Parlainth: The Forgottern City
A Campaign Set for Earthdawn

  • Writers: Robin D. Laws
  • Number of Pages: 78/74
  • Year of Publication: 1994

Rating: ****+

The second in the trilogy of box set, this also contains a (if you'll excuse the pun) box full of goodies. There is only the one book in this box, but there is the obligatory unused cards with treasures and creatures. There is also a map, which makes more sense when you read the book, as well as a number of handouts. The handouts come from a seller of information and may or may not be true. They are great for giving to the characters to add to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the game.

The book is, annoyingly, divided into two sections: Parlainth: The Forgotten City and The Ruins of Parlainth. The first section details Haven, the town for adventurers that has sprung up next to the old Theran capital of Barsaive. It details the layout of the town, important people as well as a number of adventure ideas a lot of which are scattered throughout the book. It makes lots of suggestions for running adventures and also includes creature statistics (which should be in the next section).

The second section details the actual ruins of the city, divided up into eight sections. It includes maps, possible encounters, adventure ideas as well as a lot more depth. This is the heart of the set and is well structured.

The artwork is good, but there are no colour plates.

Summary: An excellent buy for those who want to add some depth to their game and want to take an extended look at one area. Well presented, and a joy to read.

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