The Adept's Way
The Disciplines Sourcebook for Earthdawn

  • Writers: Robin D. Laws, Teewynn Woodruff, Sam Witt, Nigel D. Findley, Nicole Frein
  • Number of Pages: 144
  • Year of Publication: 1995

Rating: ****

As is becoming common with most FASA books, The Adept's Way is divided into two sections. The first is a fictional presentation of all fifteen of the core disciplines and the second section contains Game Information to help extend or enhance the previously governing rules.

Each of the fifteen core disciplines are presented in the form of an essay by an adept of that discipline. Material they present ranges from their view of their discipline, important aspects of daily life as well as how initiates are selected and trained. The information is extremely useful not only for Games Masters wanting to flesh out their NPCs a little more, but also for characters who want to add a third dimension to their character. I think all Games Masters should get their characters to read the appropriate sections for their characters, as the presentations are both insightful and inspiring. As each of the essays are fictional, it allows characters to personalise their view of their discipline, allowing them freedom to modify prejudices, views and beliefs.

The second section contains rules and hints for using the disciplines, as well as introducing a half-magic system for determining roles when a talent is unavailable, but the character should have some skill in the area due to their discipline. The roleplaying hints are good, and I like the half-magic system, but on the whole the game information is just the icing on the cake.

The artwork is again exemplary, with eight gorgeous colour plates in the centre of the book.

Summary: Overall an essential reference to those who want to make their characters more exciting to play as well as to give Games Masters a broad range of options for making interesting NPCs. Once again FASA has lived up to their high standards.

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