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Elves and Dwarves
by anonymous

Because of the specialised role played by non-humans in the world of Legend, the standard DW classes of Knight, Barbarian, etc. do not cover the supernatural nature of the non-human races in Dragon Warriors.

To remedy this, I have presented the non-human races as character professions. Non humans are now treated as a profession in their own right and need not select a profession.


Dwarves are earth spirits who spend much of their time below ground at the base of mountains. They labour in deep foundries and workshops. They are short but robust with ruddy skin and long, tough beards. In albion. Dwarves are rare compared to elves, but they are much more common in Mercania and Kurland.

Character Creation Summary

Dwarves do not carry lanterns.

At each rank Dwarves gain +1 to ATTACK, DEFENCE, Health Points, MAGICAL DEFENCE.

They gain +1 EVASION at 5th and 9th rank.

STEALTH and PERCEPTION increase as follows:

1st-3rd4th-7th8th-11th12th and up

Skills & Abilities

Dwarves have a movement of 10m (15m). Dwarves cannot ride warhorses and rarely ride normal horses either.

They can wear any armour without penalty, bur dwarf sized plate is rare, and reserved for kings.

They have Gloomsight (see book four).

At 3rd rank, a dwarf gains skill with the battleaxe. A dwarf with this skill may reroll failed armour bypass rolls with his battleaxe.

At 4th rank a Dwarf develops thickened skin. he can endure pain (eg. fire, torture) without flinching on a successful Str roll on 1d20. All weapon attacks give 1 hp less damage on the dwarf.

At 5th rank a Dwarf develops his skill at brawling. Wrestling contests, and bar room fights are common in dwarven society. A dwarf with this skill give unarmed attacks at d6,3.

A 7th rank dwarf can manufacture magical weapons and armour like a mystic (see book two).

The skill is gained thus:

The chances of making a flawed item are as follows:

At 14th rank a dwarf gains mastery of the geological forces of the very earth. By concentrating for one round and making a Psy roll, a dwarf can generate powerful earth tremors and earthquakes. This can be attempted once per day, and has the effect of the ninth level elementalism spell, Tremor.


Elves are the prehuman spirits of the wild wood. Once worshipped by ancient man, they are now shunned and reviled, only half believed in. Elves appear man-like but they are more slender and have delicate pallid features. They have pointed ears. Nowadays elves live only in the deepest and most ancient forests, in great halls and chambers seemingly hollowed out of the stumps of mighty trees. These halls are of course much greater in size than the trees that contain them, and do not truly exist in this world.

Elves inhabit the very depths of the woodland, where, it is said "the moon raises a luminous ground mist from the rotting leaves, and fay sorcery drips from the boughs of old oaks..."

Character Creation Summary

Elves do not carry lanterns.

At each rank elves gain +1 to ATTACK, DEFENCE, MAGICAL DEFENCE, STEALTH, PERCEPTION & Health Points.

They gain +1 to EVASION at 5th and 9th rank.

Elves may wear any armour without penalty, except non-magical plate (in which they suffer -2 ATTACK & DEFENCE). They suffer no penalties in magical plate armour.

Elves have Elfsight (see book four).

Skills & Abilities

Elves have a movement rate of 12m (25m).

They gain +2 ATTACK when using a bow. They have a 50% chance of being able to shoot a second arrow at the end of the round.

In woodland settings, a stationary elf can camouflage himself to be invisible to all non elves of 5th rank of less.

The immortal elves do not die of old age. They have no soul. This means that they cannot enter or cross holy ground (eg. a church, graveyard, shrine or mosque), they suffer +1hp damage from weapons made of cold iron.

The very touch of the metal or the touch of a crucifix causes 1hp damage to an elf.

An elf of 3rd rank or lower must make a Psy roll each round to advance on an outstretched crucifix, or to cross running water. Stagnant water, or a cross held without conviction has no effect.

Elves cannot be restored to life by magic, and are immune to the effects of an amulet of soul storing.

Elves count as unholy for the purposes of a priest (qv) and will never be sheltered or given sanctuary by abbeys, like a Sorcerer.

Elves gain ESP and Premonition, as a per a mystic (5%+3/rank and 35%+2/rank respectively).

At 2nd rank the elf becomes in tune with magical fields, and can divine their presence. The elf may employ the 2nd level Sorcerer spell Detect Aura once per day, for a cost of no magic points.

At 4th rank an elf is at one with the woodland environment. He will never starve in such an setting - he can always find food for himself. When fighting in the forests, the very land works against his opponent. Roots seem to trip up the enemy, and opponents become entangled in hanging foliage. The elf can disappear behind a tree or boulder, and reappear in another location behind the attacker, causing disorientation. This means that the elf gains +2 ATTACK & DEFENCE and +1 to armour bypass rolls when fighting in hand to hand in such an environment.

At 6th rank the elf gains spellcasting ability. The elf starts with a MAGICAL ATTACK of 12, which *is* modified for high statistics, and increases by one point per rank after 6th. The elf begins with three magic points which increase by two per rank after 6th. The magical spells available are listed below. They cost a number of MPs equal to their sorcerer of mystic level, indicated by the letter and number codes, S - Sorcerer, M - Mystic, # - spell level.

6th rank - The 6th rank elf can impose, by force of will, his wishes upon others, recreate the eldritch glow of the full moon, call to his side the creatures of the forest, and bend reality with bewildering illusions. (Moonglow S1, Wolfcall S3, Command S3, Mirage M1).

8th rank - The 8th rank elf can lay a hex upon his enemies, pass through the lands of men undetected, cause mortal missiles to drop harmlessly to the floor, and fire upon his enemies even if blindfolded. (Hidden Target -bows only - M4, Curse S4, Mantlet, S5, Pass Unseen M5).

10th rank - The 10th rank elf can summon a faerie horse to ride, call up ethereal mists, change his form to that of a woodland creature, and travel with great celerity along the ancient ley-paths. (Destrier S8, Raise Fog S9, Teleport M9, Transformation - woodland animals, birds and fish only - S10).

At 12th rank the elf gains the ability to merge with the woodlands. An elf can merge his very essence with a tree to escape pursuit, and must remain there for 1d12 months. If the tree is cut down, the elf may become trapped in the wood and must make a Psy roll to escape from whatever is made from the wood. A trapped elf is only released when the wood is burned. Old elves can choose, at the end of their lives to merge permanently with the mossy floor of the woods, and become one with the forests. It is these elves who provide the woodland assistance gained by elves at 4th rank.

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