces into you, recovers, and hurries off into the street. The woman pursues to the door. Since she is dressed in a mini-skirt and heels, it is obvious that she has no chance to catch him. She looks down the street, and sighs. You hear her mutter "I can't believe men these days. . ."

If asked, the woman, (Adrianna McNab, who will call herself Adrianna Zenkai) will claim that she surprised the guy (actually her long-term boyfriend Jack McNab) in her room, stealing some of her underwear. In actuality, she is his accomplice, part of a pair of pick pockets. Unless characters immediately check their wallets, they will not notice that Jack has stolen some item (pick something small in size, a grenade, a swiss army knife, a spare magazine for a gun, or 10% of the character's money). He is able to grab from two different characters. If the players ask if the characters feel like Adrianna is telling the truth, she has a 100%-the intuition of the character to have persuaded them. If the characters ask to survey the scene of the crime, she will show them to her room. (she happened to have one that night, paid for with a service to the innkeeper) She will then let them poke around, surveying the chances for another pick pocket attempt. Once again, the item taken could be anything small. If it looks good, with the characters moving around and such, she has a 70% chance for success. A roll above 90 means that the attempt was noticed. After the characters look over the room, she will hastily check out of the hotel, never to be seen again.

If any characters have a price on their head or an enemy seeking them out (as per fickle finger of fate table, warrior fortune table, or spy table), there will be an assassination attempt. On the second night of the character's stay, May Donahue, will kick in the door to the character's room (waking up everyone in that room). The next round, She will spray the room on full auto with her AK-57 at anyone inside, waking up everyone in the building. As there is no light, May can not see the room too well. Unless characters get within 5', May has a base 30% chance to hit someone. (add size modifications). Roll for everyone in the room. Unless otherwise stated, characters are not in armor (you can't sleep in armor), but have weapons within reach, grabbing them on round 1, firing them (with -40 snapshot, -20 darkness and -20 bad position) on round 2, snapshot will not apply on subsequent rounds. Bad position will not apply if they spend a round to get out of bed. On round 4, the base chance for May to hit falls to 10%, as she runs out of ammo, and she flees on round 5.

May stops around the corner of a building down the street, reloads, and will fire at any pursuers. If she is unsuccessful at killing any characters, she will try a different method the next night. She will toss her M-75 grenade in through the window to the same room, rolling against the far wall, and shooting anyone who looks out that window. There will be no further attacks by May.


    250 for noticing Jack's pick pocketing in time to catch him.
    100 for noticing Adrianna's pick pocketing in time to catch her.
    500 for surviving May's attacks
    800 for killing May

The Jug Or Not

You swing the door open, and before you stands steel mesh fence. Beyond the fence is your regular bar, with a bunch of barflies hanging out at the bar, and many shady booths around the sides. A small booth overlooks the only gate. A sign above the booth reads "Men - 10 credits. Women get in for 5."

Glak the Ram Python enforces his rules - nobody allowed in better armed than him. If the characters start asking questions while in uniform, the answers will always be similar - "What? I can't hear you over the music." (even if there is no music) or "I don't know nothin'. I live under a rock." If the characters are informed enough to make specific inquiries, they are still not going to be directed to the proper people except when noted - the townspeople know they are being watched while in the bar.

Hugh Hansen, Emo's housemate, is one of the barflies. He is a mining equipment salesperson who was economically wrecked by the war. He is now too poor to leave town. The only thing of any interest that Hugh will talk about is thrash rock and his new computer game, Victory IV, at which he is 24-0.

Mikey Wilson, unemployed miner, is here smoking Glimmer. Glamin is a weak stimulant drug, and is usually smoked. It sparkles when smoked. What is noteworthy about it is that it is too inexpensive to be transported long distances, and that it grows best in swampy area. Characters can smell it at a base of 70%, and identify it with a terrestrial knowledge check at +25%. If that terrestrial knowledge check is made without the 25%, the character will know that it requires a swampy growing area. An Orion who spends at least one hour in the bar will automatically notice the smell and be able to fully identify it.

If Mikey is confronted, he will claim that it is local tobacco unless persuaded, be it through threatening or an offer to purchase. Only then will he will admit to what it is. He will do anything to keep clear of trouble. If the characters either physically injure Mikey in any way, or let him know who they are after and don't set up a meet, word will be passed through the right people, and an assassination attempt will be set up on the character. One typical guard will try to kill the character(s). The assassin (treat as a guard) will break down the character's door as they sleep (waking them up), and kill anyone inside.

Mikey is willing to set up a meeting with his dealer. He will tell the characters to return to the bar the next night. The next night he will have one of Duke Horduss' guards handy, wearing street 1 and packing a barretta 9mm. He will be in a booth seat, watching the characters, but will not take any action unless they threaten or harm Mickey. Mickey will then tell the character to meet at sundown (6:30PM) at the old smelting plant at the edge of town. He will give directions if asked.


    200 for the character that notices the Glamin
    600 for setting up the meet
    -300 for assaulting Mickey
    0-500 for role-play

When the party goes to see the boss

Glak will make sure by searching the characters that they have no weapons or armor. It is a level 6 (plus the encumbrance of the item) concealment check to get away with anything.

You follow the bartender into the back room. Cases of booze form a pile. A nice mahogany chair and desk seem out of place. He sits down and addresses you.

"Listen. I know what you're after. Hell, after the way you guys have been handling this, I think that the whole town knows what you guys are after. Bumbling idiots. I let you guys go around town to make sure that SSDC was serious. I now know that they are. Maybe not competent, but serious. I'm ready to tell you who knows the route to the Thalin base. But I want something in return. I want SSDC to give me the hopper. Then I tell you who can get you there to get it for me.

The bartender is a bargaining man. The characters will have to go back and forth between the bar and the army base. SSDC will NOT allow the drug runners to get the hopper, the most vital military vehicle in the area, for only a contact name. Shina will counter propose to let the runners survive in exchange for the name. The bartender will laugh and threaten to give route to the Thalin for an invasion. When told of this, Shina will be quiet for a moment, then will offer to rebuild bridge after the conflict is over and have the route come right past the bar. The bartender will agree. After a written agreement, he will then give them a sheet of paper with Emo Cassidy's name, address, and phone number. He will then tell them

"There you go. Name, address, and phone number as per the agreement. Now a bit of an update on Mister Cassidy. As you know, he got involved keeping one of the bar fights even. To put it plainly, he killed an SSDC Phentari who deserved it. After SSDC started going after him, he has skipped town. I figure that with the kind of guy Emo is, he will take this opportunity to make another run to the Thalin side for harvest. All that I know of his route is that it goes through Hell's mine." If asked about the password to Emo's computer, he will tell the party only after they have made the deal. The password is "Smoking Leaves".

Experience: 250 for making a deal.

Old Smelting Plant

The cavernous wooden building before you seems like it came from a past era. There are two openings. One is a steep metal chute leading down below ground, and the other is metal double sliding doors, slightly ajar.

Any character stupid (or Orion, it is sometimes tough to distinguish) enough to slide down the chute will wind up facing twin rollers pressing up to one another, blocking the chute. The chute is too steep and sheer to climb. The rollers are not turning. YET. When/if the rollers are turning, the rollers do 3-18 AI damage to one random body area per round. Once armor is pulverized in that spot, the remaining damage is body damage.

The double doors to this cavernous building are slightly ajar. You peer into the darkness and despite a reddish glow from near the ceiling, you do not see the end of the building.

If they get some light (the switch is right inside the door)

This was once a factory for the refinement of low-grade flex-steel. The reddish glow comes from a 10 foot diameter pot hanging from a crane over the middle of the building. There is a 5' high vat in front of you, roughly 30 feet across. It seems to be wood, caked with some kind of a waxy coating.

Once the characters are in and have spent a minute or two looking around -

You see a lone human standing before you, arms folded together in front of him. You recognize him as one of the customers from the bar. He wears a flannel shirt, jeans and night vision goggles.

His arms are hiding his Baretta 9mm. If the characters do not take any immediate hostile action, he will wave for them to follow him.

If the characters want to fight, there are two other people in the building. One is a guard in the crane. The crane moves at 8", and is holding molten flex steel. The crane operator will pick one slow character and chase him/her, dangling the molten steel over their head. The crane is unobstructed by the tubs, stairs, and other obstacles. If the crane can get above any character, the load will drop, with a 90% chance to hit the target. A direct hit will crush and burn any living creature. Characters nearby will be splashed with the molten steel. Treat as a grenade, doing 6-24 damage per splatter, 10 splatters base, adding 4AI per hit. Armor encumbrance will go up by 1 per AI added. The crane operator is in street 1, and has a Barretta 9mm. Treat the crane as 50% concealment.

The other person is Duke himself. His first action will be to start up the grinders if there are any characters down the chute (he would hear them come in). He then attempts to hold off the characters with his Glock 9. He is armored with street 2. He has 80% cover behind some crates.

Assuming the characters can come to Duke reasonably peacefully, the Duke is willing to deal. The Duke is willing to set up a meet with his boss, who he will not name. He just wants to know what's in it for HIM. The Duke wants one of two things - 1) Money. This always works. Too bad the price is 10,000 credits, cash. A bribery check level 1 will tell the characters this. 2) There is a rat in his hierarchy who is being held by SSDC. He wants the rat, coincidentally one Sessinovious Phentari, killed. The squid had a bright tattoo on one tentacle. Bringing the tattoo will serve as proof of the slaying. The Duke does not know that the Phentari is already dead.

If told that the squid is already dead, The Duke will then settle for 5,000 cash.

Characters can go to SSDC and get the tattoo with ease once the squid is identified.

The Duke will then take them to the Jug Or Not, and have one of the guards take over for the bartender, otherwise known as the boss.


    1000 for setting up the meet
    -300 for starting a fight
    -100 per character killed

Raitha Ven-Kanu's Shrine

The area in front of you seems separate from the city around it. The gardens in front are built around a stream coming out of a rock outcropping into a small pond. The trees are lush, and buds are beginning to form on the trees. The building in the background is a simple, small white structure apparently having two distinct areas. As you approach the building, an Eridani in white robes stands from behind by a bush. He looks at you inquisitively.

The Eridani is Raitha-Ven-Kanu. He was sitting on a bench, meditating. He is the Eridani who got into the bar fight with the Phentari in the first place. Raitha has not been in contact with Emo, but does know his address and that he kept his diary on his computer. If convinced that the party means Emo no harm, Raitha will tell them what he knows.

Ben's General Store

As you enter this shop, it surprises you the variety of items one can stuff onto shelves and into bins. Everything from doggie treats to duct tape to used books are here.

