by Len Henderson


Dispersion Trap

This trap is the form of a rune which casts the spell "Disintegrate", and immediately afterwards the spell "Wind Rush", thereby scattering the disintegrated victim to the winds, making his subsequent resurrection impossible.

Regenerating Golem

The PC's encounter an Iron Golem. The Fight proceeds normally until a delayed blast fireball is set off several rounds later, healing the golem and doing lots of damage to the PC's.


Stair Spikes

This trap is set off by stepping on a stair. Immediately a set of 12' blades spring horizontally out of the next step up, chopping the victims feet off at the ankles.

Book Trigger

The victims discover a library, in which one or more of the books is a trigger. If the trigger book is pulled out of the shelf, it sets off any mechanical type trap.

Timed Spears

The victims of this trap are walking along a corridor when a spear trap of some 10-15 spears is set off just in front of them. The spears then retract into the wall. The PC's can find nothing that set the trap off, no matter how hard they search. In fact, the spears are set off every 30 seconds, and not by any action of the PC's.

Telescope Trap

The victim finds a small telescope in some treasure. (Quite a valuable find!) If the victim then presses it to his eye (Automatic, if the PC does not say otherwise), a thin spike some d4 inches long spears out of the small end into the eye of the victim.

Leg Trap

When stepped on, one of the flagstones in the floor pivots on edge and drops the victims foot into a hole, breaking the knee on the pivoted stone and piercing the foot with a spike down in the hole. The spike is a trigger for a crossbow firing into the leg in the hole, and the bolt is barbed with flanges at the end to stop it going completely through the leg. The bolt is also longer than the opening is wide, thereby trapping the victims leg. This trap can also trigger some form of Magic Mouth spell which makes it seem as though some small, vicious, hungry animal is in the hole with the leg.

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