Creatures of Barsaive
An Earthdawn Sourcebook

  • Writer: Fraser Cain
  • Number of Pages: 120
  • Year of Publication: 1994

Rating: ****

Each of the fifty creatures presented in this tome are detailed on two pages each. Each of the creatures are described by a Dragon called Vasdenjas, with some comments interjected by Tiabdjin the scholar. This presentation allows some ambiguity about the creatures specific talents, allowing the Games Master to tailor the creature to their needs. This is followed by Rules governing the creature's special abilities.

The best part is the Adventure Hook given, which demonstrates how some of these creatures can be used in an adventure (I have a few ideas on how Vestrivan could be used in a grand finale . . .). Though not detailed, they should trigger the Games Master's imagination. It is a little disappointing that most go along the lines of "Creature X has a magical ability that Wizard Y wants to bottle".

Finally, statistics are presented, in the usual format.

Each creature has a picture included and the artwork is of the usual standard. Once again, I find Kent Burles artwork simply brilliant. They also included my favourite feature of these books, colour plates. All are of excellent quality, but they certainly picked the best for the cover. Once again the artwork is well used throughout.

There is also a nice range of creatures, from the friendly to the simply terrifying. If anything, there creatures are on the higher end of the power spectrum, making it more useful for higher level groups. There is a lot of scope, and as always, it is suggested that you modify the creatures to suit your needs.

The book is finished off with a few pointers to rules in the Earthdawn rulebook which are useful as well as a description of how to make your own creatures lifted from the Earthdawn Companion.

Summary: Overall, a concisely presented book, with beautiful artwork and well thought out creatures. A must but for Game Master's who want a few more creatures to throw at the players . . .

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