Anything reasonable that the characters ask for is here in one form or another. Cowboy hats are 25 credits each. If it is available in the 1990's and is not listed in Lock and Load, multiply the price in dollars by two or three to get the price in credits. As a note, the TM1200 Pulse Combat System and other weapons and armor does not constitute "reasonable".

The Beggar

Before you stands a sorry looking retch of a man. He wears tattered clothes and his face is dirty. He stands before you with a ragged hat in his hands and asks in a pitiful voice "Please Sirs, can I have some money or something to eat?"

This "beggar" is actually an undercover spy, Bill Heinman. Beggars can go unnoticed by the general public. This one, however, is not to loyal to the communist cause and is considering defection. If the characters give him a few credits or enough food for a day or so, he will turn on his former employers when we is faced with killing the party later. Remember the party's reactions for later in the module. This encounter will happen only the first time through this area.

If slain, his place later in the module will be taken by a loyal Thalin.


  • 100 per character who gives him some money or food
  • -500 for killing him.

Heavy Metal Handyman

This human is a contractor, the modern jack of all trades. He is good at electrician, carpentry, and welding skills. His specialty is metalworking. This is a big help to characters who get their armor shot up. He can repair AI at a cost of 50 credits per point. He does not have the materials to repair systems or AR. It takes 1-4 weeks to repair the armor. If bribed (to a total cost of 100 credits per point), work can be done in 48 hours. If characters insist for him to repair systems or AR, it will take 8 weeks minimum (The parts need to be ordered. He will state this delay prior to accepting the job.)


Run this encounter only if the party has really screwed up, and has lost any connection to the drug dealers.

You hear a lot of laughing, shouting and screaming from around the corner. As you round the corner, you see a group of 5 humans who have surrounded a Python Lizard, and are taunting it with crude spears.

The Python Lizard, who calls himself "Cowboy Bob", has an allergic reaction to metal. This ailment has affected his feeble mind with a paranoia against metal. He is also an orphan, abandoned at age 5, and has not mentally matured since. If helped out of this situation, he will instantly befriend the party. He knows that Emo knows the way through the mountains, and will tell the party about the bar fight that started this. He can take them to Raitha Ven-Kanu. Getting this information out of him may prove difficult, as he may have more important things on his mind, such as singing a current bologna commercial, out of tune, and at the top of his sizeable lungs.

Cowboy Bob will not go with any party that he knows is wearing metal armor. A smart character with a successful persuasion check can convince Bob that their armor is actually plastic.

If Cowboy Bob is persuaded to join the party, he will inquire as to whether they are the good guys or the bad guys, as this is all a game to him. When told (He will pester until he gets an answer), he will demand the appropriate colored cowboy hat (white for the good guys, and black for the bad guys). He will insist that everyone should wear one.

Emo's Place

When the door opens, quite a sight is before you. You instantly remember all of the rumors you've heard about college dorm rooms. But this is worse. Clothes are strewn about into chair-shaped heaps. A dining room table is covered with old newspapers and an old pizza box, open to reveal one slice left with some fuzzy green topping. You can hear the loud banging of the thrash group Death's head in the background.

If any character is stupid enough to eat the moldy pizza, they need to make a Bio SMR check. Failure results in 10 points of constitution loss per day for 1-8 days due to food poisoning. In this case 0 constitution means that the character is incapacitated, and will throw up whatever he/she can.

Hugh will invite the character in, and immediately challenge them to a game of Victory IV, the newest and coolest manifestation of the 4000 year old basic arcade shoot-em-up game. To find the winner, Hugh gets initiative (due to his mastery of the game). Roll under double your Manual Dex bonus. First one to succeed 3 times wins.

If someone else wins, Hugh will leave for a while. This is the ideal time to go searching through the computer. It is an operations level 1 check to find the word-graphics program, a level 3 check to find that there are two encrypted files. For each, unless that password of "Smoking Leaves" is known, it is a level 4 defeat security check to see the file, or a level 3 defeat or bypass check to copy it onto a disk. The first file contains a partial map of the tunnels. The second is a diary. The last entry says

To Whom this may concern,

Ay you computer hacker, get the hell out of my system!!! I have a feeling that this file will be read by some prying eyes, but I must save my thoughts for all to know. I did not know that the squid was working for SSDC. One viewing this act must realize that this is all part of a war. His kind destroyed Nib-Na-Kur, Jenda-Lan (sweet Jenda-Lan!) and so many of us. The rest were forced to hide like cowards or be exterminated. I must fight back however I can.

I know that SSDC doesn't think this way. They are after me, and that is why I left of my own free will. I travel north to Shakesville. Hugh- sorry about the rent. Good luck on Victory IV. See ya later!

Hugh has a Remington shotgun somewhere in the mess he calls a room. If threatened, it will take 2 minutes to find it and load it.


  • -200 for eating the pizza
  • 1000 for finding the file.

Track Wash Out

The track in front of you has washed out. There is a steep slope down. The track continues 10 meters across.

There are many ways to cross. Mountain Climbing skill (level 1 check) or climbing (level 6 check) can be used to climb down the wash out, and climb up the other side. A grapple can also be used. All who cross by rope need to make a level 2 climbing check, or fall.

A fall will cause 1-6 concussion to 2 areas of armor and 0-3 to AI to all parts of the armor due to scrapes, dings and dents.

Experience: 800 for the character who figures a way across

Tribal Cavern

As the cavern continues, you notice brightly painted spheres dangling from the ceiling. From the pictures painted on them, they seem to have some religious or tribal significance.

The spheres are a cheap but effective trap. They are colored coconut equivalents filled with flammable oil. The spheres cover an area 30 meters long. Twenty meters into the region, set back into the wall is a motion detector. A detect concealment level 9 or detect security systems level 5 check is needed to spot it. Once one character passes the motion detector, all of the spheres will drop and ignite. The fire does 1-8 damage to each leg section (Cizeraks take it to their arms as well) the first and second rounds, 1-6 the third, 1-4 the fourth, 1-2 the fifth, and 1 point to anyone slow enough to be caught in there the sixth round. Damage is halved (round up) for anyone wearing armor. If the armor fails a save vs fire (roll for each leg), AI damage is 1/2 of AR damage.

Experience: 750 for finding the trap without triggering it.

"Hidden" Handle

At this point, secretly roll percentile dice. The result doesn't matter. Tell them that they have spotted a small lever hidden in the east wall.

When the lever is depressed, a flamethrower concealed in the west wall will fire continuously - moving the handle will not turn it off. The ME2E1-9B flamethrower does 2-12 damage to the nearest character (over each of 4 sections), 2-8 damage to the second closest (over 2 sections), and 1-6 damage to the third (one armor section only). The flamethrower fires for 4 rounds, then explodes into a huge fireball, throwing rock all over the cavern. Treat as a grenade with a base of 10-60 fire and concussion damage, and 10 rocks doing 2-12 each.

Dropped weapons should check for system shock, and characters often have flammable backpacks and web gear. While the flame is going, visibility is about 1 foot. The flame extends from 2' from the floor to 2' from the ceiling, wall to wall.

Experience: If the one who pulled the handle is an Orion: 750 experience to the Orion. If not -250 experience to the character who pulled it.

Emo Cassidy! C'mon Down!

The corridor bends here. To your right, water seeps out of a hole in the rocks. To your left, the floor of the corridor is a slick, black channel, about 4 feet wide. The trickle of water flows down this channel into the inky blackness beyond. There is a noticeable tilt downward.

If the characters slide down, read the following.

After you have slid down the channel for what seems like a long distance, you see a green glow on the right wall of the cavern, illuminating a short shaft sticking out from the wall.

This glow is fungus that is not natural to the cavern, and is an effort for Emo to keep it alive. Whoever grabs the shaft will stop in front of the tunnel branch. If the characters do not grab for this handhold, they will fall into the Garbage Pit.

As Emo heard the party slide down the corridor, he hid. If they fall into the Garbage Pit, Emo will come out in a minute (20 combat rounds). He will then toss them some ropes to get out of the pit, and see who they are. He is willing to help the characters get through the caverns, but for a price. He will ask for 20,000 credits of money and goods. If bargained with, he will beat his bargaining skill by 20. Roll percentile, using the bargaining skill of the character who asks. Example: Zymut the Orion has a Bargaining of 78. He rolls a 11. 78-11 is 67. 67-20 is 47. Emo will help out for 20000 - 4700=15,300 in credits and items. This may actually increase the cost. Emo will give double credit for cash up front. If characters show they are from SSDC, Emo will attempt to bargain for clemency (as he never killed an SSDC employee, this is easily arranged), and will help out for free. If he is told that it wasn't an SSDC officer, he'll want half of the regular amount of cash. If threatened, he will help out until they run into the arms dealers. During the battle, he will turn against the party. His common tactic will be to pull the pins off of the grenades on a character's chest, then displace away.

Garbage Pit

The fall does 3 points of concussion damage per 100 pounds of weight to each of 2 armor sections. If another character falls on them, each character takes the same damage and the bottom one will take an additional 1 point of concussion per round until the top character gets off. After 3 rounds, they will notice a smoky blob oozing under their feet. The blob starts doing damage on the fourth round that the character has been in the pit. The blob starts to digest the character's armor. (it thrives on METAL, such as that dissolved in the water, not flesh!) The blob does 1 AI damage per size class to any armor section that is touching the ground. Damage is quartered (round up) if the armor has corrosive protection. The Blob can attack as many characters as can fit in the pit. If the characters touch the blob with their hands, the blob will shirk away. The blob will also shirk from fire, or energy weapon discharge. Bullets have no effect.

Experience: 500 for discerning that the blob only eats metal

See If They Learn

Looking down the cavern, you spot a wooden trap door in the ceiling. A set traps level 5 check (level 1 check if they look for it) will notice that there is a large amount of weight pressing from the top of the door.

The door opens by pulling on a rope. The small area above the door is packed with rocks. When the door is opened, whoever pulls it will take a 1-8 damage impact to each arm, and 2 such impacts to the head. If a strength check is failed, they will be covered under the rocks, and suffer 2 points of crushing damage (one point to each of 2 random locations) per round. The character pinned can be gotten out in 1 round by others, or 5 rounds by him/herself.

A leaflet falls out as well. It reads "To those who have come this far: Turn back now, or your lives shall be forfeit. We are well armed, and are willing to use excessive force - Benka Gun Supply Co"


  • -200 for taking damage (first time).
  • -1000 for taking damage (second time).
  • +800 for finding the trap.

