Sky Point and Vivane
A Campaign Set for Earthdawn

  • Writers: Carl Sargent and Marc Gascoigne
  • Number of Pages: 72/48/64
  • Year of Publication: 1995

Rating: ****+

The third, and apparently final, volume in the trilogy of box sets -- that started with Barsaive and continued with Parlainth: The Forgotten City -- is certainly up the high standards FASA set with the first two sets. FASA seems to have listened to reader's complaints about the combining of the two books into a single volume with Parlainth: The Forgotten City, as this set has three cleverly divided books detailing certain areas of Sky Point, Vivane and Vivane Province. Also included is a map of Vivane (the city) and Vivane Province, along with a pad of handouts that maps and passes into Vivane. Nicely presented, they add to the quality of the set.

The three books in the set are Barsaivian Vivane, Theran Vivane and Vivane Province. The first two books detail the city of Vivane, covering the Barsaivian and Theran quarters of the city respectively. The heavy emphasis on the city is good considering it is the centre of Theran activity in Barsaive. The first book is the best as it covers the Theran Empire and Vivane in general, before looking at the four sub-quarters of the Barsaivian quarters of Vivane. The second book is noticeably smaller as it only has to deal with the five sub-quarters of the old city (as the Theran quarter of the city is known) and the artwork is (I believe) inferior to that in the first book (a question of taste). The final book covers the province in general, looking at the Theran military base of Sky Point, the north-west, north-east and south-east corners of the province (the south-west is Vivane) and those lands close to the province. It ends with a nice guide to running campaigns in the province as well as providing a few adventure ideas.

The artwork in the first and third books is excellent, though, as I mentioned eariler, the second book's artwork wasn't to my taste. There are no colour plates, but they weren't in any of the other box sets.

The books ooze adventure ideas, and this set is great for those who have eked the last drops of excitement out of Barsaive and Parlainth (though I hardly think it is possible). As you read the books, hundreds of little rumours and ideas spring forward suggesting adventure hooks and plot lines.

Summary: A must but for those wanting to extend the range of their adventures, as well as those who wish to add a more prominent Theran presence in their campaigns.

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