Magic Items
by Len Henderson

Magic Carpet of Mapping

This magic carpet is one of any of the normal types of magic carpet, except the weave is a exact map of the surrounding area. As the carpet moves, so does the map. The map usually covers an area of the carpets length and width * 10 km, so a 5 * 7 carpet would cover a 50 km by 70 km area.

Approximately 25% of these carpets can "zoom" in or out, bringing out more or less detail as they do so. The maximum zoom in is to its length and width * 1km, and the maximum zoom outwards is to its length and width * 100 km.

Quiver of Containment

Looking like an ordinary quiver, inside are actually 6 extra-dimensional spaces, each accessible with a thought. Each space has enough room for 6 arrows or bolts. These items are usually found with d3 spaces already filled with ordinary arrows/bolts.

Approximately 35% of these items also have a pouch for a bow, with three extra-dimensional spaces within. Up to three bows/crossbows are able to be stored within. Normally one bow is already within such a pouch. These quivers automatically change any normal arrow into the correct type for the bow currently being used by the owner.

Barrel of Beer Destruction

This borderline cursed magical item automatically produces water when its tap is turned. However, whenever this feature is used, all alcohol within 10 km is instantly turned into a stagnant green mush. The item itself is a 5 L barrel, and can produce up to 30 L of water per day.

Barrel of Boxers

This item looks like any normal type of barrel. However it pours out a brown liquid streaked with black that registers as being magical. Anyone who drinks the potion is permanently polymorphed (Save 'vs polymorph) into a pedigree brindle boxer (the medium sized dog) worth about 200sp. The polymorphed victim is in all ways now a dog.

Artefact of Life Preservation

Anyone placing this major artefact around their neck will find themselves unable to remove it, nor will any physical, psionic, or magical effect have any effect whatsoever on it. They will also find themselves unable to die. The user becomes absolutely immune to all aging, magical or otherwise. The user will also automatically regenerate all of the users HP every 5 seconds. It does this by draining energy from items and people around it. Starting with the closest item, it will drain all the health points, magical charges, spell-levels, magical pluses, anything, and convert it into health points on a one for one basis. Even if the PC is atomised, the amulet will automatically resurrect him, and bring him to full health points 5 seconds later. The item will drain power in an increasing radius as the user takes more and more damage until, theoretically, all the energy in the multi-verse has been drained into it. This amulet can even drain energy from a god!

Suggested ways to get rid of this amulet:

  1. The user must be turned into a Lich, in which case, the amulet falls off.

  2. All the energy in the multi-verse must be channelled through the item, in which case the item explodes, atomising everything in a 20 km radius.

  3. The creator of the item must be killed physically by the user, in which case, the item melts into slag and disappears.

Absolute Reference Device

Shaped as a small wristwatch type item, this device constantly gives the users exact position in three dimensional space, relative to the center of the universe. Thus each "point" in the universe can be defined by three digits, an X, a Y, and a Z co-ordinate. The device also has two buttons on its left side. The first records up to 100 different position, and their environmental factors, while the second deletes a position. This device is usually found with its companion item, The Absolute Teleportation device.

Absolute Teleportation Device

This device comes in the form of a small rectangular box with a clip to hang off a belt, as well as an opening face with a keypad and a small screen inside. When used with the absolute reference device, the user can program in a position, and the ATD will teleport without error the user and up to 1 ton of extra material to that location. The device can also be programmed to take into account any environmental factors of the area to be teleported into, and cast any spells necessary to survival in that area. This takes approximately 1d4 minutes if the area isn't known by the ARD, and the user will be teleported after this period. If the area is already programmed into the ARD, the teleport is instantaneous.

If the ATD is taken to another plane, it takes approximately 1d4 minutes to adjust to the new plane, and another 1d4 minutes to cast spells to ensure the survival of its user.

Book of Endless Fascination

Normally contained in a library of some sort, this book reads as magical. On the cover is the title of some subject that is of vast interest to one of the PC's. In fact, the book is full of useful and interesting information, and the PC will gain +10% to that skill. Unfortunately, the book is almost impossible to put down, requiring a save 'vs magic, and being infinite in length, it's owners have been known to literally starve to death. The owner is also likely to react violently to anyone who attempts to take the book off him/her.

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