The Mob

Down the cavern, there is an outcropping of rock. You see a the top of someone's head peeking above it. They are pointing a small bored weapon at you. Roll for initiative.

The helmet is an empty human sized Shalkon, and the weapon is an IMI Eagle (with silencer, human sized), that has been strategically placed there by the weapons smugglers who are around the next corner.

Mezzenizous Phentari, who calls himself "the bounty slayer" is reasonably alert. Unless extraordinary precautions were taken, he will see and hear the characters coming - even if the characters did not blow away the fake guard, metal armor is difficult to keep quiet on stone.

A Phentari is crouching behind an outcropping of rock. He is pointing a medium bore projectile weapon with an underslung box at you. He hisses "Do not ssshoot! I jussst want to know how you get out of thisss mountain!"

The squid is just being his usual nasty self. If the characters do not fire, the squid will claim to be lost in the mountainous caverns, and is looking for a way out. While this ploy is going, he will fire his BC render metal gun. The physical effects of this are the armor turning white and flaking off. Only characters BEHIND the target will notice. Give the players 60 seconds real time to talk. If a player asks the GM what causes the effect, allow them a military leadership roll to determine if they know. If the characters ask the Phentari about it, he will claim that it is a minor effect of the corridor, and should pass in a few moments. The Phentari knows what the threshold of the character's armor is, and will not over-fire. At the end of 1 minute, all of the metal gun's shots are used. At this time, the phentari fires his PK machine gun on full auto (72 incendiary shots, then 24 mercuric shots, then 72 regular shots.) with bracing and aiming bonuses at whoever he hit with the metal gun. At the same time, he will start up his twin chainsaws, their buzz echoing off the walls of the corridor. These chainsaws are special weapons. See "Guys to Meet".

Keep track of time from when the first loud noise starts as round 1.


  • -300 per character for talking to the squid
  • 1000 per character for defeating him
  • 500 per character if the defeat is silent

Wing's Room

This is a combination office/bedroom. There is a matress, a desk and a chair.

Around the corner, Wing Garath, an Orion, is working on pricing figures for the armor. He will put on his helmet on round 3, crouch behind rocks during round 4, and brace and aim with his M-20 with laser sight during round 5. When behind the rocks, a sighting check at a -80% is needed in order to see him.

Cheeka's Cave

This seems to be a Cizerak sleeping area. There is a bone laying on a ripped cushion for sleeping laying on the ground in a corner and a small mirror propped against a wall.

There is a Toshoni LL-C laser rifle hidden in the cushion.

Cheeka Towaga, a Cizerak, was gnawing on a bone. She will put her helmet on during round 3. She has forgotten where she left the gun, will search for her gun rounds 4 and 5, running out without it during round 6. She will blow away her first target (preferring Pythons) with an arm rocket salvo, then take them on with talons.

Experience: 750 for the character who finds the laser.

Treasure! Bonus!

This seems to be a warehouse. Wooden cases sit before you, some of them open to reveal foodstuffs. Looking over the cases, in the shadows, you see a Ram Python and a Python Lizard. Both are armored. The Python Lizard, holding a club, is facing away from you, and the Ram, sporting a pulse cannon, does not seem to notice you yet.

In actuality, the Pythons are empty suits of armor. The pulse cannon is a Plasmatix with underslung M-75 grenade launcher. If the characters look back there, they will find a plethora of armors and helmets, with a small tag hanging off of each one.

Characters playing mix and match will be able to find one suit of armor with helmet sized for each race, worth 20,000 credits max including permanent options. Note: Suits of armor are powered. When not worn, encumbrance is prohibitively high. Total removable options: 3 altimeters, 1 BMH, 1 defoliation shield, drop bag (non-Python), 2 floatation devices, 1 grappling hoist, 1 grenade launcher, 2 oxygen supplies, 2 search lights, 1 smoke generator, talons (code word is not written), thermite AP gear, 4 thermometers, 4 inferon arm rockets, 2 slipstream arm rockets, and 1 yo momma arm rocket.

Human: Bear, Shalkon helmet
Python: Protecon (environmental containment, rad liner), absorbix helmet

In the cases on the far side from the armor, there are also a paramedic kit, 6 BRI regular (marked), 1 massive (marked), 10 first aid kits, 14 bio redox agents (marked), and 1 chem redox agent (unmarked). The middle cases have food and some 3 cases are liquor (2 bottles each)

In the cases nearest the armor are the following weapons: Galil AR with 400 power infrared scope (36 shots, Human sized), SM 90 (64 shots, sized for Cizerak), Pony Carousel Gun (20 shots, human sized), 2 Spectrum Plus lasers (full clip, one human sized, one Eridani sized), Tentlex 3 laser, BC Zap gun (Chatelian sized), Iceman Frost Gun with underslung accelerator meson cannon (human sized), ME2E1-9B flamethrower (Phentari sized), LAW (human), Figlini anti-tank weapon with 3 shots (and a fireproof case to carry them in)-(human).

Note that all races can use all weapons, but with a different grip, other races get a -15% chance to hit. Note: Chatelian sized= Aeodronian, Chatelian, Goola Goola, Misha, Mutzachan. Cizerak=Cizerak only. Human=Eridani, Gen-Human, Human, Kizanti, Orion, Sye-Men, Tza Zen. Phentari=Phentari only. Python=Python Lizard, Ram Python. I-Bots are as per body type. Mazians can use all weapons without penalty.

The cases closest to the armor are:

1 box of each type of archaic powder bullets,
1 case (3 grenades of each): M75 frag, M85 frag, M95 frag, M80 smoke, P-4,
M90 Concussion, M202, M205.

One box with 2 plas grenades, and 1 needle marked "BRI-massive" - this is actually ANTHRAX!! (page 140 of Lock-N-Load) If anyone injects themselves with it, infection is automatic. It is a level 5 disease diagnosis check to spot (when the incubation period of 1-6 days is over). It is a level 3 disease diagnosis to give out the proper cure after identification. Given the proper materials (such as a chemistry set), it is a level 8 chemistry check to produce the cure.

Intelligent players will realize that this is a good place to hole up and to repair equipment. AR can be transferred from one suit to another to a maximum of 10 percent per level of armor repair. For example a character with level 3 armor repair can repair 30% (round up) of the AR damage done). If any character has over level 5, they can repair 10% of AI per level over 5. The underslung weapons can be transferred to other weapons with a level 1 check of any weapon repair skill.

This is a very important area. Players will find the going easier if they are not greedy - note encumbrance levels for each character as they leave.


  • 300 if the characters do not shoot the Python armor.
  • 1200 experience for the character if they leave behind the anthrax.
  • 800 experience for repairing armor (if the optional experience is not used).


Water seeps through the walls at this point, forming a small trickle of water down the middle of the passageway. Looking ahead, you see that the trickle has worn a small black channel down the corridor to the smoothness of glass.

The water contains many impurities. It chemically reacts with the rock of the corridor to leave obsidian, a smooth, pitch black rock. The stream never gets more than half a meter wide, so it should not be a concern. YET. If the characters touch the rock, note that when wet, it is almost frictionless. The Pillar

The stream falls through a 8 foot diameter hole in the floor. Looking down the hole, you see a slick black stalagmite rising up from the cavern floor about 30 feet below. The top of the stalagmite has been broken off to form a rough 2 foot diameter platform about 8 feet below the hole.

On the way down - A rope can be tied on the top, and characters who make a level 1 climbing check go down safely. Characters can jump down to the platform (with an agility check), and slide down the side. If anyone slides down the side of the stalagmite feet first, their armor will absorb their impact with the wall.

With the acidic stream running through it, anything left here will rot or rust, failing the next time that it is used.

On the return trip, there are many solutions for the problem of getting back up - jet packs, levitation boots, scalers, or displacement. Lacking that, they can make a loop of rope, and pull the two ends together. As the pillar is almost frictionless, the character doing this will slide up the pillar far enough to reach the platform.

Experience: 1000 for getting up.

Funnel of Doom

The corridor opens here into a cavern. On the opposite side, the corridor continues. Between you and there is a giant parabolic funnel of the same black material that is in the channel going down the corridor. The water from the channel you are in pours down the funnel. A crack in the rock in the ceiling to your right sprays water over the funnel. The sound echoes off the chamber walls. There is a corridor on the far end.

Those wishing to cross along the edge of the funnel need but make an agility check. Due to experience, Emo will automatically succeed. For those wanting to go closer to the middle of the funnel, add in a minus equivalent to the percentage in that they want to go.

If anyone fails the check, they go spiraling inward. Once they hit the middle, all those smaller than a Python will slip down a bent tube at the bottom, eventually being dumped in mid-air, 20 feet over an underground lake. The lake is murky, but uninhabited. Pythons will not fit down the tube, but will "cork" it. Roll randomly if they are face up or face down. If upside down, anything not strapped down securely will fall down the tube and into the lake. As an ideal chance to mess up characters who took too many weapons in the stockroom - if characters fall onto rock, that check system shock for to all items.


  • 1,000 for crossing
  • 0-200 for role-playing

Land of the Lost

At this point, there are many natural caverns where the slivers of limestone were dissolved, leaving the granite and minto rocks intact. Some man-made caverns are also dug in areas, following slivers of iron. As there are thousands of inter-connecting caverns that twist through three dimensions, it is very easy to get lost here. If they go off of the map, characters will encounter a four way intersection, followed by a Y intersection, with the characters coming from an upper fork, followed by a cavern with 7 exits, followed by a T intersection, with one going slightly up, and the other slightly down. Unless the players or characters are mapping (or keeping track of their moves, such as always following the wall on the left), they will become lost. When lost, they have a 5% chance per day to find their way out (60% chance to be the other side). After one day of searching without water, characters will become thirsty. After three days, characters will become very hungry. Hunger and thirst results in a constitution check or loss of one body point. Success results in the loss of d6 constitution. Constitution will come back at 5 points per day with food and water.

Emo Leaves

This only happens if Emo is still with the party:

Emo says "Well, this is where we part company - I have crops to harvest on this side of the river, and you have a base to destroy. To cross the river, follow this road. At the end, I hid a crude raft in the woods. Once across the river, to get to the base, align yourself with the other side of the river. When you see an island that has three trees, go due north. You'll hit it before you hit the coast."

If forced to stay, Emo will dispace away at some inconvenient time. .

Fording the River

Through the trees, you glimpse the river that divides the two warring factions. There are wooden pylons that once held up a bridge spanning to the opposite shore, 150 meters distant. The area seems to be the safest place to cross, just like Emo said. Too bad that since he's been away, the raft that he made is gone! There is no movement visible on the opposite side.

