Wanderer: Roleplaying Game System


How Wanderer Came About?

Wanderer was first discussed three years ago when I [David Schibeci] was walking with my brother [Mark Schibeci]. We were discussing roleplaying is general when Mark asked what I would consider the 'perfect' roleplaying system. We threw around some ideas and left it at that, but the seed had been planted . . .

What is Wanderer?

Wanderer is the code-name for our roleplaying system. The Wanderer Project is the process behind getting to this end product which consists of these pages you are looking at as well as what is happening here in Australia.

We realise how inexperienced at this we are, so we want you help and that is why we have set up the project. We want to encourage discussion on roleplaying systems.

We do have a few objectives we want our roleplaying system to meet:

  • Wanderer encourages role playing not roll playing.
  • Wanderer encourages creativity.
  • Wanderer can be used in any campaign, wether it be fantasy, science-fiction, western, etc.
  • Wanderer is fun!

Yes, that's right! We're trying to create the 'perfect' roleplaying system. Wether we succeed is another thing entirely . . .

How Can You Help?

We want Wanderer to be the best system there is, and so we want your help. We want your comments, ideas, suggestions and feedback on what we should and shouldn't do! We want you to tell us what systems you like and which you don't! We want to encourage a discussion on roleplaying systems and their construction.

We have set up a feedback page where your comments can go for others to view and reply to. Eventually we want to automate this process, but that's in the future . . .

The Wanderer's Rest is currently undergoing a major overhaul. If you find any broken links or strange pages please e-mail the Webmaster at dschibeci@iinet.net.au