Legends of Earthdawn (Volume 1)
An Earthdawn Supplement

  • Writers: Fraser Cain, Nicole Lindroos Frein, Steve Kenson, Robin D. Laws, Andrew Lucas, Angel Leigh McCoy, Allen Varney, Rich Warren, Don Webb, Sam Witt, Teeuwynn Woodruff
  • Number of Pages: 88
  • Year of Publication: 1995

Rating: ***

The back of this book boldly proclaims "An Age of Legend", and that is exactly what Earthdawn is all about. Horrors, Therans, Throalic citizens and Legends. This book is an indispensable sourcebook for Games Masters wanting to create adventures or add a bit of atmosphere to their campaign.

The book is divided up into two logical parts: The Legends and Gaming Information.

As the name states, The Legend section covers the thirty legends which make up this book. Each legend is a tale, story or poem ranging in length from a page to a page and a half. Each legend is accompanied by a gorgeous half to full page piece of art depicting a scene from the legend. The legends cover the full spectrum of races, places, creatures and passions so there is certain to be something to suit every taste.

The second section contains the gaming information that helps translate the legend into a workable adventure by suggesting plots, statics and treasure descriptions. Each of the thirty legends get a treatment, but some are looked at longer than others suggesting some are more suitable for incorporation into campaigns than others.

Overall, this book is up to FASA's high standards they have maintained throughout the entire Earthdawn series. The artwork ranges from good to fantastic, and there is certainly a lot there. No page seems to be untouched by a piece of art. I am particularly fond of the art by Kent Burles.

In fact that is my only complaint about the book, it is far too short. The idea of a book of legends is great, but I would have liked to have seen more information on how to incorporate these legends into adventures. The layout falters at times with noticeable large white spaces found at the bottom of pages.

Summary: Excellent book with great artwork, but a little on the thin side.

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