The pylons are 30 meters apart. The good news is the characters can easily build a raft and cross the river. The bad news is that a patrol will happen by with a mortar. They set up 100 meters from the eastern shore, and will begin firing when the characters are at 150 meters distant, 50 meters from the eastern shore. The mortar crew does not have a spotter near to the river. Each shot has a 50% chance to hit a raft. Each raft will have 5 integrity points per size class it carries. Near misses will damage the raft with concussion.

Rafts will go up to 1 meter per second across the river, depending on how they are being moved. There are many different kinds of propulsion that the characters can have for rafts. Some of the more obvious ones and their top speeds are: pushing a pole on the bottom of the river (1 meter/sec), rowing (1 meter/3 sec), and having a Python Lizard without armor swimming (1 meter/2 sec).

The patrol is one veteran leading 2 newbies. One of the newbies an M29 mortar, and a 48 plus pistol instead of an AK-57. Each person has 4 mortar shells, for 12 shells total. If characters follow the directions, this is the only planned encounter.

The Swamp

Navigation through the river delta is difficult. Each hex represents 30 kilometers. In each hex, make a level 2 combination land navigation and mapping skill check. If failed, roll randomly on d10: 1: two facings to left. 2-3: one facing left. 4-7: correct, but characters will believe it is wrong. 8-9: one facing right. 10: two facings to right. A subsequent success will give the party knowledge of their correct position.

Sighting through this area is also difficult. In all cases, sighting checks at a -50% will have to be made before any aimed action can be taken against anyone. In many cases, both characters and opponents will get concealment bonuses.

For each hex there is a 20% chance of an encounter. Roll randomly below.

01-12 Mud Pit
13-28 Thalin Patrol
29-37 Razor Leaves
36-40 Niledile Attack
41-47 Rotten Tree
49-57 Andromeni
58-73 Srognar
74-88 Blame it on the rain
89-93 Trapped Weapons
94-100 Swamp Dweller

Mud Pit

You traverse through the jungle, carefully scanning the foliage for any sign of passage, people watching you or worse yet, the barrel of a gun setting up its sights. The hours seem to go on forever, but you try to keep your mind on the job at hand. Suddenly, the lead characters drop out of sight, apparently swallowed by the ground itself!

This area is full of mud pits. These get covered with a thin layer of leaves to be almost undetectable. The lead characters fell in, and are quickly sinking to the bottom (failing a floatation device). Unless they have environmental containment, they will need to make a Constitution check every round with a -10 per additional round to prevent drowning. (ie: on the sixth round it is -50!) Drowning does 1-6 body points of damage per round. Those with environmental containment and an oxygen supply have trouble in that the walls of the mud pits do not allow climbing. Any weapon that gets submerged must make a system shock at a -30 or malfunction next time that it is fired.

Probing ahead with knowledge of the pits can prevent further mishaps.

Thalin Patrol

There is one veteran leading 2 newbies.

Razor Leaves

Walking through the dense underbrush, you notice small nicks on the lower legs of your armor. It seems to be caused by brushing up against a green plant with many strong sharp leaves sprouting from the ground. It is growing in sparse patches.

The players will likely say that they continue on, avoiding the plant. . .

You continue on, avoiding brushing up against the sharp plant. The sparse patches start becoming more numerous and larger, until you can no longer go forward without going through them.

To avoid the patch, the characters will have to go 2 hexes out of their way. If they go through the patch, they will lose 1-12 points of armor integrity to each leg. Taking precautions such as using a pole to push the leaves out of the way or wrapping the legs in cloth will halve the damage.


This overgrown crocodile is semi-intelligent, and has learned how to fight armored air-breathing creatures. Its ability to hide is such that many party members will be surprised. (Roll initiative. If the character wins, they go AFTER the Niledile the first round. If they lose, they were surprised, and fail to act in time. Following rounds, initiative is rolled normally.) The Niledile will quickly spring up out of a watery part of the delta, and attack the nearest small party member. If either claw hits, the party member will be knocked over. The following round, the Niledile will grab the knocked over character, and begin dragging him/her into the water. Unless the party can prevent this, the victim will be submerged at the end of that round. If the party inflicts more than 1/2 of its body points, it will retreat back into the delta without its dinner. Since hitting armor can hurt, the Niledile will only use its attacks against armor when surrounded. The tail attack will be on a different character than the other three attacks. Threshold: 2
Body Points: 8d6
Attacks: Claw, claw, bite, tail.
Damage per attack: 1-3+4, 1-3+4, 1-4+4, 1-3+4

Rotten Tree

A rotting tree, shaken by the party passing nearby, will fall over toward the party. Roll the target randomly. The tree trunk affects a swath 5' wide by 30' long. The limbs and branches affect 10' to either side.

A successful agility check means the character can dodge part of the tree - affected by trunk to limbs and branches, or limbs and branches to a clean miss. If the roll is made by 80 a trunk hit can be totally avoided.

Damage for hit by trunk: One 3-16 damage impact, doing 4 AI if it penetrates, 1 AI if it doesn't, and 3 * 1-8 impacts as below.

Damage for hit by limbs and branches: 4 randomly spaced 1-8 point impacts, losing 2 AI (each) if they penetrate, 1 AI if they don't.


Zerriss, an Andromeni, has taken over a Zen Riglen who came to the war zone to offer humanitarian healing and compassion. Zerriss has almost burned out this body, and is looking for a replacement. He spots the party, and moves in for a hit/run attack. He is very adept at stealth, and will often only fire two shots before departing, tracking the party for an hour or two, then doing another hit/run attack.

Once Mad Matarieron is has taken over a corpse or as been killed, this encounter will no longer happen.


You spot a large creature, approximately horse sized, eyeing you.

The Srognar is spotted at 78 meters, and will run if characters come to within 58 meters.

They are vegetarian, move at 8 meters per second, are size 6, 3d6 body points, and they are good eating! Needless to say, they taste like chicken.

Blame it on the rain

You hear the distinct PING! of water hitting your armor. Then another. And another. Before you know it, you are in a torrential downpour.

A level one environmental survival (deciduous or swamp) check will tell the characters to stay away from tall trees. If they take cover under one, there is a 40% chance of a lightning strike to that tree. The effects are that of "Rotten Tree", with an additional 1-3 points of electrical damage to each leg for each character within 3 meters of the tree.

If that check is successful, they will also know not to stay in the river. The river will automatically be hit 5 times during the storm, doing 1-6 points to each leg in the river.

If any character makes a level 3 swamp survival check, they will know to stay near small bushes, where the soil will not turn to mud and wash away. Otherwise there is a 70% chance (roll for each character) that the ground will turn to mud for a depth of 1-10 feet. If it is over the head of the character, treat as per "Mud Pits". If the characters stay where they are partially submerged in the mud, they will be hit for 1 point of electrical damage per leg twice during the storm.

Trapped Weapons

You see a human laying face up on a small hillock. He does not seem to be moving or to notice you.

The human is a Ptuzma corpse that was placed here. He still wears his uniform, and on his chest is a pistol - a 48 plus. The first bullet in the loaded clip has been tampered with. The first time that the gun is fired, it will explode, as per a roll of 00 on the malfunction table. If it is closely examined, it is a level 1 repair archaic powder skill check to spot the tampering, level 4 if it is not checked for.

The corpse also has an m-85 grenade. It has had the delay mechanism removed from it, and will explode immediately when the pin is pulled.

This encounter will only happen once.

Swamp Dweller

One swamp dweller (as per Uncle Ernie) will be visible at 30 meters away.

Following the river, you note that the river is getting a lot wider and shallower. You pass many small islands. Many of them are no more than 20 feet wide at any spot. Soon, you spot what Emo was talking about. There is one island with three trees. The river continues to widen - your shore curves northeast.

The Compound

You see a glint of light off of the top of a hill, full of ravines running up it. You approach cautiously. Yes! Up on the hill, one of the few that you have seen so far, you spot a compound. It is a circular layout, with a wire link fence on the outside, 10 meters of grass in front of a 9 foot high palisade. Although the palisade is colored in camouflage colors, you believe it to be made out of half logs put side by side. There are four guard towers. Of the two that you can see relatively clearly, only one is visibly occupied. That one is occupied by a human with an archaic powder weapon.

Two of the guard towers are manned, each by a Thalin veteran. AKMB, AKMH, EWS. Smart players will want to approach unnoticed. Using the ravines is an ideal way to do that. Have the lead character make an infiltration check. Each level of success that they make gives the guard a -10 to see anyone in the group. If a character is camouflaged, each level of success gives the guard a -5% per success to spot him (successes up to his/her size class) The guard has a base 5% chance per size class in the group to spot the party.

The fence is electrified. Contact with it deals out 2-8 points of damage, and a save vs electricity at a minus whatever the rolled damage is for armor. Failure results in shut-down.


The four-way intersection has been opened up into a circular courtyard. There is an 8 foot tall metal sculpture on the far side. The sculpture, mounted on a stone pedestal is a doughnut shaped disk with a glyph filling some of the hole.

A successful intuition check at -40 (roll for each character) will tell the characters that this is the symbol of the Thalin.

All of the tracks go AROUND the middle of the courtyard. Characters will realize this only if they ask. In the middle is a covered pit. It is a level 2 detect concealment check to find it if checked for, level 6 if not checked. Anyone walking across the middle will fall into the 15 foot deep pit. The bottom 10 feet is filled with water, and characters will take no damage from the fall. The walls are cement, with a metal plate as a floor. The metal plate is an altered magnetor mine. Not only will the mine go off, holding characters down, but the plate will be electrified! Characters stuck on the mine will take 2-8 points of electrical damage per round. Spread the damage evenly over all armor areas. This electrical attack may cause grenades to explode. All archaic powder weapons must make a system shock roll at -25% or malfunction next time that they are fired.

To make matters worse, there is a Thalin trainee hiding behind the symbol. He is aware of the pit, and is waiting for a character to fall into it, ready to strafe any would be rescuers. Treat as a newbie with 80% cover, and has AKM armor, an AKMH helmet, and an MP5 (non-impact).

I must have the wrong room.

You open up the door, and you see your worst nightmare - 20 Ptuzma soldiers cleaning their weapons and getting dressed. They look even worse with no clothes on. They see you, and point weapons at you.

Roll for initiative - give closing the door a -3 on the roll. Only 5 soldiers will fire the first round, but all will be ready for round 2 (if any). If the characters shut the door, in 5 rounds, all 20 will exit the barracks (5 through each door, and 1 through each window) All the soldiers in here are newbies. If they characters are not out of sight of the barracks, they are in deep *(%&*!!!

