Earthdawn Gamesmaster Pack

  • Writer: Greg Gorden and Louis J. Prosperi
  • Number of Pages: 64 plus extras
  • Year of Publication: 1993

Rating: **

This is one of those volumes that should have been stuck into the original rulebook. Unless you need the Games Master screen included, I'd skip this one. The set contains the aforementioned GM screen, a book entitled Gamesmastering Earthdawn, a set of treasure cards, a cover page and an errata page. The errata page is nice, but a copy can be obtained on FASA's web site. The treasure cards were thrown in with the last lot I got, and the cover page is also sitting in with the cards.

The book is nice, but hardly required. It is mainly filled with things helpful to novice Games Masters who haven't found their style yet. It looks at adventures and campaigns, more characters, treasure, a look at blood magic and adventuring groups. Hardly inspiring stuff.

Summary: Should have been included in the original rulebook. Nice but not nice enough.

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