Mess Hall

Looking through a screen window of this tent, you see a few tables and chairs set up. There is one soldier here eating.

The one guy is a newbie soldier, with a ham sandwich in his hands where the AK-57 should be. His gun is on the floor, and his helmet is on the table. Sucks to be him.


If the party has made any noise, the two chefs (treat as unarmored veterans with 3 levels of hand to hand skill) hide, then spring out to attack the party with cleavers (1-4 damage). Due to the surprise, they gain -5 to initiative the first round.

Officer's Quarters

This cinderblock building seems to be the most sturdy building of the compound. There are 4 rooms in here, each with 4 veteran soldiers. The North East room houses two regular veterans in regular uniforms, one veteran soldier with 10 levels of hopper skill, and one with 8 levels of laser gunnery skill. The pilot and gunner are wearing blue uniforms. A military leadership check at -30 will tell that they are pilots. If captured, the pilot and gunner will agree to help the party escape.

The middle room is the bathroom.


Yes, real compounds DO have bathrooms, and this is it. Complete with sinks, untrapped toilets, and (poorly) working showers, fungus and all.


You open up the door, and you find it hard to imagine anyone possibly fitting through this mess. There are steel rods on one shelf, plywood behind a desk covered with pipe valves and a bunch of apparently random wires sticking out of a metal box.

This, the maintenance shed, has a lot of apparently random items. The more useful ones are a welding torch, some steel plates, and some all-important duct-tape.


This building is an office. There are cubicle dividers, desks, computers, and other staples of office furnishings.

Unless the characters immediately close the door, the 5 people in here will start firing. Three are behind desks (75% cover), and two are on top of desks, crouching behind the dividers (75% concealment) Treat as unarmored veterans with 48 pluses. The paperwork is varied, from spy infiltration techniques to a long list of dead and wounded to the number of pens required for the office. A brief overview will tell the party that the Thalin are losing, and are thankful for the stalemate to regroup. If the paperwork is given to Shina, she will be thankful, forgiving one black mark.

The 5 computers here are worth 7500 credits each, and are 15 encumbrance each.

General Storage

The door opens into a corridor. On the left is a fenced off stockroom. Shelves line the walls, partially stocked with blankets, uniforms, boots, and other items. There is one clerk here manning the procurement window.

Treat the clerk as an unarmored newbie. He does have an AK-57 handy.


You open the doors to the steel shed, and before you stands the object of your search - One hopper. Behind it is a large metal storage tank, about 20 feet long. There are two people in here - one Phentari, and one human. They each seem less than glad to see you.

The hopper is a level 1 ID vessel check to identify as an SR Penetrator. If the check is made by at least 15%, they will know all of the statistics of the vehicle (page 140) with Valley Green Laser.

The two guards will be hiding behind the legs of the hopper, giving them 50% cover. This cover does not apply if they shoot at each other. The have bracing and aiming bonuses against the party as soon as the doors open. Both Bill's and Phensinious' first action will a full arm rocket salvo. The squid will also fire the Mentar. Afterward, Phensinious will split his attacks between Bill and the party.

Unless more than 200 points are done in a single attack, the hopper will not be damaged.

Missed shots by weapons fire:

01-15: Loaded incorrectly - Roll on malfunction table (re-roll if character has at least 1 level of skill in weapon used.)
16-18: Hit Bill (re-roll if Bill was target.)
19-21: Hit Phensinious (re-roll if Phensinious was target.)
22-50: Hit Hopper (re-roll if Hopper was target.)
51-55: Hit ceiling - if it is a rocket, it will explode, causing damage as below. Grenades will bounce off and land somewhere else. Other weapons make a hole in ceiling and keep going.
56-70: Hit floor - Rockets will explode, causing damage as below. Other weapons ignite fuel, if any. Otherwise they do no damage.
71-85: Hit far wall - Rockets will explode, causing damage as below. Other weapons make a hole and keep going.
86-00: Hit fuel tank - tank has a threshold of 4. Any weapons doing more damage than that will puncture the tank, igniting the fuel if the shot is incendiary. It will explode the following round, doing concussion damage. Bill and Phensinious will take 72 points of concussion damage, the hopper will take 3 HP of concussion damage, and damage the landing gear. All piloting checks will be at -10%. Characters near the door will take 44 points of concussion damage. The walls will be blown out, and the ceiling will collapse. Everyone within 50 meters of the tank will take 4 hits of 1-8 damage each from flying beams and concrete chunks. In addition, the floor will be splattered with burning fuel. As a lot of the fuel burned off in the blast, anyone remaining in the remnants of the hanger will take only 1-6 points of fire damage to each leg per round.
Any rocket hitting the ceiling, floor, or back wall will do 1/2 of its damage against the hopper as concussion, 1/10 of its damage against Bill and Phensinious, and 1/20 damage against each of the characters near the doorway. It will also rip a large hole in the fuel tank, spilling fuel over the floor, but not igniting it. Note: being in burning fuel does 2-12 fire damage to each leg, 1-6 to all other sections (halve if person is wearing armor) The fuel fire (if any) will last for longer than the combat.

Even without damage, it is a level 1 task to turn the Penetrator on, a level 3 to roll it out of the shed, and take off from this launch pad is a level 5. Landing it is a level 6 task. If the ceiling has collapsed, rolling it out is at a -30. If the fuel tank was hit, rolling it out and taking off are at a -40, and landing is at -75. The Return Flight

You quickly hop into the hopper and get up to the cabin. The seats are made for size class 4 bipeds only. You don't care at this point, and will gladly stand to get out of here! You power it up, and take off, and just in time! Troops come out of one of the nearby buildings. Their shots ring off of your ships' hull. You smile, knowing that their weapons aren't enough to penetrate the ship's threshold. You feel elated to finally be airborne, and heading back into friendly territory. The river becomes visible on the horizon. Just when smiles are breaking out over your faces, a red light on the heads Up Display lights up, and warning alarms start going off!

A level 2 piloting (any type except auto or remote piloting) or a level 1 ECM check will tell them that a ground to air missile has gotten lock onto the hopper. Intelligent characters (a level 3 ID vessel check or a successful intuition check) will tell them that the ship has a flux shield that is currently OFF. Check for this ONLY if they ask. If they look for anti-missiles, or electronic warfare unit, allow them an intuition check to think of the flux shield. There are no anti-missiles. Due to the unfamiliarity with the electronic warfare unit, characters will take 1 minute to turn the unit on, boot up the software, and lock on to incoming missiles. There is not enough time until impact.

When the missile impacts, roll damage, but ignore the roll. If the flux shield is on, the missile will exactly blow away the shield, but will not penetrate the threshold. If the shield is still off on impact, the ship's engines will be taken out in a big burst of flame! If anyone (Mutzachan?) was bad enough to mention that they are staying back to the engine room, they take 100 points of concussion damage, and 5 fragments per size class, doing 3-18 points each. They will then fall from 100 meters up, causing 20-120 concussion damage to each of 3 armor sections unless they have a drop bag or some other method of stopping.

The hopper has 2 human parachutes.

Mayday! Mayday!

The missile impact rocks the ship. All non-human types fly about the cabin. You quickly realize that you engine is trailing your ship in small fragments. NOT GOOD! You look back through the window to see that your ship is trailing smoke. And when there's smoke. . . there's FIRE! You look ahead to see your altitude dropping fast. You can go straight, getting closer to the base, but landing in communist jungle, or you can try turning to make it for a bend in the river, back over enemy lines. You're not sure if you will make it. What's your poison?


Making it to the river is tough for a beginner pilot - a level 5 check. If they make it, read the following:

You turn to head for the river. The trees are getting closer. And closer. As the tops of the trees are scraping the bottom of your burning craft, you make it to the river. At over 200 kilometers per hour. SPLASH! The cockpit looks like a hurricane was created in there. Everyone not strapped in goes flying. As you pick your self up from the wreckage and look out of where the windshield used to be, you have two good thoughts. Not only are you still alive, but you made a bigger wave than a Python Lizard doing a cannonball off of the high dive.

Human types strapped in take 1-2 points of AI damage to each armor section from flying fragments. All characters not strapped in go flying. Characters 5'6" and under take a 1-12(+1 for every 100lbs of body and equipment weight, round down) impact to each armor section and AI damage as above. All non-strapped in characters in the cockpit above 5'6" go flying immediately into the water (taking 1-6 concussion to each armor section, and start to sink (unless they have a floatation device).

Characters will realize the hopper, although afloat right now, is slowly sinking. After 3 minutes, a hatch will give way, releasing an air bubble, and the hopper will take a rapid plunge to the bottom.

Characters who make it to the friendly shore will have no problem making it there. All they have to do is make it back through the caverns. Assume they remember the way. Do not assume that traps disappear.

Base Bound

Characters who decide to head right for the base will crash into the jungle.

Looking down, the trees whiz by below you, each closer to you than the last. 40 feet down. 30. 20. 10. You hurtle downward through the trees. One wing gets taken off, and fuel streaks past. Can you make a decent landing? Nope. IMPACT! The hopper hits nose first into a solid tree trunk 15 meters feet from the ground, then tumbles down through the trees, eventually landing upside down. There are flames coming out where the wing used to be.

Characters that stay in the seats take 1-2 points of damage to AI from flying fragments. The chairs were correctly engineered to prevent falling damage. The characters staying in the cockpit take identical AI damage, along with a 1-12 impact in each armor location from the crash into the tree, then 1-6 concussion per location from the fall. The flames from the wing will reach the fuel tank 3 minutes after the impact. The hopper will explode, doing 20-120 points of damage. Fragmentation damage is 10 fragments (-1 per meter) doing 10-40 points of damage. Make it clear to the characters that distance is required for survival.

Characters that get thrown out have a totally different situation. They take a 3-12 point impact from the crash into the tree, then find themselves 15 meters up going over 100 kilometers per hour downward. They take 1-12 AI damage per armor location from the scratches and dings from the branches, then 10-60 points of concussion damage, plus 1 for every 10 full pounds of character weight (include equipment). Subtract 1 point of concussion damage for each AI point that the trees inflicted. Spread the remaining damage over 3 armor sections. If the party heads straight to the river, they will be attacked by %&^# loads of guys with low-level archaic powder weapons. If they realize that they have to circle to the bridge and have taken out the mortar crew, they will have only the usual random encounters. Otherwise they will find whatever remains of that crew in addition.

Thalin follow-up to the crash is slow. 3 hours later, the site will be checked out by a squad in AKM and AKMH with AK-57's.

Guys To Be Met

Note :Skill and statistic bonuses have been added in for weapon chance to hit and damage.

May Donahue

Race: Gen Human
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150
Body Points: 9
St: 63
MD: 92
IQ: 83
AGL: 48
CON: 52
AGR: 64
INT: 44
CHA: 83
TER: 27
MIL: 48
PER: 71
BAR: 81
IM: 0

AKMB, AKMH, AK-57, M-75 grenade archaic powder * 5

May is a bounty hunter, out to kill someone for the money. She has a class 2 bounty hunters license.

Jack McNab

Race: Orion
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 170
Body Points: 6
Items: jeans, denim jacket, silk bag, anything stolen from characters.
Applicable skills: pick pockets * 9

Adrianna McNab

Race: Orion
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150
Body Points: 6
St: 42
MD: 114
IQ: 73
AGL: 51(in present clothing:26)
CON: 76
AGR: 37
INT: 82
CHA: 118
TER: 38
MIL: 48
PER: 75
BAR: 60
IM: 0 (in present clothing:+8)
Items: Typical sexy clothing
Applicable skills: pick pockets * 7


Race: Ram Python
Height: 9'11"
Weight: 950lbs
Body Points: 40
St: 143
MD: 46
IQ: 57
AGL: 95
CON: 123
AGR: 91
INT: 07
CHA: 13
TER: 01
MIL: 59
PER: 19
BAR: 04
IM: -3
Items: street 2 armor with talons
Talons: 80; Damage: 2-12+14; ROF:3
Bite: 80; Damage: 1-4+14
Tail: 80; Damage: 1-3+14+possible knock over
Applicable skills: detect concealment * 3, hand to hand * 5

Glak does not attempt to disarm opponents.

Mikey Wilson

Race: Human
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Body Points: 3
St: 27
MD: 72
IQ: 93
AGL: 47
CON: 36
AGR: 15
INT: 97
CHA: 41
TER: 20
MIL: 52
PER: 60
BAR: 70

Notes: Even when sober, as a conversationalist, Mikey is a pretty pathetic specimen.

Raitha Ven-Kanu

Race: Eridani
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 340
Body Points: 18
St: 103
MD: 24
IQ: 94
AGL: 113
CON: 40
AGR: 47
INT: 77
CHA: 23
TER: 48
MIL: 74
PER: 35
BAR: 20
IM: -4
Long Sword 117
Damage: 1-8+5
ROF: 1/round
Parry: 63
Disarm: 35%
Applicable skills: sword * 7

Raitha's favorite tactics are: called shot to the head for un-helmeted opponents, called shot to the chest for those who are, or disarming or parrying, depending on combat. Note that a successful parry gives him an additional -3 to initiative for the following round.


Race: Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 202lbs
Body Points: 6
St: 76
MD: 63
IQ: 53
AGL: 78
CON: 74
AGR: 76
INT: 15
CHA: 34
TER: 31
MIL: 43
PER: 55
BAR: 65
Archaic Powder * 5

Duke Horduss

Race: Human
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220lbs
Body Points: 8
St: 46
MD: 93
IQ: 97
AGL: 48
CON: 65
AGR: 83
INT: 82
CHA: 27
TER: 38
MIL: 79
Archaic Powder * 8

The Boss

Race: Orion
Height: 5'10
Weight: 163lbs
Body Points: 6
St: 82
MD: 118
IQ: 83
AGL: 85
CON: 63
AGR: 53
INT: 85
CHA: 86
TER: 44
MIL: 85
PER: 91
BAR: 103

Hugh Hansen

Race: Human
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210lbs
Body Points: 11
St: 86
MD: 46
IQ: 64
AGL: 65
CON: 92
AGR: 41
INT: 68
CHA: 92
TER: 45
MIL: 53
PER: 65
BAR: 83
Ithaca shotgun (in room)
Mn: 98
SS: 100
ROF: 2
Q: 4
Dam: 3-12
Applicable skills: Shotgun * 1

Hugh is a likeable Swede, but he doesn't take any B.S. from anyone.

Cowboy Bob

Race: Python Lizard
Height: 8'8"
Weight: 500lbs
Body Points: 20
St: 123
MD: 56
IQ: 24
AGL: 79
CON: 101
AGR: 73
INT: 03
CHA: 34
TER: 01
MIL: 19
PER: 37
BAR: 01
IM: -1
Claws: 58% claw/claw/bite/tail 5-6/5-6/5-9/5-8

The first time that Bob is physically hurt, he will immediately go suicidal, attacking the opponents, then the party, not stopping until he is dead. If stunned or restrained, he will calm down in one minute. His suicidal rage will begin the next time that he is injured.

Emo Cassidy

Race: Kizanti(appears Human)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 200lbs
Body Points: 12
St: 103
MD: 86
IQ: 84
AGL: 99
CON: 101
AGR: 73
INT: 37
CHA: 84
TER: 25
MIL: 94
PER: 55
BAR: 40
Street 1 armor, shield, BS-2 laser, Short Sword
  • Short Sword:
    Damage: 1-6+6
    ROF: 4/round
  • Shield:
    Damage: parry
    ROF: 1/round
  • BS-2 laser:
    Mn: 98
    Damage: 2-7
    ROF: 2
    Q: 10
Applicable skills: beam * 3, short sword * 9, level 7 cave survival, level 5 spelunking

Emo will always be skeptical of everyone else. He prefers the short sword. Realizing that it does less damage, he more than makes up for it in speed. Emo's shield is threshold 3, and AI of only 6, due to it's poor home-made quality.

Mezzenizous Phentari

Race: Phentari
Body Points:
St: 51
MD: 123
IQ: 69
AGL: 98
CON: 77
AGR: 109
INT: 53
CHA: -29
TER: 23
MIL: 68
PER: 01
BAR: 01
Protecon armor (with environmental containment, methane supply, 10 ablative liner, and twin chainsaws), Shalkon helmet (with 3 extra absorption), PK machine gun (with underslung BC render)
  • PK machine gun:
    Mn: 95
    ROF: 8
    Damage: 3-12
  • BC Render metal gun:
    Mn: 99
    ROF: 1/3
    Damage: -1 threshold
  • Chainsaws:
    Damage: see below
Applicable skills: Metal Gun * 2, Machine Gun * 4, chainsaw * 6

The chainsaws are special weapons. They have a base of 85 to hit, and they never fumble. The damage rolled (3-12 + skill bonus), is direct AI damage. Take the same damage, subtract the armor threshold, and that is AR damage. The down side of these weapons is that not only can that tentacle never carry anything else, but only 1 attack per round is possible for each, regardless of level of skill! All other statistics are as regular chainsaws. Characters who were Cyball players will recognize Mezzenizous as a previous Cyball player dubbed "Slag" due to his ugliness who left the game after too many "unnecessary cruelty" penalties.

Wing Garath

Race: Orion
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170lbs
Body Points: 8
St: 63
MD: 116
IQ: 94
AGL: 88
CON: 92
AGR: 48
INT: 97
CHA: 108
TER: 44
MIL: 63
PER: 87
BAR: 88
Wing's armor is labeled "Guisiarme option mobile". It has 22 ablative liner (2 head, others split as per AR), altimeter, autodoc, autoinjector, camo unit, corrosive protection, drop bag, emergency exit, environmental containment, IR dampener, Oxygen supply, QSU, rad-liner, scalers, smoke generator, thermite AP gear, and a thermometer.

Wing carries a M-20 blaster pulse cannon with a laser sight. The cannon has only 20 shots in it at present. The laser sight gives a total bonus of +30 to hit on all aimed shots. He also has 3 P-4 grenades.

  • M-20 blaster:
    Mn: 97
    SS: 9785
    ROF: 971
    Q: 9725
    Dam: 974-24
  • P-4:
    Dam: 972-8/2-8 (-2 threshold on fragments)
Applicable skills: Pulse Cannon * 3, Throwing * 3, Camouflage * 3

Cheeka Towaga

Race: Cizerak
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 340
Body Points: 15
St: 105
MD: 70
IQ: 82
AGL: 135
CON: 103
AGR: 102
INT: 81
CHA: 104
TER: 39
MIL: 76
PER: 66
BAR: 51
Interfon arm rockets: 80/70/50/10
Talons: 88; Dam: 2-12+5

She sports a BSH suit with 3 interfon arm rockets, talons and a BMH (with nothing on it). Her helmet, a Rangemaster, was altered by a Chatelian to give +25% to sonic attacks. This modification is purely with matrixes, and is not visible by any means, but can be guessed at when worn. Applicable skills: hand to hand * 5

Thalin veteran soldier

Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
Body Points: 9
St: 71
MD: 57
IQ: 55
AGL: 82
CON: 66
AGR: 84
INT: 46
CHA: 46
TER: 54
MIL: 76
PER: 42
BAR: 52
Items: AKMB, AKMH, FN-FAL, with 2 spare clips, 1 M-95 grenade, 1 M-85 grenade
FN-FAL: 100/95/85/65/40/25/10/-10; MN:97; ROF:3; Dam:3-12
Applicable Skills: archaic powder * 5, throwing * 3, camouflage * 5

These soldiers will be camouflaged whenever met, and a sighting check (at an additional -50%) will have to be made before any aimed action can be taken against them.

Thalin newbie soldier

Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
Body Points: 7
St: 62
MD: 51
IQ: 55
AGL: 85
CON: 68
AGR: 92
INT: 39
CHA: 54
TER: 26
MIL: 57
PER: 52
BAR: 62
Items: AKM armor, tri-lar helmet, AK-57, with spare clip, 1 M-75 grenade
AK-57: 89/77/67/42/17/12/-8; MN:99; ROF:3; Q:30+1; Dam:2-8
Applicable Skills: archaic powder * 3, throwing, camouflage * 3

These soldiers will be camouflaged whenever met, and a sighting check (at an additional -30%) will have to be made before any aimed action can be taken against them.


Race: Andromeni/Zen Rigeln
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 200lbs
Body Points: 15
St: 43
MD: 46
IQ: 135
AGL: 65
CON: 10
AGR: 60
INT: 64
CHA: 35
TER: 12
MIL: 65
PER: n/a
BAR: n/a
IM: 0
Items: BP-2 armor vest. Bow (compound) w bow sight 20 armor piercing arrows, 20 explosive arrows. Survival knife (with compass, thread, saw, etc)
Bow: 98/88/98/88/68/48/38; SS:32; ROF:1/2; Q:1; DAM: 2-5 or 3-12
Knife: 84; ROF:4; DAM:1-4+4
Applicable skills: Bow * 7, Tracking * 5, Stealth * 9, Infiltration * 5, Sighting * 3, Hand To Hand * 6 Climbing * 2, Camouflage * 8

Zerriss is just looking for a new body. He will aim for Pythons first. Not only are they easy targets and dangerous foes, but as even as corpses, they will have the most constitution to burn off. His first shot will be with a regular arrow. If that misses, there is a 75% chance that it was noticed. If it hits, he will switch to one explosive arrow before departing and hiding in a treetop. Mad Matarieron's best defence is not being found. He will only use his knife in extreme situations. If the party engages another foe, Zerriss will take the loser's corpse, and no longer be encountered.

Bill Heinman

Race: Gen-Human
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Body Points: 9
St: 101
MD: 87
IQ: 105
AGL: 106
CON: 82
AGR: 63
INT: 82
CHA: 77
TER: 43
MIL: 68
PER: 71
BAR: 81
IM: -2
Items: Bear armor, DH-2 helmet w 3 interfon arm rockets, Cheetah Particle Weapon, key to hopper.
Cheetah: 98/78/63/23/-27; Mn:97; SS:97; ROF:1/3; Q:20; Dam:2-8
Applicable skills: Particle Weapon * 4

Bill is a huge guy. He keeps an eye on Phensinious. After being on the other side of the lines, he is not totally loyal to the cause. If the characters gave him money or food as a beggar, he will turn on Phensinious and help to blow him away.

Phensinious Phentari

Race: Phentari
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 200lbs
Body Points: 14
St: 91
MD: 81
IQ: 60
AGL: 81
CON: 59
AGR: 114
INT: 49
CHA: 13
TER: 35
MIL: 84
PER: 04
BAR: 1
IM: -1
Items: Combat 3 armor, Survivor helmet, 2 interfon arm rockets, Mentar Pulse Cannon, Arrow LOSN (w extra clip), 2 * P-4 grenade
Interfon arm rockets: 82/72/52/12; Damage:3-18
Mentar Pulse Cannon: 97/67/47/12/-18; Mn:95; SS:85; ROF:2; Q:25; Dam:5-30
Arrow LOSN: 114/109/104/99/94/89/62/42; Mn:100; SS:99; ROF:1; Q:30; Dam:3-12
P-4 grenades: 98/88/68/48/38/28/18/08; Dam:2-8/2-8
Applicable Skills: Pulse Cannon * 5, Beam * 3, Throwing * 2

Phensinious will always fire his Arrow LOSN on full auto, lowering the hit probability by 05.

Optional Additional Experience

At DM's option, give everyone making a successful skill check (one in which the success rate is 98% or lower) a "tick mark" for that skill. Anyone accumulating 5 tick marks for one skill has gotten enough on the job training to be able to train for an additional level using no experience Spending money and time is still required. This is NOT suggested for Weapons, Gunnery or Physical skills to dissuade the hack & slash gamers.

Pre-generated Characters

Slappenhauser (Aeodorian)

Strength85Ter 0143"
Man Dex46Mil 4750 lbs
I.Q79Per 16size 1
Agility100Bar 01
Constitution94IM -3
Aggression51Body Points 10
Beam * 5Chemistry * 170
Stealth * 390Camouflage * 390
Detect Concealment * 390Archaic Powder * 3
Tieaz * 3Swimming * 2
ID vessel70Automobile55
Basic Med * 280Paramedic55
Botany70Espionage Intelligence70
Swamp Survival * 255Street Smart * 255
Infiltration * 390Alertness

Kodiak Armor - TH:6; with: thermometer, drop bag
Rangemaster helmet - TH:12
tieaz - 87% chance to hit; 2-8+2 damage
M-18L - 95/93/88/83/78/43/18/03; MN:95; ROF:2; Q:30; Dam:2-8
spare M-18L battery
BS-2 - 94/84/78/63/38; MN:98; ROF:2; Q:10; Dam:2-8
plasmore mine with timer

           _____                     _____ 
          |6    |                   |5    |
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |7    |16   |7    |       |15   |30   |15   |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |15   |                   |30   |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |15   |15   |             |30   |30   |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____| 

Ok, so you're ugly. Real ugly. That doesn't mean you're not the nastiest S.O.B. in the Agathu clan. You held this philosophy even when the spacecraft you were a passenger on was hijacked. You attacked the pirates (Orions and Phentari). You almost got them when one of them blasted you with molten iron in the face, leaving you for dead. But you're back. Butt ugly, but nasty as all *%^@! You have the best armor in the party. Just watch your low armor integrity. There's not much armor there to shoot away. . .

You could really use a new weapon. Too many of your shots do not penetrate the threshold of your target's armor. Of course, when they do, they do straight body damage (ignoring AR)

Primary concern - Complete the mission.

Secondary concern - Ensure that the party is environmentally conscious.

Tertiary concern - Get a new weapon.

Robert Jay Freshwater

Race HumanGenderM
St62Enc55/120/160Damage+1Skill+03Height5'11"Weight200lbsSize 4
MD51Attack0Skill0 Sprint 8 meters/sec
IQ92Power Pts0Languages8Skill+20 Body Points 8
Agl85Init-1Def-4 Skill+4 Att+6
Con54Sys Shock62Res55DD-10 SMR+2
Agr55Berzerk0 Suicide0
TK20 ML51Per69Bar91


archaic powderconcealment
archaic hand (bow)infiltration
archaic hand (club)mapping
automobile * 6set traps
tank * 3emergency survival
skimmer * 5ID robots
hopper * 2chemistry
fighter * 1detect security
barter * 3repair armor * 2
swimmingbusiness management * 3
hand radiodeciduous survival * 2
singingdetect concealment * 2
operate computersstreet smart
program computerstracking
ID vesselland navigation
welding * 2basic medical * 2
electronics * 2paramedic
camouflage * 3
           _____                     _____ 
          |10   |                   |6    |
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |10   |20   |10   |       |13   |26   |13   |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |20   |                   |26   |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |20   |20   |             |26   |26   |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____| 
Bear armorTH:5 with camouflage unit, corrosive protection, environmental containment, oxygen supply, smoke generator, 1 slipstream arm rocket, 1 hellfire 8 rocket
Rangemaster helmet TH:12
FN-FAL 84/79/69/49/24/09/-06/-26; MN:97; ROF:3; Q:20; Dam:3-12
(1 box regular ammo, 1 box incendiary)
1 plas grenade, 1 M-75 grenade, 1 M-85 grenade, 2 P-4 grenades
iron bar 58%; Damage: 2-5
4 bio redox agents2 BRIs (standard)
BRI (massive)20 square feet of bubble wrap
50 plastic sandwich bagscalculator (scientific)
canteen with waterdeck of cards
diceduct tape
electrical tapefirst aid kit
heavy rubber glovesglowbar
grappling hookhammer
iron barmagnetic compass
mechanical pencilpaper (40 sheets, 5 are graph paper)
penprotein tablets
2'x2' rag25 meters of flex rope
salt tabletssoap
spray paint (neon orange)10' string
swiss army knife2 strong trashbags
12' tape measure40 paper targets (2'x2')
6 empty test tubesroll of tin foil
walking odometerwatch phone (and digital watch)
water purification tabletsweb gear
whistlewire (5' of 75 pound test)
10' of electrical wirewrist torch

You are an American Indian, born and raised on one of the few Indian reservations. You were always taught that there is a large battle coming, a titanic struggle of good vs evil. It may not come during your lifetime, but for the sake of future generations, it is your duty to be ready for it if it does. You adventure to learn more about your universe, and to make allies for the final battle. You will attempt to use your skills whenever you can in order to stay current. You know that you will not be the best doctor, which is why you keep the company of a Zen, and that to the Zen, and you will not be the best combattant, which is why you need the rest of the party to protect you. You consider all other jobs as your responsibility to provide to the party.

You are project overconfidence in your abilities, never admitting that you have no skill, instead claiming "undeveloped natural talent", or lying to say you took classes in it.

You do not know what you will need for the final confrontation, or any battle before that. You like to be prepared, and have anything that you may need. Others, those who will be glad that you have all you do, call you a pack rat. You are lightly encumbered. You suffer a +1 to initiative, and -10 to all encumbrance affected skills.

Although you are not scared of heights per se, you have a "healthy dislike of falling". You have no problem being in a flying spacecraft, as you're sitting only a foot or two off the floor. Tall buildings do not bother you - you're not going to fall through walls. Being on top of a cliff with no railing? Now THAT is a situation to avoid!

Primary concern - Help the party and survive

Secondary concern - Improve yourself.


RaceRam PythonGenderM
MD49Attack-2Skill-5Sprint7 meters/sec
IQ51Power Pts0LanguagesBarely 1Skill0Body Points43
Con109Sys Shock90Res80DD-14SMR+2
Bear Armor - TH:5
DH-1 Helmet (open face) - TH: 9
PC-6 Pulse Cannon - 83/70/38/08; Dam:3-18; ROF:1; Q:25
claw*4/bite/tail; 84%; Damage:14-15*4/14-16/14-16
Necklace made of tin foil balls
Pieces of broken glass shoddily glued together to make a medal


Archaic Powder * 3Pulse * 6
Hand To Hand * 6
Throwing * 2Jungle Survival * 2
Strength * 2Body Points * 3
Alertness * 3Stealth * 5
Camouflage * 5Climbing * 2
Street Smart * 2Urban Survival
Asteroid Mining * 2Swimming
           _____                     _____ 
          |20   |                   |6    |
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |24   |48   |24   |       |4    |8    |4    |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |24   |                   |8    |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |48   |48   |             |8    |8    |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____| 

Duh. . . What? You are big. You are strong. You are green. You like to smash things. Oh yeah. You're big. You like shiny things. Never mind that people think that you are dumber than rocks and would get lost in a phone booth if you would fit.

You think that you have a name. Too bad that you forgot what it is. You might have it written down somewhere. Too bad you can't read. If anyone asks, you make some vague grunt, or mumble something (very loudly) That seems to satisfy them often enough. You got a gun, and you got . . . more than one fist. You also have a helmet that does not cover the face. You can use your bite as an attack.

Primary concern - Battle Good.


RacePython LizardGenderM
MD54Attack0Skill0Sprint7 meters/sec
IQ56Power Pts0Languages1Skill0Body Points41
Con122Sys Shock96Res90DD-16 SMR+16
Bear Armor - TH:5 with talons
Shalkon Helmet - TH:6
Night Stalker pistol - 77/72/57/49/34/17; MN:99; ROF:2; Q:6; Dam:4-16
talons*5/tail: 94% (2-12 +13)*5 / 1-3 +13
Plas grenade
M-75 grenade


Archaic Powder * 3Omega Weaponry
Pulse WeaponryBody Points * 3
Alertness * 3Swim * 6
Hunting * 5Throwing * 2
Hand to Hand * 9
Strength * 2Climbing * 2
           _____                     _____ 
          |16   |                   |12   |
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |24   |48   |24   |       |7    |14   |7    |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |48   |                   |14   |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |48   |48   |             |14   |14   |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____|                    

Ram. You are not as strong as the Ram. You do not have as big of a gun as the Ram. Yours only holds enough bullets for 3 double shots.

You do have some things that the Ram does not. You find it fun when you can get your hands on someone in combat. Your talons shred opponents easier than human chefs slice those dead plants they eat. You have a helmet that covers your whole head. You also have a plas grenade (big boom!) You have scales which give you a 2 point body threshold. It comes in useful. Whenever you are about to take body damage, subtract 2 from the damage. (0 minimum) This does not protect your armor, only your body.

You often think out loud. You seem to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and just can't understand why people don't like you.

Primary concern - I like battle. Battle Good.

Phessissious Phentari

MD121Attack+10Skill+30Sprint12 meters/secWeight290lbs
IQ97Power Pts0Languages3Skill+20Size6
Agl71Def-2Skill+2Att+4 Body Points10
Con73Sys Shock72Res65DD-11SMR+6
Agr63Berserk-17SuicideYou Wish.
Combat 2 Armor - TH:5 With QSU, 12 points of ablative liner
Absorbix Helmet - TH:6 1 point ablative liner
FN-FAL - 110/105/95/75/50/35/20/00 MN:100 Dam: 3-12 (mercur+1 body/5 rnds) ROF:3 Q:20
M16A3 - 110/100/90/70/60/35/10 MN:97 Dam:2-8+1 (incendiary -1 TH) Q:30+1 ROF:3
2 chain saws 91% ROF:2/3 Dam:3-12+4
2 molotov cocktails w/ cigarette lighter
M-90 grenade (concussion)
3 M-75 grenades
smoke grenade
Atmospheric Processor


Chain Saw * 3Archaic Powder * 5
Camouflage * 2Detect Concealment * 3
Infiltration * 2Mapping
Basic MedicineAutomobile * 2
Tracking * 2Set Traps * 2
           _____                     _____ 
          |12   |                   |12(1)|
     _____|     |_____         _____|     |_____
    |10   |_____|10   |       |9 (1)|_____|9 (1)| 
    |     |40   |     |       |     |36(2)|     |
    |_____|     |_____|       |_____|     |_____|
    |9    |_____|9    |       |9 (1)|_____|9 (1)|
    |     |39   |     |       |     |36(2)|     |
    |_____|     |_____|       |_____|     |_____|
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |39   |39   |             |36(2)|36(2)|
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____| 

You have 4 tentacles. As such, you are able to fire off your FN-FAL and your M16A3 at the same time, even at different targets. What? Some Human making a comment about you being ugly? So what? He's lunch! Phentari are (in general) cold-hearted, ruthless, cruel, brutal, vicious, human eating killers. Be the best you can be. You don't need to shoot the Human immediately. He might have his uses. Live food doesn't spoil.

You are lightly encumbered. This adds one to your initiative (counted above), and gives you -10 on all encumbrance affected skill checks.

On another hand, you are truly a fearsome opponent in combat. Your armor is of fine quality. Ablative liner is the equivalent of AR for laser damage. They are the numbers in parenthesis. A Quick Sealant Unit will repair 85% of your armor's AI damage (up to 35 points) when activated.

Your atmospheric processor is required for you to breathe in oxygen based atmospheres.

The ERIDANI? In charge? Yeah. Right. His kind are too caught up in rules and regulations to do anything right. You are a battle freak. Fire first, ask questions later. In battle, live for the moment, explosions, massive amounts of firing, the whole bit. You can fire full automatic (just hold down the trigger) with only a -20 to hit (3 times the shots!). Incendiary ammo does +1 damage, -1 to their threshold, and causes nasty third degree burns.

Primary concern - Prove your natural superiority against all foes.

Secondary concern - Get paid for it.


RaceTza Zen (Zen Rigeln)GenderM
MD91Attack+4Skill+15Sprint8 meters/secSize6
IQ113Power Pts4Languages8Skill20Body Points09
Con91Sys Shock84Res75DD-13 SMR+10
Agr65Berserk-15Suicide- A lot.
Combat 2 armor TH:5 (2 protection absorption, 2 ablative liner)
Absorbix Helmet TH:6 (search light, 8 protection absorbtion, 2 ablative liner)
Night Stalker pistol 73/68/53/45/30/13/-12 MN:99 SS:100 ROF:2 Q:6 (50) Dam:4-16
First Aid Kit
Surgical Kit
20 syringes: 4 BRI standard, 2 BRI massive, 4 Bio Redox Agents, Chem Redox agent, White Count Injection, Rage Injection, 7 Syringes with bleach and other random cleaning liquids (save vs bio or lose 2d10 points of Con, half are permanent)


Archaic PowderBasic Med * 8
Paramedic * 6Surgery * 2
Disease Diagnosis * 3Disease Control * 3
Poison * 3Infection * 2
           _____                     _____ 
          |12   |                   |20(2)|
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |19   |40   |19   |       |18   |36   |18   |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |39   |                   |36   |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |39   |39   |             |36   |36   |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____|  

You are a peaceful creature (everything is relative). You like to heal things (more or less). You feel good inside when you heal broken bones (often into new and interesting shapes). You may want to take it easy on the party, as they are there to protect you, but feel free to indulge on anyone else. . .

One more thing. Almost everyone loathe Tza Zens. If anyone except for Phessissious Phentari find out, they will NOT like you anymore. Play the meek kind Zen Rigeln whenever anyone is watching.

Your pistol only holds 6 shots at a time, enough for 3 double shots, but you have 50 bullets.

Primary concern - Complete the mission.

Secondary concern - Get some on the job training in surgical experimentation.

Power Points:10
AwakenBlood Stoppage
CalcifyMend Bones (simple)
PainSlow Poison
2 power points each:
Cosmetic SurgeryCramps
Mend Bones (compound) Reverse Peristalsis

Kipper McNab

RaceOrion RogueGenderM
MD119Attack+8Skill+25Sprint8 meters/sec
IQ62Power Pts0Languages2Skill+5Body Points07
Con64Sys Shock68Res60DD-10SMR+4
Combat 2 Armor TH:5(corrosive protection, rad liner, altimeter, thermometer, scalers, thermite AP gear, smoke generator, gyro stabilizers)
Brain Helmet TH:8 (gills, 2 ablative liner)
Styr Aug 82/70/60/35/10/0/-15/-; MF:100; SS:96; ROF:4; Q:30; Dam:3-12+1
124 incendiary bullets
plas, 3 P4 grenades
decent fake IDGrappling hook, 20 m rope
lock picks, padlockharmonica
Koosh2 packs of smokes. Some are even legal!
Shadescigarette lighter
fuzzy handcuffsbackpack with hidden pockets
6 sticks of dynamite with fuseselectrical detonator
           _____                     _____ 
          |12   |                   |20(2)|
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |16   |33   |16   |       |18   |36   |18   |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |33   |                   |36   |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |32   |32   |             |36   |36   |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____| 


Archaic Powder * 3Cook * 3
Direct fire * 3Pick electronic locks * 2
Auto * 3Demolitions * 5
Stealth * 6Singing * 3
Pick Pockets * 4Harmonica * 5
Escape * 5Swimming * 1
Street Smarts * 4Throwing * 4
Set Traps * 3Detect Concealment * 3
Urban Survival * 2Pick Mechanical Locks * 2

Kipper was the lead singer in The Dead And The Restless with their hit single "Jackie" off of Goodbye Dad. (The cover art was Kipper about to blow the head off of a bear guzzling guy watching a flickering 3D TV set. Way cool art.) Jackie is a folk rock song about a drug induced hallucination of a meeting with Jaquassarious Phentari (famous mass-murderer), who says to drop by again. The singer then actively seeks him out (by using more drugs of course) but to no avail. Jaquassarious is looking for Kipper with regard to this matter.

Following the lead guitarist's on stage OD, Kipper served some time for drug possession, a habit that he keeps.

You've got 4 grenades, a bit of dynamite, and a cool looking gun with plenty of incendiary ammo (opponent's threshold is counted as one less.) You have gyro stabilizers to help steady yourself for full auto firing (-15 to hit, but 3 times the shots!)

Primary Mission - Have yourself a blast!!!

Secondary Mission - Do the mission to pick up some drinking money

Captain Sanchi-Tan

MD77Attack+1Skill+5Sprint10 meters/sec
IQ87Power Pts0Languages6Skill+15Body Points11
Con69Sys Shock68Res60DD-10SMR+4
Shalkon Helmet TH:10
Bear Armor TH:5 (rad liner, corrosive protection, environmental containment, O2 supply)
spiked club 126% ROF:2 Dam:1-6+8
RKM laser 96/96/91/88/81/61/36/21 MN:99 SS:100 ROF:1 or 3 Q:50 Dam:3-12
2 plas grenades, 2 P-4 grenades
atmospheric processor


Club * 10Laser * 4
Camouflage * 7Concealment * 5
Demolition * 3Detect Concealment * 5
Infiltration * 4Interrogation * 3
Mapping * 4Repelling * 1
Swimming * 1Climbing* 1
Mountain ClimbingSpelunking
Arctic SurvivalMethane Survival
           _____                     _____ 
          |8    |                   |6    |
          |     |                   |     |
     _____|_____|_____         _____|_____|_____  
    |18   |36   |18   |       |4    |8    |4    |
    |     |     |     |       |     |     |     |
    |_____|_____|_____|       |_____|_____|_____|
          |36   |                   |8    |
          |     |                   |     | 
        __|_____|__               __|_____|__ 
       |36   |36   |             |8    |8    |
       |     |     |             |     |     |
       |_____|_____|             |_____|_____|                     

Sanchi-Tan, you are the one in charge of this rag-tag group. You need to take control, otherwise the Pythons will kill each other, you will have the Phentari sliced in half, and half of your party will be dead before you even begin. Watch the Phentari, as you KNOW he's after you.

You have a RKM laser. It is a good thing to fire as you close in for personal combat. Your spiked club, although not as common or refined as a sword, is good training for when you get an energy mace.

You were given the rightful honor of command. You regard this also as a responsibility. You must keep your personnel in line, and through the successful completion of the mission, show your superiors that you deserve higher and higher honors and awards.

Your only goal is completion of mission, regardless of cost. Try to evacuate any casualties, as to improve future morale.

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